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  1. Hey everyone,Long time lurker, first time poster. Recently fell in love with golf and decided I need to get a set rather than use a hodge podge bag of clubs. I'm trying to decide between the Cobra Max irons and Callaway XRs. 1) Cobra Maxa) I had a demo 7 iron of this set, and it was the first club I ever hit really well. I was hitting it consistently 150 yards straight. At the same time I didnt necessarily love the feel. b)Also had a cobra 5 iron amp cell demo that I hit wellc) $100 cheaper than the XRsd) Rated as "Super Game Improvement" e) Have a draw bias. I tend to hook my shots (rarely ever slice) so I'm not sure this is ideal for me.2) Callaway XRsa) Get's great reviewsb) Rated as only "Game Improvement" but I've read tons of reviews saying they are great for all players and give more distancec) I feel like I could "grow into" these clubsd) $100 more expensive e) Never hit them, cant find them at a demo place near me so would be buying blind/ d) Look almost unused. In better shape than the Cobra Max Irons.So how much difference is there between super game improvement and just game improvement irons? Which would serve me best? I've been playing for like 3 months, best round ever was 96. Thanks for any replies!
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