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  1. I have used other brands in the past. I like Titleist durability. I could also get some weird change in iron distance with some high spin balls. I have never had to worry about sucking my irons and wedges off of greens. (I don’t smash 9 irons 110%, that’s goofy.) I’ve historically hit my irons a tad low. The X goes higher and spins a tad more with irons. That is fine with me. I see most difference in mid irons.
  2. He was happy to be out. I’m playing golf with him tomorrow. He is monster of a man 6’8” with anger issues and has been scared of germs for as long as I’ve known him. He chipped his tooth fretting about the virus, and no dentists are open. He purchased some fake tooth thing that is coming to his house. Very tightly wound. Should be fun lol. Im glad that it’s not “too steep”. I am always worried about it sneaking back in.
  3. Permanent is a long time, almost as long as forever. People will forget. (Before COVID) How many people were scared of catching an airborne virus because of the 1918 Spanish Flu? Not many. There will be some culture change, but it’ll prob fade away.
  4. Today’s Session 4-4-20 GOALS Takeaway- get into trail hip Move upper body forward (leaning tower) earlier. Feels like after. P2 Hit ball well if possible. Not biggest concern today. ALL PHOTOS AND VIDEOS ARE 7i SUMMARY: I ran into someone I knew today. He talked to me almost the entire time. So hard to focus. Still did my drills. P1-P2 I got into my trail hip but maybe not enough? P3-P4.5 I tried to move forward after P2, I was feeling the move too late the last time. I think this is success. My upper and lower body are decently “stacked”. At least for me, Mr Quick Hips. That was the decent and good, now for the bad. It would seem that my stubborn steepness has returned. ☹️😩😭 I want to get this under control early, before it spirals. Also, my club was laid off a few times at P4. This is not good for me right now. I need to get it barely across the line.
  5. He asked for the info at all points in the swing, not what I’m doing now. I gave him the feels from when I work on each part.
  6. That’s the one. I live right across the river from Steubenville
  7. I’ll give it a go! Disclaimer. A lot of these are feelings. I don’t want to type “feels as if...” every line. It would be hard to read. Backswing. In the takeaway, shifting into my trail hip. As the backswing continues. The un-weighting of my lead foot. I’m not picking it up off the ground. But as it unweights, transition becomes dynamic. Obviously the steep shoulder turn. Lead side feels crunched when I turn steep enough. Downswing As mentioned above, the planting into my lead foot. My weight goes into my lead side bowing my wrist to square the face Impact / follow through the stretching of my lead side. To me it feels more up, my body moves around pretty good.
  8. I work in Pittsburgh, live in WV, and play golf with a group in OH. All for the last 8-9 years. So I joined the club! Springhills in East Springfield, Ohio is open. It is a short course, nothing special. But they are known for having the best Pro Shop around.
  9. Today’s Session 4-3-20 GOALS: Takeaway: Get into trail hip Transition: Leaning tower, move upper body forward. Strike the ball well. Especially 6-4 iron. SUMMARY: P1-P2 Got into my right hip, good. P3.5-P4.5 I did move my upper body forward in transition, but maybe not stacked enough. I didn’t put much focus or effort into this part. I tried to hit the ball well. I was trying to hit it in a shot zone with a draw over and over. Next session I will do more leaning tower.
  10. Major props for @iacas. Runs the site, always online, always moderating. Has to deal with all of our nonsense. Can’t really say enough. @Vinsk‘s posts are my favorite to read. @phillyk’s swing is fun to watch
  11. I think this lay-off will favor Tiger. Hear me out. His back has been rickety this year, time to heal will do him some good. His back functions better in the heat, if majors are played mid-summer. That is good for him. He hasn’t been able to play a bunch of tournaments in a row for a year now. But if everyone is out of tournament shape, his disadvantage may be negated. If they play all 4 majors at some point this year...he may be able to sneak one or two.
  12. Awesome post. Maybe this quarantine will do him some good. Anyone know about how old that article is? Couldn’t find a date on it. But it had his current age and last years stats. Hopefully it’s new and not something he has already tried and didn’t work. I thought I remembered him talking about his grip last year.
  13. I found an article from 2018 where Jordan sort of blames Swing Motion. I couldn’t share the article from my phone, but credit goes to New York Post.
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