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  1. Ya it's quite surprising considering how easy it feels to play a round but ya, its a 6 mile walk at least with hills etc and with all the added swinging and pushing a cart for 3-4 hours it all adds up to a decent calorie burn.
  2. We all walk in Ireland, it is never too hot, quite the opposite really. I use a push cart, I like the extra calorie burn, I’m trying to get lean at the moment and two rounds a week burns an extra 2-3000 calories so it has added benefits
  3. Tried my regular grip today again to compare, couldn’t hit a fairway, I think I hit 3 all day. Not sure what to do.
  4. Strangely and this is probably due to some other underlying problem with my swing but I felt I hit the ball straighter with it, I never really noticed a height difference if I am honest so it must have been similar. My driver was straighter for definite and distance was the same once struck well but this is all from just one round so it is really impossible to tell for sure yet. I think i find it easier to square the face because with my regular grip I always fought with rolling the face open and then having to try square it up so this probably is a band aid really.
  5. You could be right, I’d like to try it for a while though. I used it today for the first time for a round. I shot exactly my handicap, 16 over. My ballstriking was better I thought, I had a few three putts and a couple of bad pitches that would have dropped that score by 4-5 strokes. I was especially pleased with my driver, after the first few it started to go really well and I had 9 drives that I would be happy with and that is very good for me. It probably is a band aid but I’ll give it a shot for a few rounds anyway and see how it goes. Out of interest what do you think might be tougher to do?
  6. 👍 I found it much easier to square the face with it, at least it felt that way, the downswing felt much more natural as well to have my hands rotated that way.
  7. Hi guys, I was at the range today trying to fix my dreaded driver swing and I decided to try out a strong grip, seeing 3 to 4 knuckles on my left hand. I had some success with the driver so I tried it with my irons. I hit some really good shots with it, little baby draws landing very close to my target. I’m seriously considering changing to it permanently. I tend to fan open the club on shots and need to flip to square the face resulting in fat shots or over draws or hooks more accurately. With the strong grip I had a couple of snap hooks but mostly shots I really liked, I found the centre of the clubface a lot more with the driver too. It’ll need work but I think I might be into something Any of you guys use a strong grip?
  8. Thanks. Ya I think I’d prefer a nice fade with the driver even though some holes at my course don’t suit it but only two or three. I find it hard though, sometimes it works out but it can often end up a straight pull or a full slice. I’ll try post a driver FO and DTL as soon as I can. It’ll probably be next week.
  9. Check your grip, to my untrained eye your right hand looks a bit strong, which might cause the overdraw you are talking about. I'm not saying it definitely is but might be worth looking at. Check out this thread
  10. The lesson just wasnt great, i spoke about it on here and Erik agreed it just wasn't a very good lesson, I came away with no clear understanding of what he wanted me to work on or what I was even doing wrong. Do you accept paypal?? 😂
  11. The first 8 holes were, The first hole is a short par 4 and I hit a hybrid. Two were par 3s where I hit the green. I had two good drives that hit the fairway. Three were in the rough but I still hit the green with my approach. I wouldn’t say I hit it well I just didnt hit It badly enough to cause too much trouble. After that it just got worse, I topped it on the ninth about 20 yards cane away with a 7. Lost it on the 10th etc etc. Lost two on the 15th, lost 1 on the 16th but Birdied my provisional to get away with a bogey. I had 6 penalty strokes in a round of 83
  12. Hi guys, just basically want to vent, I’m playing probably the best golf I’ve played since I started two years ago, my irons and short game are in a good place by my standards but the driver is killing me, I equalled my best ever round today of 83 but it should have been so much better. I was 1 over par after 8 holes before the driver deserted me again. I was 11 over for the next 10 holes. The driver started going left and right. I hit nine GIR and had nine pars and 1 birdie. If I find the fairway or at least the rough I’ll usually have bogey at worst but if I hit a bad drive we are talking double or triple bogeys. I can’t seem to be consistent with it at all. It can go great on some holes 270-300 yards and on the fairway but it’s just as likely to snap hook or push straight into the right trees. I’ve only had two lessons, both of which focused on my driver swing but I wasn’t impressed with either tbh, Neither improved me to any degree really. I can’t even decide on a shot shape that would make me more consistent, my home course is probably slightly more suited for a draw but my miss will be a big push when I don’t hit it well. With a fade the miss is likely a pull, neither of which is ideal, I’d prefer over fade or over draw and at least I could start the ball on one edge of the fairway or the other. I’m at a loose end, I genuinely think I could be a single digit handicap if I could sort it out. I’m just lost really Any input guys or ideas? Sorry for the long rant
  13. Shot 90 yesterday. Couldn’t get the driver going at all. Although I drove the par 4 16th green and came away with a birdie. Shot an 83 today equalling my personal best. Driver didn’t behave too well but it went well enough for enough holes to shot a pb. Putting and chipping very well though for me.
  14. I don't think steroids were used either, if anything was used and i doubt it was, it would have been growth hormone which is not tested for. Btw 6 hours a day working out doesn't build more muscle than one hour a day, if anything it would be counterproductive for most people. That sounds like "how did such and such movie star get so big for this movie" bs to deflect from the fact they almost certainly used performance enhancing drugs. I genuinely think he just worked out, ate lots of good food and grew.
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