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  1. I have a 43*pw and a 47*pw, ap2’s and then I have Wilson staff 52,56 and 60* wedges. I never hit the latter 3 with a full swing so I don’t even know how far they’d go. 43* 150 yards 47* 135 yards
  2. Me, I’m scoring no better than a year ago when I was starting out properly, I feel like I’m a better player but my scores are not showing. My driving has definitely improved and I’m finding more fairways but my irons are worse than when I started out imo. Well they probably aren’t worse but I feel like they are. I constantly have people telling me how one of these days it’s all going to click and I’ll tear up the course (in a good way) because of my speed. I leave myself a short iron or wedge when I’m driving well in to most par 4’s but I don’t take advantage of it. The other day I had 190 yards left into a par 5 after a tee shot which is a 5 or 6 iron so I hit a 5 iron, scuffed it about 40 yards and then left a 9 iron way short, left the hole with a bogey, that kind of thing is a regular occurrence. Par 3’s are a nightmare lately. My irons and wedges are a disaster tbh
  3. I’d say watching YouTube videos. While they certainly helped when I started out as a complete noob, I should have stopped there. Now I just can’t stop watching them and diagnosing swing faults I probably don’t have.
  4. Yes that’s the way I always interpreted it, shortening the swing to achieve a slower speed rather than decelerating the downswing
  5. Good call Iacas on Harrington, ended up winning three in the next 4 years after your prediction
  6. I studied this thread lately and tried it out this morning on the course setting up slightly closed to hit a draw, well to say i was impressed is an understatement, I hit 10 out of 13 fairways which doesnt happen too often for me. The only negative is I was 30 to 40 yards shorter than usual, but I think I was concentrating so hard on my technique that I was swinging slower, hopefully when I get used to the pattern I will increase my speed again and start hitting big high draws down the middle
  7. So for my original question is your answer still the same?
  8. The bit in bold, Yes that’s what I thought so does that now mean you will be hitting the ball on the up because it’s now in front or ahead if you like of the low point of your swing??
  9. Thanks for the quick reply mate, I guess i had picured in my head that if you had the ball positioned before the low point that when you rotated your stance closed a bit you maybe moved the low point of your swing too to the right now making the ball in front of the low point, am I way off base here?
  10. I have ap1’s and to have consistent gaps I have 5 “wedges” lol. The ap1 pw is 43* I believe and I got a “W” with the set which is 48* afaik. I then have 52,56 and 60 wedges so I have 5 but I don’t have anything really different than someone with blades that have 4 wedges. My PW is basically like a better players 9 iron club.
  11. Just a quick question on ball position if you wanted to hit a draw with a positive angle of attack, do you position the ball before the low point and then close the stance a few degrees? Or do you position it ahead of the low point and close the stance from there a few degrees? Does closing the stance a few degrees in the first scenario mean you can still hit up on it a few degrees or would it still be a negative angle of attack?
  12. Nail

    My Swing (Nail)

    Yes I think understand the ball flight laws. I’ve read that thread multiple times. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert but the reason I thought I came over the top was because it was a straight pull in my first vids and I thought that meant a closed club face to target but square to the path(out to in)
  13. Nail

    My Swing (Nail)

    Oh I see thanks, I didnt know you could pull the ball without swinging out to in so I assumed I was coming over the top. Ya I am working on the wall drill and making backswings in the mirror with a club trying to make a better pivot. Hopefully it is working. I think i am turning my hands over too much through impact too causing the hook along with coming too much from inside but that is another issue
  14. Nail

    My Swing (Nail)

    Hi mate having watched my swings over and over especially the dtl view, do they really look the same to you? In the first I'm coming over the top and pulling it. In the second I see, to be coming from the inside, that shot drew about 20 yards from where i started it to where it finished. In what way did you think they were the same?
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