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  1. Today’s Session 2-28-21 Goals: BACKSWING: Wide takeaway, internal rotation of trail hip DOWNSWING: Hand-path = down from P4-P6 (main priority) I had success last session with goal 2 with the feeling of extending trail elbow in downswing. 7i Swing -very full speed, like gave it extra I found much success with a fake rhyme. “Swing it wide, sweet spot behind” FWIW: Sweet spot of club feels like it’s in the circle. Very far behind me. I think this is pretty good for downswing goal. Prob the best it’s been at full speed. Again,
  2. I agree with you But, I’m not sure he was able (low percentage) to hit the green from the woods or back of the bunker...he’s not the best chipper / pitcher and those were some bad spots on fast greens with runoffs
  3. Today’s Session 2-26-21. too busy to get FO video GOALS: BACKSWING: Internal rotation of trail hip DOWNSWING: Hand-path = down 7i Swing: full speed GOAL 2: Hand-path = down Most swings were at slower speed and often overdone Started having more success at higher speeds feeling as if right elbow straightens from P4-P6
  4. Today’s Session 2-20-21 GOALS: TAKEAWAY: Bump hips 2”, then internal rotation of trail hip (keep trail knee, femur facing straight) BACKSWING: Wide takeaway. Use lead shoulder to initiate turn. Keep arms wide. TRANSITION: Hand-path = down from P4-P6 7i Swings DTL: 75% Speed FO: Full Speed P1-P2 Nice hip bump, wide arms, nice shoulder turn. This is success. P4 Yesterday on left. New on right. Internal rotation of trail hip: Better, I think Looks to be more tension in trail hamstring. Good Trail
  5. Today’s Session 2-19-21 Goals: TAKEAWAY: 2” sway of hips followed by internal rotation of trail hip. Wide with arms BACKSWING: Wider and shorter TRANSITION (P4-P6): Hand-path = down 7i Swings I started a new job this week and haven’t really practiced since Monday. Today’s purpose was to get back in the grove in order to have better sessions over the weekend. Also was stuck on the top row, excuse the poor DTL angle. Goals 1/2: Takeaway and Backswing I found that I wasn’t turning my shoulders enough during takeaway. I was
  6. Jordan Spieth birdies his first hole, only 71 more to go!
  7. The play by play for Monday Night Football has ranged from seriously terrible to really flat the last few years. They could really use him. He just might be able to get that big fat payday he wants
  8. Today’s Session 2-15-21 Goals: TAKEAWAY: Bump hips 2”, then internal rotation of trail hip BACKSWING: Wider and shorter TRANSITION: Hand-path = down IMPACT: Less flip, more pivot 7i Swing. 80% Speed. Could not get hand-path success at higher speeds today I did a lot of stop drills (to help with impact) and pump drills today Hand-path Would prefer club to be less deep at P4 Hands are moving down at 80% speed Impact: Looks better than previous session will continue doing stop drills
  9. It seems like his swing is coming around since his little check with Butch Harmon. He’s doing his OTT rehearsals and has piped drives on tough holes. I think he is on his way back
  10. Yesterday’s Session 2-13-21 Goals: TAKEAWAY: Hips sway 2” then internal rotation of trail hip BACKSWING: Wide / shorter TRANSITION: handpath = down (priority piece) 7i Swings. Please excuse camera angle, upper deck has a bar that is right in the wrong place. Full speed swings this time! GOAL 1 & 2 Backswing stuff: The hips bump and flow is initiated (should they bump more?) Trail hip is working properly: Trail knee is facing FO camera. Good backswing width Goal 3: Downward Handpath from P4-P6
  11. Ya no kidding. I’m 100% on the Dr’s side.
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