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  1. Thanks folks. from what I can gather as it stands it’s just tough, if you’re on the path you either play or go to nearest point of relief which maybe way worse and leave you with no shot at all. as a committee we do have a few options to help though. We can create drop zones just for relief from the path, apparently you can make a local rule that makes the path relief from the ball and exclude stance, so you could drop off the path but be allowed to stand on it which would solve the problem without adding to greenstaff workload marking and remarking drop zones. I didn’t know this was an option but our comp sec checked with regional rules officer. The more brutal option would be make the left edge of the path OOB so you have to drop on the right. comp meeting next week to decide, thanks for the ideas and help.
  2. Hi. if you’re right handed the nearest point of relief is almost always the left side. It just seems harsh that your ball is in bounds and would be perfectly playable but because you have to get relief from a cart path your ball becomes unplayable. It’s not just a difficult angle, you don’t have a swing.
  3. Hi guys potential issue at our club, 8 th hole uphill OOB all up left side but a cart path runs up left side about 6 to 8 feet from fence. There are small trees planted along the fence which used to be staked so free drop, now they have grown stakes are gone and no free drop which is fine. ( free drop made hole too easy imho). Problem is if a ball stops on the gravel path and you are right handed the room to drop is small and trees and fence interfere. This makes it difficult in places to even have a playable shot after a free drop. You couldn’t play from path with out destroying a club but seems harsh that your only 5 yards off the fairway on a man made path but have to drop where it’s virtually unplayable. There are places where if you took relief it would be unplayable then two clubs only gets you back to path! can we make a local rule that all drop to right of path if a ball is on the path? Or a drop zone for path? Or is it just tough? thanks
  4. Which bit? That it would spoil the hole? hard to explain you’d gave to play it or see it to appreciate what I mean I guess
  5. Would be R&A here but same applies and red would spoil the hole and make it too easy, the key to the hole is deciding whether to risk the water and go for the green. If it were red you’d always have a go at it and if you hit it you’d still be guaranteed a par pretty much. Just have to keep trying to explain 😁
  6. Thanks folks good to know I’m on right track, think I will write a clear explanation with a diagram relating specifically to the hole ( better drawn!) and post it on comp board and email it out to all so there is no confusion. Personally I can’t see why it’s so difficult! Thanks for all your input 👍👍
  7. Lateral would make the hole too easy, it would mean always dropping on the green itself. It’s a driveable par 4 so needs a risk reward element. is a drop zone not contrary to rules of golf? Would that be allowed? Not sure there is a need if I can just get people to do it right 😁
  8. Hi guys having an issue with a few members and drop point of a water hazard. ( pretty standard stuff I know but bare with me). on a short par 4 there is a small pond right next to the green, the margin of the hazard is defined by a yellow paint line. Balls often run down on to the green and drop in the hazard crossing the yellow paint line just off the fringe. Simple einough you would think. The issue is that because the rules say you must drop behind the hazard people insist everyone drops left of the hazard so they must chip over the water. This does not fit with keeping the point it last crissedbthe margin ( the yellow paint line). In some cases if the pin is very much in the left side a straight line back from the margin means you could chip or even putt out to the right and let the slope bring it back to the hole. People are insistent this is wrong as you’re not going over water, my view is the only factor in the rule is you MUST drop on a straight line between the flag and the point it last crossed the yellow line. Any thoughts? I did a diagram but my drawing skills are poor so apologies. Is this correct and how do I deal with those that insist everyone else is wrong??
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