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  1. I wanted Brooks to win. I’ll never see someone win 3 in a row in my lifetime. What a chip by Woodland on 17, from the green no less. He deserves it...but damn. I wanted 3 in a row.
  2. He rubs my small golf watching group the wrong way too. We call him “old pinch face” We have fun complaining about him in majors and normally root for someone else
  3. Sweet, nice drive dude 🤑
  4. Hey, one in a row! I’m (hopefully) starting to get it. Lets see how I progress the next two weeks
  5. Today’s session: More leaning tower DTL DRILL FO DRILL FO SLOW SWING (50%) LAST SWING TO SEE WHERE IM AT/HOW THINGS ARE BEING ENGRAINED Even though I flipped my wrists there. I think the leaning tower at full speed made tiny progress. Yesterday on top/today on the bottom. If/once I get passed this move, I hope the next ones aren’t so hard lol.
  6. Well that’s good news, I’ll work on just leaning tower tomorrow. Fades are ‘eeking’ back into my game. Afraid of reverting back to outside in.
  7. Haven’t been able to practice for real since Thursday. So 5 days. Obviously doing swings around the house and outside, but it doesn’t stick unless I hit balls correctly. Bad session. FIRST SWING Was very unhappy the downswing was steeper than the backswing. Unfortunately, I think it gets worse from here. SECOND SWING Really tried to fix path and hit a draw. Can’t revert to outside in. THIRD SWING Face on No leaning tower to see. Failure. Then my phone died during the face on drill swing. Double fail. Will try tomorrow. Basically when I do leaning tower, I can’t get the club on plane. When I get the club on plane, I go wild with my hips and hit fat shots. Totally demoralizing
  8. I’m asking cuz this might be similar to my priority piece...but what’s the deal with the hip box? I can’t see much difference, or are the boxes supposed to be on top of each other? Actually, just tell me what the boxes show lol. (When you have time of course) thanks
  9. Today’s session, more leaning tower drills. Have been hitting the ball very well. All draws, no fades. Made sure to stay deep and come from inside when I played. Didn’t throw my hips like crazy either, didn’t feel like it anyways. Driver is money. Wedges are trash. DTL DRILL backswing can look funny when I do the drill, not an issue. FACE ON DRILL Still not good enough as usual. I’m trying tho. FACE ON SWING Pretty indicative of where I’m at as far as leaning tower goes while hitting a real shot. 3/4 WEDGE 85 yard shot These are giving me problems. I feel like I don’t have the time to do my moves on shorter swings. I must get better to score in the short term...which oddly isn’t my top priority. And of all clubs, I don’t draw the little wedge shot, go figure. I blade em when I try to really come from inside during play.
  10. You remind me of an author whose book got turned into a Hollywood movie. 😜
  11. I have a bushnell watch that I got as a gift. I dont like playing in a watch, so I either leave it in the cart or use my phone. I like the app I use. It's called golf pad. My phone will last 18 holes. I also have little charging sticks that I can use to keep my phone charged on big courses and trips. I like the app tho...golf pad.
  12. Its the curse of Chief Leatherlips. After Jack built the driving range on his grave, he was told his tournament would be cursed with 30 years of bad weather.
  13. That’s good info, forearms and right palm were 2 things I never thought about. Should help with feels. Ill be sure to work on that and -at minimum- correct the path before I play again.
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