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  1. I have tried and I feel like I lose control a bit. With driver though I lose a lot of shots to the right with a push or a push slice and I wonder if I’m just holding too tight and not letting the club release through the ball.
  2. Old topic I know but how would one know if they grip it too light or too tight. I fear I may be in the minority that grip too tight but I’m reluctant to loosen my grip for fear of losing control. I know it is statistically unlikely that I grip it too tight but I think I might be an outlier. How would I know?
  3. So are guys starting to go back to a little higher loft because spin is reduced anyway when combined with a positive attack angle? Im speaking about guys with a faster swing speed in this scenario btw
  4. I'm not going to lie, I don't really understand your answer, are you saying all else equal a lower lofted driver will mean less spin loft so a longer drive? Or am i completely wrong?
  5. I know this is an old thread but only discovered it now. I'm eager to try this out at the range. I was just wondering though what loft driver i should use I have a 9 deg x stiff driver adjustable from 8 to 11 degrees. I swing driver over 110mph. Is it now more optimal to use a higher degree to get a higher launch plus hitting up on the ball or is say 8deg plus 4deg aoa better than say 10deg plus 4deg aoa. All else equal which goes further according to the data?? Sorry if this seems like a stupid question? @iacas would love your input?
  6. Nail

    Favorite TV Show(s)

    Started tne haunting of hill house. Im not good with horrors so i was petrified but it is very good so far. Quite a good story to go along with the supernatural element. Very scary imo.
  7. Nail

    Tee box etiquette

    That would totally annoy me. If there is any chance of hitting the guys in front it is downright dangerous to play. Look at the Brooks Koepka hitting thst woman in the eye incident.
  8. Nail

    Draw vs Fade: Which is Cooler & Reliable

    I voted equal/equal but i probably like the look of a fade a bit better.
  9. In. It says Erik needs to verify though.
  10. I had a round in July on a course I hadn’t played before. I had 6 drives that were over 300 yards and a couple of 280-290’s. I still shot 26 over par. I can post up the round if anyone doubts me. I was wearing my garmin watch so the round is on my phone. I don’t average over 300 because of the amount of offline, out of bounds, snap hooks, pushes etc. My irons were a disaster that day and I had a few 3 putts. My point is I well believe that people can have a 20 plus handicap and drive it 300 yards, I don’t believe they average 300 yards however.
  11. Nail

    What are Your 2019 Golf Goals?

    First off i am going to become a full member of my local club and get an official handicap, i expect it to be around 18. I hope to play in a few of the club comps. I would like to reduce the handicap i get by one or two strokes during the year, I think it is possible by improving my driving in particular, it is very unpredictable and with a bit of consistency it should see my score reduce by a good amount. Id like to break 80 at least once in 2019.
  12. I actually don’t know but I’ll post what I think the distances are and what club I would use at the moment from those distances Driver 250-300 3w not sure 5w 220-250 5 iron 195 6 iron 185 7 iron 175 8 iron 165 9 iron 155 PW 145 GW 100-135 56 deg 90 and in These are what I average now but I’m convinced I could get up 10 to 20 yards more for my irons if I was striking perfectly. I think I’m not getting me weight forward enough and striking down enough.
  13. Nail

    The Match: Tiger vs. Phil Showdown for $9M

    What makes this worth watching is that no matter what anyone says, they will both really want to win. You can talk money, charity, ppv, current form etc but this will be about pride IMO.
  14. My handicap according to the Garmin golf app is 20.9. I don’t have an official one. My average drive is 266 yards according to the app. My driving is terrible though really. I don’t find enough fairways. I push or push slice a lot. If not I hook it. When I actually hit it relatively straight it tends to be longer than 266. I drove a 300 yard green on a par 4 last week and that was a wet cold day so not much roll out I don’t think (I had to cut a big corner to go for the green so I didn’t see it land) I had one lesson and he said I have huge potential because of my speed but I have a lot to improve on. My only point is distance is well and good but if I don’t get consistent off the tee I’m going nowhere, but I can see how it has a huge bearing on the game because when I do drive it well I only have a wedge in even on our index 1 longest par four, that has to make the game easier.

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