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  1. Agree 100% Was Sweden right to strive for mass immunity? Original focus was “flatten the curve” to ensure any sick person (covid or otherwise) had care. At this point in USA, every sick person has care. The biggest issue I see going forward is there is no clear goal or “acceptable range of Covid cases”. ——if three Dallas Cowboys get it during practice, what does that mean? Is that terrible, or is it to be expected? My major point is there is not a definitive measuring stick on what is good, what is bad, what is average. When do we shut down? Reporters can take what has happened, and tell you why it was not an issue or why it is a disaster. I really want a measuring stick before things happen. I fear for damning reports coming out after positive tests start popping up.
  2. I agree with almost everything you said except the bit about patience. He may not have patience for something to become a proven fact, but in his defense - he does not have time to wait years. His career is now. Also, I don’t know how long his body will hold up. I watched the Cuomo episode with BD and his physio- they say his body will hold up. I’m not convinced- but I have recency bias with Tigers back. Did you see that episode? Do you think the physio is right and BD won’t get hurt because of this?
  3. I’m not an expert on scoring. But after reading that, it seems you just have to get rid of the horrifying shots. Your swing looks good to my amateur eyes. Trust your swing, trust your “shot pattern” (I forget the term in LSW). Maybe work on your shot pattern in practice to entrain trust? The awful course my group is playing at this year has a lot of internal OB. I just aim to a good spot and trust my shot pattern. I have done a good job not “steering” this year. My overall striking has improved Definitely listen to the experts over me, but that’s my 2 cents!
  4. Today’s Session 6-17-20 Have been playing a lot, playing well. I spent my free time practicing my putting instead of full swing until I got it under control. It was BAD! lol Putting much better now. I got a little longer putter and got my head in a better spot for me. I can aim better while feeling like I am aimed correctly. This is an old putting photo. But I got my head more behind the ball (direction of arrow). Can see my line much better. Have not hit balls on range sine 6-4-20. Swing started to deteriorate, duck hooks. Not awful, but it was “deteriorating” Swings 6i SETUP My setup has felt bad- squatty or frumpy. I tried bending my knees a tad more. My hands feel too far ahead at setup. When I try to lean the shaft less-club feels bad, swing feels worse. P4 My shoulder tilts also got flat . It was worse earlier in session. I’m driving myself crazy with this problem. I will continue mapping the shoulder tilts in the mirror.
  5. 6-10-20 Putting My putting has been extra bad lately. I’m having a lot of trouble making even 1.5 foot putts Seeing my line has always been the most important to me. I can’t see my line when I stand over the ball lately. Worked with my mirror on alignment. Found that my shoulders were too open. Felt a little better with square shoulders. Videos:
  6. Today’s Session 5-31-20 GOALS: Setup Steep shoulder turn Flow 7i DTL 6i FO Goal 1, Setup I was bending too much at setup. The line from armpits, knees, shoe laces was not close. Last session. Blue line Today. Red line Knees could be bent more I guess. Not sure. I’m trying anything to get my shoulders to pitch right. Goal 2, steeper shoulder turn My shoulders still steepen at the start of the downswing because they are not steep enough in the backswing. Goal 3, Flow. This is actually my current priority piece even though I’m obsessing over shoulder pitch. P2 My trail leg is quite vertical. This is total success. I seemed to set up in almost this position (by accident), then the “trigger move” moved me into a more normal looking set up position. Either way, the trail femur is vertical at P2. P4.5 My upper and lower body is “stacked” here. This is also total success. Pretty happy with the “flow”.
  7. Wednesday 5-27-20 Goals: Steep shoulder turn Work on “flow” Hit ball well 7i Swings I put ball farther forward to help me move forward on it. Video with more normal ball placement doesn’t show ball. Goal 1. Steep shoulder turn Not quite steep enough going back. From frame to frame, my shoulders steepen just a tad. This slightly steepens the shaft. Goal 2 Flow Happy with getting into trail hip. Doing ok. Will continue to try to move forward earlier. Im starting to control the ball better on the course. Draw is calming down. Misses are hanging more to the right, which is better (for me) I think. Big hooks are scary, they go OB. Also, driver is going really far for me. Will continue to work on steeper shoulder turn. For next time: The idea or feel is to have steep shoulders to P2, then rise the arms as I fall toward target.
  8. Thanks for getting back to me. I wanted to take a day to think about it. Irons are currently less accurate from any distance. But I am learning to play with big changes. aiming a tad right: I tended to aim right and hit across myself since I was a kid...super scared about getting into that again. I have major fear of that problem. Im also missing right too much also. Pushes and over draws. I’ll try the open face thing to reduce curve -I think that’s the biggest problem. A straight ball misses the green to the right.
  9. Today’s Session 5-19-20 Long post, sorry in advance. Major playing complaint is not good enough iron precision. My irons got so good last year, and I have a ton of power now (7 iron going as high as PW and 180+) that is very far for me. ..but control is lacking. (To be fair, the driver sucked last year, so it’s not a sky is falling statement) I did have awesome iron control last year though. I want it back so bad. i also don’t know how to play the draw yet. Do I aim right of target? Do I aim at target and let it push out and come back? Should it never miss left? I’m trying to figure it out. These are not complaints or anything like that, just my main problems right now. Goals: Backswing- steep shoulder turn. I’m trying really hard to get this figured out. I’m really unhappy with my backswing. Flow- get into trail hip, flow forward Downswing- continue sidebend / right shoulder low feeling. Hitting ball much better since I started this. 7i Swings Steeper backswing: Trying to get lead shoulder to move in direction of arrow. Down and back should help get shoulders to pitch steeper. It looks like I succeeded in turning 90 degrees to here. But my head moves toward the ball a lot. Im so afraid of turning flat, I understand how it could happen Even with the head movement, I think this is the steepest shoulder turn I’ve made in a while. FLOW I got into my trail hip well. I did not start moving toward target for too long. Will emphasize more next time. Must get shoulders turning correctly first. @iacas do you have any thoughts on my arm /shoulder planes? My arms keep getting higher and higher, should I care? Will my irons get more accurate again if the planes match?
  10. I was excited for it, I enjoyed watching them play/swing. I watched it and was kind of bored. I just don’t like watching pro’s play any type of best ball game. I like when one ball is in play. Alternate shot is fun for me to watch. I understand that it was supposed to be an easy, fun day for everyone. I just can never get really into that format.
  11. 86, 76 this weekend. Haven’t learned to play/ control the draw yet. Putter was extra bad during the 76. Could not make a tap in without maximum focus, but I got it done and won the money.
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