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  1. All i have to add is I'd be very worried if I was from the US. Its obviously going to be the next epicentre and a lot of good people will die, Italy had a record 919 deaths in the last 24 hours, its crazy
  2. Just finished the book, great info and would highly recommend it. Really dispels a lot of the commmonly heard "tips" you hear weekly at your local course. Tons of superb info that will definitely lower your score👍
  3. Last weekend we could play but clubhouse etc was closed. Flagsticks were removed with holes in centre of every green, as of this week though all courses are now closed til at least April 19th but we all know it'll be a lot longer than that
  4. I pick a spot between me and where i want the ball to start about 12 inches in front of the ball and align everything to that.
  5. Hoodies are fashionable among young people. I’m not a fan for golf however. They serve no function. I don’t think attire is an issue with attracting people to the sport though, it certainly never crossed my mind before I played golf, expense or worrying about looking useless were far higher concerns
  6. A good friend of mine played a small bit of golf before joining properly last September. He gave in 3 scorecards and got 19 to start. Like you had hit a lot of balls on the farm when he was young, his handicap dropped to 14 by Christmas and he won a few competitions. This is not typical but it might give you an idea of what’s possible. I’ll add that he was very good at pitch and putt as a kid so his short game is very good
  7. Finally got around to ordering a copy of this book today. Can’t wait to have a read when it gets here
  8. I'll go against the grain here. I take it you're Irish so with 3 scorecards you do get an official handicap which you say is 20, so you probably shot between 90-95 on those 3 rounds. You say you played 'shit" so you know you can be better, i have no problem believing the length of your drives, especially if you played hurling or anything growing up. I think you will get to 10-14 within the year maybe even lower if you get out to play every week in competitions, you sound like you have a bit of natural ability so you will drop fast IMO.
  9. Nail

    Swing Speed

    Great post, i'm another with a fast swing speed but a high handicap. I tire of people telling me to slow down my swing(you tried to murder that one) when i hit a bad drive but tell me great drive when it goes straight down the fairway. I don't try to swing hard, its just the speed i swing. Hitting the center of the clubface is a different story, I can carry a drive 280+ but my average drive is 250-260 because of all the bad ones. I was playing with a couple of older guys for the first time recently, I parred the first three holes and had two cracking drives, one of the guys said "you wont be off 16 for long with your distance" Two disaster holes followed with two balls into a water hazard, and then some duffed chips etc, and i said to the guy "now do you see why i'm off 16" he laughed and said "ah you have a few things you need to work on alright" Moral of the story, fast swing speed does not always mean low handicap
  10. Hitting fat shots is the worst for me, followed by duffing a chip, then missing short putts or shanks are annoying but an anomaly
  11. Thanks for the reply but How do I find him? I’ve never heard of him? Is it Andrew Norrby from Northern Ireland? An aim point instructor?
  12. I'd really like to buy this book but the delivery to here in Ireland is almost as much as the book. I really can't justify that much money to get a book delivered as good as I know the book will be
  13. Yes when I say a quarter swing I mean it’s less than a half swing or 9.00 swing, it’s like 8.00 maybe. I feel like it goes back as far as what Mvmac called a quarter swing. The half swing with the 60* goes 80 yards so it’s a touch less than that. I wouldn’t be comfortable swinging any less back than that but this is a shortened version of my full swing. I messed around at the course today with the quickie pitching technique from the other thread and it is completely different type of stroke than my shortened full swing, much more gravity involved but it was good and I don’t have it down by any means but I was only 30 feet out at the most everytime I tried it.
  14. Me too. If I'm closer than 70 yards I just tend to go by feel which is a bit of a gamble
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