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  1. As usual I woke up in the middle of the night. At least i learned something this time. That guy explained it well, I liked being able to move the animations around to see things
  2. Today’s Session 4-24-21 GOALS: Cup lead wrist in backswing Flow into a steady trail leg (let’s actually sway back today) Steady head: do not let it go down and ahead (toward FO camera) 7i Swings I know it’s a little flippy at impact. That is totally ok for now. Not duck-hooking is way more important right now. I’d rather be able to close the face in downswing. Goal 1: Cup lead wrist This looks good. I hope I’m on my way to ridding the duck-hooks Goal 2: Flow into steady trail leg Ive been struggling with this
  3. I was wondering why Scully wasn’t off to the side as assistant coach...but you were also in the middle. I also thought you won the most current one at Peek n Peak, but figured I misremembered
  4. This is really informative for me. I never thought of it that way
  5. Congrats, I’m happy for those guys! Nice work on the uniforms also
  6. For sure, I will definitely try. Training my eyes every day is exhausting. Hopefully I don’t fail the fitting again
  7. I have a really hard time aiming my putter. I got that putting mat that DJ currently sponsors. It has really helped me train my eyes, “roll my bead” as they say around here, and work on my technique (had a lesson on it) I just putt around 5 mins at a time throughout the day.
  8. Today’s Session 4-22-21 GOALS: More cup in wrist during backswing Trail heel stays planted in the backswing while flowing into a steady trail leg Keep head from moving down and straight ahead (toward a FO camera) 7i Swings Goal 1: More cup in wrist, club face more open at P4 Pretty good, could be a tad more open? I just have to integrate the pattern to stop the duck hooks Goal 2: Trail heel stays planted during backswing. Flow into steady trail leg trail heel looks to be planted throughout swing (DTL vid) Trai
  9. I live an hour away and am obviously interested. handicap between 5-7 wont embarrass you No offense taken if you choose others - 2 spots is not very many lol. Good luck when you go!
  10. Yesterday’s Session 4-21-21 I went on a 7 day golf trip where I had the duck hooks pretty bad with big clubs. I just didn’t have enough days to change the pattern before we left. But I got around ok while doing weird swings with the driver - but i kept it between the hazards / tree line. So I wanted to see where my swing is at and really get the most recent lesson cemented in. GOALS: Get the club (more) open at the top. Slight cup in wrist would be great. Check head movement Keep trail heel down. Flow back into trail leg 7i Swing. The indoor range was
  11. I mean, maybe? But the problem isn’t that it’s rotating from side to side. The problem is that my head is going down and forward in the backswing while my trail heel lifts. The issue is explained with pictures in the previous swing post.
  12. Ya...I feel ya on that one and am much the same way. I normally find a game every 1.5- 2 years and binge through it.
  13. I’m currently riding passenger to a Myrtle Beach golf trip. I brought my chrome book and wanted to watch using my unlimited data Verizon. The stream keeps lagging just enough to make it unwatchable. I’m so jealous!
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