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  1. Thanks for the reply but How do I find him? I’ve never heard of him? Is it Andrew Norrby from Northern Ireland? An aim point instructor?
  2. I'd really like to buy this book but the delivery to here in Ireland is almost as much as the book. I really can't justify that much money to get a book delivered as good as I know the book will be
  3. Yes when I say a quarter swing I mean it’s less than a half swing or 9.00 swing, it’s like 8.00 maybe. I feel like it goes back as far as what Mvmac called a quarter swing. The half swing with the 60* goes 80 yards so it’s a touch less than that. I wouldn’t be comfortable swinging any less back than that but this is a shortened version of my full swing. I messed around at the course today with the quickie pitching technique from the other thread and it is completely different type of stroke than my shortened full swing, much more gravity involved but it was good and I don’t have it down by any means but I was only 30 feet out at the most everytime I tried it.
  4. Me too. If I'm closer than 70 yards I just tend to go by feel which is a bit of a gamble
  5. I really struggle with what to hit from 30 to 70 yards. What feels like a quarter swing with my 60° wedge goes about 75-80 yards. Do i need a whole different technique for the shorter distances, like that quickie pitching technique from the other thread? Is that a lot slower feeling swing? Any help appreciated?
  6. Nail

    Breaking 80 Thread

    Distance is about all i have, I am a very inconsistent ballstriker thats why I am still playing off 15. I'm not bs'ing you but I am longer than anyone I have played with so far which is probably less than 30 people tbh. There isn't a single par 4 on my course that I'll have more than a wedge into if i hit my drive in tbe fairway but I mishit an awful lot of shots hence why even with distance I have never broke 80, most days if i am honest i dont break 90
  7. Nail

    Breaking 80 Thread

    Its not pretty damn obvious to me, I'm still relatively new to golf, playing two years, this year is my first to have a handicap. I never said I'm able to not the 5 wood 250 accurately, its probably a little more accurate than the driver alright but I don't have some pro ability to hit it 250 down the middle of the fairway everytime. I get the sense that you were being sarcastic though and doubt I can hit the ball that far?
  8. HCP: Low expectations, people are surprised when you hit a good shot or a 300 yard drive. Good chance of winning nett competitions. HCB: Losing balls constantly. Feeling embarrassment when playing with good players when they have to help you look for a ball or you hit a terrible shot etc. Getting unwanted advice from low handicap players, just because you are better doesn’t mean you necessarily know what I’m doing wrong. One I really hate when playing with new people who are low handicaps is because I am a high handicap but also a relatively big hitter, they regularly tell me to “hit away you are never reaching them” with a driver or maybe a 5 wood on a par 5 for my second shot and then I have to say that I could reach them and I better wait only to then proceed to hit a terrible mishit shot and they are thinking I am bullshitting them in the first place. Very frustrating.
  9. I carry 5 wedges, I play titleist ap1 irons so I have a P and a W in the set at 43 and 48 degrees I believe then I have a set of Wilson wedges 52,56 and 60 degrees. I use every one of them regularly far more often than my 5 or 6 iron, even than my 7 iron to be honest.
  10. If you had 9 straight rounds in the 60’s then how can you say you are a 0 handicap at best. You are clearly better than a 0
  11. I used to lose 5 or 6 a round, now I’d say 1 or 2. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find a ball that you should easily find. That happens me a lot
  12. I’m one of those that hits it quite long but am very wayward with my drives. On a good day I could have 100 yards left on a 400 yard par four but on another day I am in the trees looking for my ball having to chip out. I need to work on driving accuracy, the distance is there
  13. Over here we almost always play in competition so no I don’t improve my lie as that would be cheating. We are however allowed to clean and replace in fairways only in the winter which has come into play the last two weeks. I’m actually shocked at the amount of you who do improve your lie.
  14. Well I can only go by myself when i average out my best 8 rounds of the last 20 it would see me as an 18.2 handicap, yet because of the better rounds I have been cut to 15.4 so I'm sure I'm not an anomaly
  15. Will the new system average 8 of the last 20 and still multiply by 0.96?
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