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  1. Ok that’s good to know; hopefully I get it soon. thanks for the extra help with this move. It’s has been rough.
  2. Ya, I do more work at home than I do at the range. Only because I’m home more than I’m at the range. I think my slow motions are wrong this time. In my practice video, my pre-swing drill didn’t even look right. Let alone the actual drill. That does make me feel better though. I thought this was an easy move I should be getting quickly.
  3. Yesterday’s session 5-22-19 GOALS: 1. Get “leaning tower” move right for once. Priority 2. Fix backswing that was way inside. I stood farther from ball (felt like I need space) and swing on shoulder plane. DTL DRILL Happier that the downswing wasn’t above the backswing plane. A little deep, but whatever. Wasn’t main concern. FO DRILL This was slightly better (leaning tower) than before I think. Still not success, which sucks. HOW IM PRACTICING Ive been doing this before I hit (During practice) It was another frustrating session. I left the session early because I became frustrated/ unfocused. Since I couldn’t practice correctly, I left. Later on in my mirror work at home, I may have had a breakthrough. I felt as if my lower body did nothing, and my head/upper body tipped or leaned. It seemed to look better. I will try that next time.
  4. Thanks, that’s nice to say. I’ve been working on it for a while. Although I’m currently having trouble implementing a new move. And I always fight the urge to whip the club back way inside and flat and then come over the top. I work everyday on my backswing shoulder turn so my arms can come along for the ride when I turn away. If I manage to get too far the other way, it’s easy for me to correct.
  5. Ok thanks, that’s good info. I’ll keep workin’
  6. it may have been an alignment issue where i tricked the machine...my aim was off when is I started my session today...my path doesn't look that "out" in my videos, although driver duck-hooks are awful right now. More importantly, did you notice if my practice swings were success or not quite? I do not know. Change the picture is a motto around here, and I didnt really see a change...sadly The struggle is real with this move. I am grinding on it like crazy though. No hurry on the answer, I know you're busy.
  7. Today's session. DTL drill real speed. Having more and more success making solid contact. The feel that changed everything (besides posting up) was doing "the windmill" with my arms extended like a bird while in posture. That upper body feeling throughout the downswing helped. DTL Swing Doing a better job with the "leaning tower of pisa" move. But, it looks like the backswing is too flat, causing over the top. The downswing is above the downswing plane. I'm gonna work on that. FO DRILL/SWING I Think I am doing better with the "leaning tower" move and hitting the ball better. Below are 2 screen shots of failure vs today. The top is from today So i really felt like today's swings were successes...but it doesnt look like the picture has changed too much. It looks like my back is more visible in today's picture, so that means I fell into my left side better? Basically, I'm not sure if I had success or not. I think I did succeed at like a B to C+ grade.
  8. Haven’t been able to practice at a range in a week due to being busy and playing 4 days a week. Doing a lot of slow practicing at home. I consider that fake practice tho. Doing an “ok job” of doing the leaning tower move while I play. I should get a range session in today. I got a 3 hybrid yesterday (need for 4 shots at new course). The shot tracker thing said my path was btwn 7-11 degrees in to out. @iacas What is too much?
  9. Tiger will be fine, so I’m not worried. He’s got all the money and lawyers to protect him. It’s just annoying for him to be dragged through the mud...again. This prob wasn’t his fault at all. And of course they destroyed the tapes-prob that very night. If he owns the tapes showing guilt. Should he destroy them, or give them to the police? Laughable. You hear of police departments’ tapes getting “corrupted” all the time. It’s not “team tigers” job to prove guilt, that burden falls on the prosecution.
  10. Practice session doing “leaning tower” I hit the ball very very poorly for the first half. Low hooks or low slices. Feeling: tried to attach my trail elbow to my trail hip after transition-then turn through. (While staying tall-ish) Got some better strikes. Looked like my head could stay a little more centered going back, but I’ll worry about that later.
  11. Ok thanks! Of course I remember the leaning tower, it’s what I’ve been failing at doing. I will try it again, hopefully with some success. This pertains to when I couldn’t hit the ball: I think the arms are my problem in transition. I’m able to hit my draw by dropping arms to stay deep, and bowing (prob aided by my nasty “throwing hip out early” move). With leaning tower, I feel like I don’t have any space to stay deep and I cut across it. Do you have any suggestions for what my arms should do? Should i try what rose did in that video (arms down) or keep my shoulders very closed as I fall left? I’ll try those two things first if I start hitting it really badly. You can wait til my next vids to answer. For all I know that wasn’t even my problem. I’ll be working hard at the leaning tower in the meantime. Thanks again for the input.
  12. Thanks for the advice. As usual I followed instruction. Got some good and bad swings. Not sure what to do or focus on next time. I don’t really know what’s good or bad body wise in FO (besides the lesson pics) 1. BAD 9i PUNCH DTL 2. GOOD 6i PUNCH DTL 3. 6i PUNCH FO 4. 6i FULL SWING FO It seemed like this session was meant to move athletically. Since, I had some left over balls at the end, I tried to hit good, hard 5i as far as I could. I couldn’t quite get it to the 200 yard sign.
  13. Thanks for getting back to me. It’s not what I see, I can’t hit the ball-massive problems. I feel out in front of it and yank it low left or hit a skanky fade... Which is crazy because impact felt great during the lesson. Biggest issue is I completely lose my nice draw, and I can’t find the clubface. It’s embarrassing how bad I hit it when I try the move In game or practice. My transition move is very different with the leaning tower than it’s been. It feels blocked from the “drop and bow”-glove logo pointing to the camera, but we did let it be different and steeper in lesson. When I tried for less shaft lean, I got flippy and it felt very wrong-like not what we’ve been working towards impact wise. I was thinking really hard trying to remember small details from the lesson today and I had a couple thoughts. im not looking down the target line post impact like you had me do. I’m gonna try that next, and I was thinking about the alligator arm thing you did, so I’m gonna try to stay taller using that image to see if I can get something to click. in the short meantime, I just swung like I’ve been swinging and played well today. But the point is to get as good as I can, and I’ll just be inconsistent if I keep that super stretched thing going forever. I don’t play again til tues, so I have some days to get it straight if I can figure it out
  14. Having a really bad time with this move. Having less shaft lean helped not drive the ball straight into the ground at least. With every rep of leaning tower of Pisa, I think I’m getting worse. I’m not sure if this is a “pianist slowly playing the song” type of thing either. I think I need a work around or a different type of move to accomplish the goal of not getting all stretched out with reverse axis tilt. I can’t move into the slot like I have been so far in our process. I also just can’t swing out to the right while my body goes left. It’s terrible how bad I am at this move. I’m really going slow and practicing right. I’m seriously dedicated to getting better the right way, so if I have to find a way to hit like this to improve-I’ll keep trying. Drill: Swing: At the end I started trying to move my arms like I did all winter and started to hit the ball well again. I focused on keeping my head just still. Not getting to much axis tilt backward or leaning tower forward- but just “swinging around my spine/head”. My leg seemed to post up without the feeling of locking and unlocking 3 times. Maybe the drills took? I got one swing in the dark of it: Please help lol.
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