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  1. Nail

    My Swing (Nail)

    Dressing like tiger is not intentional lol. I do love him though. Ya I’m trying to make too many changes lately and my game is suffering in the short term but hopefully will improve in the long run.
  2. Nail

    My Swing (Nail)

    Both shots were draws. They both ended up left of the green. The drew too much. It’s not the pull miss I was having but it is still ending up left of the green.
  3. Nail

    My Swing (Nail)

    Two swings from today. I’ve been working on the wall drill and I thought I had fixed the cupped wrist but not sure now
  4. I must have heard it 100 times over the last 3 days. Are you watching it in another language?? Lol
  5. Played yesterday morning and had the worst round i have had since i started playing 2 years ago. I had an awful dose of the s***ks and was pulling my driver left all day too. Resulting in a round of 118. I haven't shot over 100 in a year. I was disgusted
  6. Nail

    Breaking 100/90/80/70

    100: Within three or four rounds, had played pitch and putt a bit as a kid so had some idea how to swing 90: I broke 90 with an 86 after about 20 rounds. I still mostly shoot in the low 90’s high 80’s in my 2nd year playing. I hope to break 80 this year. I shot a personal best 83 towards the end of last year so not a million miles away. Inconsistency is my problem. I played yesterday morning and shot 89. 3 birdies 3 pars and 9 double bogey or worse 😢 80: N/A 70: N/A
  7. I suppose the best way to describe it is it feels very uncomfortable to have my palm so much on top of my left thumb. I’ve only discovered this problem so it is probably a case of sucking it up until I get used to it.
  8. I can’t seem to grip a golf club properly. If I hold it the recommended way in my lead left hand then the right hand gets too strong and if I try to get my right hand on properly the recommended way then my left hand wants to be weak. Anyone have this problem? I’m at a loss what to do
  9. As I get older I don’t drink as much as I used to due to young family etc. I’ve lost the interest which is strange for an Irish man. I never drink one or two, when I drink I drink til I’m drunk, too drunk tbh. This is typical of the way most Irish people drink In my late teens early twenties I drank Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Ten pints minimum each day, probably 15 or more most times. It wouldn’t cost me a thought to never drink again now. I don’t enjoy one or two and I can’t stand hangovers .
  10. I think Kuchar is coming off incredibly cheap here. His media persona would have benefited greatly if he gave the guy 50k which isnt an awful lot to him but would seem like a lottery win to many. I only say it because he won however. 3k would have been absolutely fine if he finished from 2nd to nowhere. The caddie isnt coming off well either imo but Kuchar is coming off worse.
  11. Nail

    My Swing (Nail)

    Thanks for the tip mate. I hadn’t actually worried about the tush line as you call it. I figured the wall drill and keeping the head steady would take care of that on it’s own
  12. Nail

    My Swing (Nail)

    Oh cool thanks for that
  13. Nail

    My Swing (Nail)

    Thanks I’ll practice this drill at home and work on not cupping my left wrist and hopefully post an improved video of my swing soon. Thanks very much for your help Hey phillyk what was the idea of the red line you drew? Were you looking to spot something in particular?
  14. Nail

    My Swing (Nail)

    Thanks for the input. Do you think working on a flat lead wrist and straighter arm in the back swing will help with shallowing the plane? What are the wall drills you mentioned? Thanks in advance
  15. Nail

    My Swing (Nail)

    What do you guys mean when you say lower body stalls? Do you mean I’m not getting my weight forward enough or on time? You think it’s because of my swing plane? Would the overbend in my lead arm and therefore the cupping of the wrist cause the steepness?
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