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  1. Lesson on 12-8-19 I came into the previous lesson about a month ago with a ton of forward shaft lean at impact. You can see what we tried in the previous posts. But I struggled with it/ didn’t do the unhinging right/ caused worse problems. So we went back to bowing the wrist and staying deep at P5. I worked on this a ton last year, so this shouldn’t be a problem. This is also how I like to swing. It’s not everyday the coach tells you to to swing how you want. I’ll take it! But as soon as I started doing this...all the forward shaft lean came back. Still this is more important, so I must do this first. Moving on to the fun part, fixing shaft lean. Basically I must explode up with my lead side: leg, hip, shoulder My lead shoulder wants to go too far forward and around, it must go up. It feels like it starts going up right after I bow my wrist in transition. For what it’s worth, it doesn’t feel like I’m leaning back at all through impact, just up.
  2. 12-06-19 GOALS: 1. Hinge wrists up in backswing 2. Lay club off in transition 3. Let out lag, hit solid shots FIRST SWING AFTER WARM UP LATER IN SESSION Goals 1&2 were ok. Goal 3 failed again. Hit a lot of fat shots. Hurt my wrist a tad, it’ll be fine by tomorrow. Can’t seem to find a way to put the club on the ball or let the lag out. On the bright side, I’m pretty comfortable shallowing the club. I didn’t think I’d be able to do it. But... I also thought that once I did, I’d pure it. Go figure I have a lesson this weekend which is good, I’m kind of stuck and I’m tired of hitting just terrible shots lol. SOS
  3. What are the other 2 things? Asking for a friend
  4. Ya good call, I want new irons bad, but I’m trying to wait until I’m done making big changes to my swing
  5. Good deal. Overdone is ok m, I can do it normal. I’ll keep at it and make an appointment. Must be ready by March
  6. Is it in place or not quite? Not being a pain, but what is showing up on the videos is exactly what I’m trying to do. At this point, I just keep doing it over and over
  7. 11-23-19 Working on the same stuff. More vertical backswing, lay it off in transition, have less forward shaft lean at impact. Made some improvement on the slow motion. Uploaded to computer, then made it slow motion. But it only allows suuuper slow motion and only for a certain number of frames. Can’t make it easy. FIRST HALF OF SESSION Worked on backswing and transition during the first half of bucket. SECOND HALF Second half I worked on my lag problem. Tried to release the lag by going “up and back with my front leg and body” around P5. Down the line view of “up and back” move in downswing Overall not bad. My real is starting to match my feel. It’s become normal to swing like i’m swinging. If things are looking good, I might be ready for my next lesson soon. If not let me know, I’m basically doing what I’m trying to do up until P5.
  8. How is it upsetting? This is an exact example from a course that is now closed. Par 3 over a forced carry 160-180. Not the biggest green, bunkers on Left and right. A good hole. So you hit a decent shot that finds a bunker. But the bunker is basically packed dirt because it doesn’t get raked. So then you blade it out of the dirt and make triple. That’s enough to produce a feeling of a ruined round. People look at the pro’s to see how golf is supposed to be played. When you are unable to do so because the course refuses to simply rake their bunkers. It is upsetting. Some of the higher strung players (we have our fair share) will throw fits.
  9. 2 of the last 3 courses my group played at did not maintain their bunkers well. It makes the course look really bad even if everything else is nice. They are a pain to get out of. It’s very upsetting to see the pro’s on TV getting out of nice bunkers, and your score is getting trashed because of bad maintenance. It’s a bad idea. When you see bad bunkers, there’s a good chance the course is on its way out.
  10. Ok, thanks, that makes me feel a little better.
  11. About the YouTube slow motion problem. I have always gone into my YouTube app on my phone, then clicked on the video, it pulls up my saved videos, and i choose it. The slow motion has always translated before, but not now. I think apple has sabotaged things on my iPhone 6s to get me to buy a new one. I found some app called iMovie, I will try that. I will be at the airport all day tomorrow, so I'll try to re-post the videos then. Remember to set the YouTube video to play at 0.25 speed in the meantime. Today's Session 11-17-19 Could not get FO video, range was too full. Goals: 1. Get backswing less deep like we did in the lesson 2. Keep shallowing by using the weight of the club. @iacas what is that club weight thing called that looks like a black swirl? I need to buy one. 3. Try to unhinge wrists more in downswing (if I can get to it) First Swing -after warm up with PW Happy with my backswing and transition goal. Good start, but PW is way easier to handle than the 6i. Second Swing. 6i midway through session Backswing was ok, transition was success, wrists were holding strong (which is bad). I included this swing so we could see the full 6i backswing, next video was cut short. Third Swing This swing starts at like P3, but I maybe had success with starting to let the wrist hinge out in the downswing. I felt like I got the top, let the club fall behind at P4, stayed tall, then threw the club at the ball from there. Feels like I start throwing at P4.2, right after the weight falls behind. When I threw the club at the ball, I tried to go to the right of an imaginary object so I'm not just flipping it left. My left leg felt a lot different: cleaner through impact, like I wasn't ahead of it. Felt like a centered turn through the ball. But I don't want to go back into just spinning my hips. Throwing the club should be after transition, after I bump, so it should be ok? unsure Reason for trying this: Too much lag in downswing, must unhinge my wrists earlier. At P4, letting the club fall behind, then unhinging my wrists are 2 different feels too close together with the same body part (wrist). I felt like i was making no progress. So I want the club to really sweep the ball instead of hack down into it. This was an attempt to let the club fall in transition and sweep the ball more.
  12. Inconvenient tee times. If I’m not working, I’ll golf whenever
  13. I keep hitting these low bullets. I’ll chill, I’m pushin’ Also (using iPhone), I took the video in slo-mo straight from the phone, no apps. so then it goes to photos. I uploaded from photos, used to work. I’ll google it tomorrow
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