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  1. Today’s session 1-21-20 GOALS: 1. Good backswing. (Wide takeaway without sway, vertical shoulder turn, vertical wrist hinge) 2. Transition. Keep rear end on imaginary start line, bow wrist, come from inside 3. Downswing. Swing in-to-out without shanking (goal 2). Work on shaft lean problem, if I can. i showed up 5 min after opening. Still got stuck on top floor. Can’t get good video from there. Had a really good session tho. Fixed the shanking problem. I go down and forward hard at transition. Easier to bow wrist and drop club down. I know I must go “up” to fix shaft lean. But I must go down first. Feeling is that I bend my knees and increase the bend at waist. I know this angle is bad, but its the best I could capture on top level. I have some more vids of the ball but not the top of swing. Can share if needed. Summary: 1.happy with backswing 2.happy with transition, must work on more wrist bowing. 3. Keep working on going “up”. Will be able to make more progress next time. It is impossible to work on this if P1-P5 take too much mental effort. I think I got some “swing coordination” back, excited for next session.
  2. Perfect club, hammer, medicus iron, stand on its own putter, square-strike, c3i wedge, and the all-in-one styling iron so I can have straight, feathered hair
  3. A lot of ppl on here use evolvr with success. I took lessons from @iacas for a year now with success. They have a system about how to practice and having one “priority piece” that you work on. Search through the member swings. Look at the guys who use evolvr. Their swings look pretty good IMO. You'll have one voice, giving you one thing to work on at a time
  4. Yes. I checked out her site. I’m guessing it’s not her thing
  5. One in a row! Thanks, will do. I’ll keep pushin
  6. Today’s session 1–17-20 I had to take some time off to heal from snowboarding. I don’t suck at it or anything, I must just be getting old. Everything hurt 😩. Goals: 1. Swing inside out. I keep swinging left 2. Go up through impact (forward shaft lean problem) 3. Stop shanking it. I drew some lines on my videos when I was bored. I noticed my butt was not maintaining the depth that it started at. I was gonna try to keep my butt against an imaginary chair or something. FIRST SWING after warm up. Nothing too good about this one. SECOND SWING I spent a good third of my session trying to keep my butt against an imaginary wall, and swing out. I thought this was not good. The takeaway was goofy on top of everything else. I came up with a new plan after this. 1.I tried to take the club away low and wide, then hinge my wrists vertically 2. I tried to bump hips and keep my chest closed to the target to stay deep in transition to swing out to the right. 3. Hit draws or hooks LAST SWING. I have a bunch from this part of session. They all look similar. The last half of session was all slow swings 50% at most. I could not obtain “success” at any faster speeds. 1. Not in love with the top of my backswing, not sure why it keeps laying off. 2. I focused a lot on bowing wrist throughout the downswing. More than I captured in this video. I did hit a lot of draws in this part of session. 3. I got the club to not tip out in this part of session. SUMMARY I feel a little lost, not sure where to start or what to focus on most. I’m kind of frustrated that I can’t simply swing out to the right like I’ve been able to for 6+ months. Next session should be Tuesday at the latest
  7. Yikes, I would think the best thing for P Reed to do is nothing. Also, I didn’t know journalists / analysts couldn’t have opinions. Does he need to preface his takes with-“In my opinion, Reed cheated”?
  8. Today’s Session 1-9-20 GOALS 1. Make sure backswing isn’t too flat 2. Swing in-to-out 3. Work on shaft lean problem FIRST SWING I kind of did what I wanted. I thought I came from the inside, but the call still faded. The more I tried to swing out to the right, it would shank. Even when I didn’t care about shaft lean. I dunno. 2. SECOND SWING I was able to capture something extra bad on this one. Even though the club stayed deep in transition- my wrist was still cupped and the club tipped way out. After seeing the club tip out, I tried to make sure I bowed my wrist in transition. I also tried to feel as if the clubhead is in the circle I drew there. LAST SWING In this swing, I basically did what I was trying to do. SUMMARY 1. I think my backswing looks really weird, but I don’t know what’s wrong with it. My guess is that I need more shoulder turn and steeper shoulder turn? 2. The more I tried to swing out, I would shank it...so that’s confusing. I had that nailed down for months and months. I’ve always been able to easily go back to that drill. 3. When I worked on the shaft lean part of my swing, I imagined a glass wall a few inches ahead of my lead shoulder, and tried not to break it. I can’t focus on this goal too much because everything else is not good. For what it’s worth, here’s a video of me practicing. I spent a lot of time doing these the past 2 days.
  9. 1-8-20 First Practice Session since the holidays. I have 3 months to engrain this, so here we go. GOALS: 1. Get back into the swing of things, get me feels 2. Vertical wrist hinge in backswing 3. Stay deep in transition, swing inside-out 4. Push up with lead side in downswing to get rid of crazy forward shaft lean. FIRST SWING AFTER WARM UP I wanted to make sure my backswing wasn’t too flat, and that I swung in-to-out. I spent 2/3 of my time and energy focusing on path. SECOND SWING 7i Low ball flight, came from inside sort of. Would prefer to swing more out. SUMMARY I wasn’t able to work too much on the shaft lean (1/3 of the balls). I was told that I must work come from inside first. The more I tried to push “up”, the more the path wanted to go left. I was only able to achieve shaft lean “success” at 30% speed, so I did a lot of that. I also hit some irons off a tall tee. Also, hit a lot of shanks which is very uncommon for me. No big deal, just a side note. I forgot to add that I thought my backswing looked a little short.
  10. That Founders looks good, I’ll check that out. i would not advise “Round of your life” on showtime. I could not make it through 20 minutes...I thought it was really bad.
  11. Lesson on 12-8-19 I came into the previous lesson about a month ago with a ton of forward shaft lean at impact. You can see what we tried in the previous posts. But I struggled with it/ didn’t do the unhinging right/ caused worse problems. So we went back to bowing the wrist and staying deep at P5. I worked on this a ton last year, so this shouldn’t be a problem. This is also how I like to swing. It’s not everyday the coach tells you to to swing how you want. I’ll take it! But as soon as I started doing this...all the forward shaft lean came back. Still this is more important, so I must do this first. Moving on to the fun part, fixing shaft lean. Basically I must explode up with my lead side: leg, hip, shoulder My lead shoulder wants to go too far forward and around, it must go up. It feels like it starts going up right after I bow my wrist in transition. For what it’s worth, it doesn’t feel like I’m leaning back at all through impact, just up.
  12. 12-06-19 GOALS: 1. Hinge wrists up in backswing 2. Lay club off in transition 3. Let out lag, hit solid shots FIRST SWING AFTER WARM UP LATER IN SESSION Goals 1&2 were ok. Goal 3 failed again. Hit a lot of fat shots. Hurt my wrist a tad, it’ll be fine by tomorrow. Can’t seem to find a way to put the club on the ball or let the lag out. On the bright side, I’m pretty comfortable shallowing the club. I didn’t think I’d be able to do it. But... I also thought that once I did, I’d pure it. Go figure I have a lesson this weekend which is good, I’m kind of stuck and I’m tired of hitting just terrible shots lol. SOS
  13. What are the other 2 things? Asking for a friend
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