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  1. I made that point not because of PGA golfers being penalized but for JR tournaments. I remember some messed up rulings my competitors were forced into, but we were kids so what do you do when adults say wrong stuff and disagree. I just remembered a couple of those situations and could totally see one of those type ppl saying “that was carried for you. penalty strokes!” And what is the JR golfer to do or say. In the end it’s not going to effect me, so I don’t care that much.
  2. If the parts are brought to you, they have been “carried” to you. They must reword the rule. So my friend retrieves parts (legally) and brings them to me. By the time he reaches me- he has carried them around the course. That breaks the rule in its wording. That’s why they must fix it. IF SOMEONE IS GOING TO ADD A CLUB DURING COMPETITION -I think you should have to declare exactly the club and specs before your first tee shot. I understand it is to stop ppl from building a club based on conditions/how the day is going. So “announce” the replacement, and who cares how it’s carried.
  3. Only time for a short session today. Couldn’t take practice swings and endless drills, but focus was good. Went well. Goals: -control the draw -Continue downswing body control (not getting closer to it) -stay deep in transition 1. 2. Backswing went across the line. Posting to keep tabs on this. This was my last swing. Club got too far inside on takeaway. Will monitor and fix immediately. Session went well. Hit many tight draws. I like the look of posture. Successful mini session Major notes for next session: 1. Must go 1cm more than hitch-hiker thumb to stay deep. The smallest amount let’s me stay deep in transition and hit good shots. 2. Swing thought in downswing “forward and up” stopped working. My head started going forward and causing badness. New thought is “stay tall” and “don’t get closer to ball” 3. Do your drills next time
  4. Today’s session. Tried to hit a few different clubs to get used to it. Hit a lot of hooks. Major focus: -continue last session (frwd and up) -backhand the ball through impact. Face on It took a few attempts to get this video between the tripod breaking and my phone running out of space. I think my wrists rolled a tad early. 9 Iron DTL Not a lot to see here, more of same. The recorded swing of a hook got corrupted. I wanted to share that. A lot of those. Too many hooks today, fiddled with weaker grip, was afraid I was flipping with it. Next time will try opening up clubface at address
  5. Thanks! Good to know that’s acceptable. I don’t quite know where the limits or “guide-rails” are to stay between. I have a clue, but not super clear. Posting new vids now. Feel free to just give a thumbs up if you like or agree with analysis. Jump in when you don’t like something. You’re busy and I don’t want to waste your time. Cuz I’m gonna be practicing a lot. I’ll leave it up to you when you think I’m ready for the next lessons going forward also.
  6. Best session so far. Goals: 1. Posture-arms hang, hitch hiker thumb 2. Keep depth in backswing and transition (im worried about maintaining depth with closer posture) 3. Downswing-go “forward and up” (with body). Stop getting closer to the ball throughout downswing. SWINGS 1. Proof of posture. This was a longer video due to not trimming out my “thumb test”. 2. Stayed taller in downswing Stayed tall in the downswing. Need to stay deeper in transition to not hook. 3. Face on I hit a better shot this time...lol SUMMARY 1. Improved posture was a success. Some shanks, must not get closer during downswing. Must fix fast. Must not shank. 2. Depth in transition must improve-more on that below. 3. Staying tall(Er) in the downswing allowed my contact to improve instantly. I’m still not doing it well enough-but a good start. CONCLUSION: I feel as if my hands/wrists are bowing very well in the downswing. My misses are hooks. I am encouraged by this because with my wrists bowing-I must swing in-to-out to not hook it. I am being forced to stay deep in transition and swing out. This is good for me right now. With the weather starting to turn, my practice sessions will be more frequent. The next 3 weeks are massive before the season starts. Changes must be cemented now.
  7. Yes, you were right-once again! Ok, thank you. That’s something I would have never figured out. I get too far away when I get worried about not being deep enough. (Constant worry about going back to where I started) I will focus on (correct) setup and downswing like you said, as well as not forgetting my last lesson.
  8. Today’s session as instructed by @iacas. Have a pretend round...did not go well. I think I got a vid of every type of issue I’ve been having. I’m saving these to go back to when they pop up again. THE FAT SHOT. This is currently most occuring problem. THE SIDE BEND. This seems to happen when I try too hard to stay deep in transition. I feel like I have to swing up on the ball. NORMAL SHOT FACE ON. Might be the worst shot I’ve ever hit lol, went like 50 yards and way right. Oh well, will read through my lessons and do my drills. Just gotta keep goin
  9. Ya but I checked out your first swings compared to your current...and your swing is💰💰💰. Your handicap has to be low now
  10. I mountain biked the C&O canal in 3 days (200 miles) on 2 different occasions. Biggest feat came the second time. It was late June and it decided to be 45 degrees and poured down rain. All we had were shorts and a t shirt on...had to make it 70 miles to the pick up point. We pushed ourselves to the limit that day. Everyone made it.
  11. Maybe I misunderstood...when I just go and play, a lot of these exaggerations will kind of disappear?
  12. My shots are tight draws, club is often bottoming out too soon. I dont mean this in a negative way or am I complaining-so dont take it that way. I couldn't have made any of this progress without the coaching-as proven by 7 months of failing before I found this site. But I think these drills have become my real swing. These are very very close to my real swing...just with the focus of not flipping at all and stopping at shoulder height. At minimum, the shaft lean is currently in my real swing. This is a good problem anyway. Doing less of the change is always easier than needing to do more of it. On the bright side, I am implementing the changes you want! (I think) Are we getting to a point in time where you show me how to really swing and hit shots....or am I not quite there yet?
  13. I'm thinking about getting fitted for a new driver as well. How much money should I expect the whole thing to cost...I was thinking 600-800?
  14. Either Geoff Ogilvy or Phil would be my personal preference. And as much as I hate to say it, I feel like Bones doesn’t add very much to the broadcast. Everything he says seems very obvious.
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