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  1. If you had 9 straight rounds in the 60’s then how can you say you are a 0 handicap at best. You are clearly better than a 0
  2. I used to lose 5 or 6 a round, now I’d say 1 or 2. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find a ball that you should easily find. That happens me a lot
  3. I’m one of those that hits it quite long but am very wayward with my drives. On a good day I could have 100 yards left on a 400 yard par four but on another day I am in the trees looking for my ball having to chip out. I need to work on driving accuracy, the distance is there
  4. Over here we almost always play in competition so no I don’t improve my lie as that would be cheating. We are however allowed to clean and replace in fairways only in the winter which has come into play the last two weeks. I’m actually shocked at the amount of you who do improve your lie.
  5. Well I can only go by myself when i average out my best 8 rounds of the last 20 it would see me as an 18.2 handicap, yet because of the better rounds I have been cut to 15.4 so I'm sure I'm not an anomaly
  6. Will the new system average 8 of the last 20 and still multiply by 0.96?
  7. I suppose it does. I am down to 15.4 now, I had hoped at the start of the year to be lower by now but i still have too many bad shots. I won the club comp last weekend so dropped from 16.3 to 15.4, I think the new system over here will see a more drastic change than over in the US. I think most people over here will end up with a slightly higher handicap. Up to even 3 strokes higher I think, as it stands you get cut too much for one good round in competition
  8. Ah I’m too late but it’s funnier with the Irish accent.
  9. I still haven't had an eagle, I had a putt for eagle on a par 5 yesterday after a driver and 5 wood had me on the green. I had about twenty feet for eagle. I had the line perfect for the putt but I left it about 4 inches short, tap in birdie. Later in the same round I almost drove a par 4 that has a big dog leg, I put it on the fringe but had a very long putt for eagle, the ball was on the fringe at the front and the pin was at the back, I ended up 3 putting so was disappointed with that. I was happy with the drive though, 321 yards. The hole is listed as about 370 yards but obviously if you take the corner which has quite high trees it is shorter
  10. I voted 4-6 because I went through my last round and there was four shots I was very happy with, that’s fairly typical for me per round. I don’t know if I’d call them pure but I don’t think I could have hit them better so I’ll stick with it
  11. Don’t get me started in CrossFit, it is a disaster waiting to happen. Hugely technical lifts being thought by very unqualified people to ordinary people. A recipe for disaster regarding injuries and mobility. You have people walking in and doing clean and press for example with terrible form and doing it over and over again. I feel sorry for their backs.
  12. I bet a lot of those Natural builders are not a bit natural. It is very illegal in America to use Ped’s so most are not even honest with close family let alone friends. This side of the pond it’s not as illegal so there is a lot more honesty, now I’m not calling you a liar but if you were never a bodybuilder you likely wouldn’t know the difference but it’s fairly obvious to those who are involved. That sounded a bit patronising to be honest so apologies if it came across that way but most Natural bodybuilders nowadays are far from it. I agree but imo they were like that anyway and it wasn’t lifting weights that made them that way. I never said only people who are on PEDs and are huge have mobility issues
  13. I lifted weights and still lift weights for years long before I ever played golf. If anything it helps because I have well above average speed, no flexibility issues and I’ll admit I am terrible to stretch, I don’t do anywhere near enough mobility work if any at all. Don’t get me wrong I am not huge by any means but unless you plan to use performance enhancing drugs and get pro bodybuilder big you won’t have mobility issues imo. The size you can naturally get without drugs imo would never be so big that you’d have to worry about mobility. I think if you are naturally flexible you will stay that way and if you are not then it is something you might need to work on anyway regardless of weightlifting
  14. This is what I was afraid of. I have read your thoughts on lessons before and the guy is really nice but ya I walked away very confused tbh. He told me what he wanted me to do but wasn’t very clear as to the why and what end result he wanted. When I put up a my swing thread here I felt I got better feedback and ideas than I did with his lesson and as a result my irons have come on leaps and bounds since. When I get a chance I’ll video a driver swing and post it here on my swing thread and see what you guys think
  15. Ya that makes sense because he said I was throwing my hands up and high to the right and he wants me to work on low and left so maybe somewhere in the middle is ideal.
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