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  1. I can achieve success with lower body. Im getting to the point where I can’t take the club back on a practice swing or many real swings cuz I don’t know which muscles to fire in the right order. I just stand there like a glitch. I’m trying to figure out how to move my body in slow motion or any motion to achieve success with upper body and lower body together. (Upper body is the problem I think) If I can just get to P2, i can actually start to shorten my swing. But I’m not there yet. I want to figure it out it soon cuz I don’t want to be a twitchy disaster over the ball. I feel like I’m on the clock to fix and get rid of the problem
  2. Today’s Session 11-17-20 GOALS: Same trail leg/hip stuff Match my upper body with goal 1 7i Swings. I did not take that long to swing from P1-P2 on FO vid -Slow motion Video didn’t work so well on that one, no matter. GOAL 1. Trail leg/ hip Trail leg looks like success. GOAL 2. Matching upper body with lower body movements (during backswing) I have been having a ton of trouble with this. I think I was swaying. It made it impossible to load into trail leg while upper body was trying to go backwards. I am able to achieve success with goal #2 if —-I feel like I am just swinging my lead arm back. I have been trying to feel the backswing (turn) in my torso - and have been having major problems. We’ll see how it goes next time after some more mapping. Also downswings were OTT and were gross. I must make progress soon
  3. Today’s Session 11-16-20 Goals: internal rotation of trail hip wide backswing that doesn’t go back too far 7i Swings Things felt weird today, not my best session. Goal 1: Trail hip rotation It seems I did okay with this. Trail knee is pointing relatively forward (at FO camera). I’m trying to max out this move, I can definitely do it more. TRANSITION: Club seemed to be really looping to the inside today (in transition), not sure what that is about. I felt like I really had to roll the face shut to not hit huge slices.
  4. Swings from 11-14-20 Working on internal rotation of trail hip
  5. The concept is known as counter weighting or counterbalance
  6. Do you think the Green Coats were hoping that he didn’t win? DJ’s win may have meant just as much to Austin. Pretty cool
  7. What a shot by DJ on 10 with all that mud on his golf ball
  8. I can’t think of a better one
  9. His irons are on point so far. And he did make 2 birdie putts, so it’s not like he’s missing everything. If he lag putts well, I think he will be ok.
  10. Is the 2nd cut thicker this year? I remember the 2nd cut being much shorter...but I don’t trust my memory
  11. For years Brandel has said that you need to hit draws to win The Masters. On Live From, he just talked about needing to hit a fade and how swinging in-to-out was a disadvantage for Bryson. I like Brandel but he “dug his feet in” for years on those draw takes.
  12. Earl Woods was bat shit crazy...except that he wasn’t
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