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  1. 240 3 wood no but 140 pw is about right for a lot of your pros. Not everyone is Brooks Koepka
  2. I sometimes feel if I did this I would definitely shoot lower scores. I just love hitting driver even if it is by far my most unreliable club. I can even hit my 5 wood over 250 off the tee or more and far straighter than my driver but I can’t seem to make myself do it
  3. This is probably a silly question to some but when aiming the driver for a draw like this do you just adjust feet, hips and shoulders and not adjust grip or do you also close the club a bit and regrip? Basically do you aim the club first and then adjust the stance without regripping? Or do you look at the target and then align the body first and then close the club to path and regrip? Does this even make sense?
  4. True but if it’s a competition you can’t just pick up at ESC or can you?? You can in stableford
  5. It’s just a much better, faster system IMO. It addresses pace of play, and also if you have a bad start in strokeplay like a couple of 8’s then you just lose all interest and want to go home but in stableford you still have a good chance of turning it around
  6. This is the reason stableford is a much better system imo for weekend golfers. If you are not going to score a point on the hole you pick up the ball and move on. Most points wins so there is no confusion at all, stableford is used in almost all competitions here apart from a few, the bigger ones are strokeplay.
  7. Look at ball position with driver. Seriously, I was playing with a guy the other day in his 30,s and he hit a driver with the ball in the middle of his stance, he only hit it 200 yards at the most. I didnt say anything because i didnt want to be "that guy"
  8. Absolutely delighted for Lowry. Great day for the Irish. He comes from only a half hour away from me.
  9. I hope you are not counting Lowry as a brit😕
  10. That's Ireland for you, it would be a great little country if we could only roof it
  11. I’ve lifted weights for years, long before I ever played golf. I can only assume it helped because I always get complimented on my power. I hit it further than anyone I play with (just not straight lol) I weight train for strength and size primarily
  12. It was a DQ but the club still cut him, I assume because he played to a certain standard shooting an 85 so they cut him. btw I’m the OP but not the player or the marker. I’d never make the mistake to not get a good score signed Ya I think he was off 19.9 before and he shot 5 points over the competition standard scratch for the day so (5 x 0.3) 1.5 off his handicap is 18.4 so playing handicap goes from 20 to 18.
  13. No we are all newish to golf. All have handicaps for the first time this year. The guy marking genuinely forgot to sign it. The player so excited to shoot 42 points couldn’t get the scorecard in quick enough I’d say. He still got cut two strokes though lol so he is now off 18 and he got no prize for his efforts 😂
  14. Usually I’d say to work on ballstriking but it in this case if you are hitting GIRs then I would do a bit of putting practice. I really wouldn’t worry though, it will come
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