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  1. Estimated total cost not including travel and food? Can be a wide range
  2. Today’s Session 10-17-20 First session after lesson is always the worst / hardest. I worked on 3 parts: Trail leg/ hip Shorter backswing Head/ neck not twisting every which way I was diligent with my session and switched what I was working on every 10-20 balls Swings: 1. Wide backswing with a little thought on legs for the 2 vids below 2. Steady head with a little thought on legs 3. Legs The session was not overly successful. It is quite hard to identify success in the lower body. I need to buy a shin pad or something for my knee so I can tell where it is facing during the swing. I was getting the club more outside and steep on takeaway than this. I must stay wider. I started hitting a lot of shanks and slices. I need to be careful not to make that a pattern, there was not enough mental energy to Bow wrist in downswing. Hopefully better tomorrow
  3. Lesson 10-14-20 3 main parts Trail leg / hip Backswing length Head turn 1. Trail leg/ hip PROBLEM: I was over rotating my trail hip/leg by a lot. I created no resistance (feeling) and kept turning. Make trail foot square (not flared out) Trail knee faces target more during backswing (FO) Trail knee feels like it turns inwards (toward target) as I turn my shoulders away. This is a little easy to “fake” so I must: feel tension in trail groin and could feel tension above trail hip. Turn upper body away during backswing -no “lifting” the club (feeling) 2. Backswing Length (too long) Vertical line = farthest point the club handle travelled from the target Horizontal line = how far the handle moved back towards the target during the backswing. The feel- do not let club move toward target in backswing. Only take club away from target, then backswing is over. (Feels like Finau swing) The first part of the lesson helps with this a lot. I feel very loaded and the backswing feels like it should end here. Also, the shoulder tilt looks great, very happy with this. 3. Head and neck tilt/turn/kink Keep right eye below left eye during takeaway. I must not watch the club go back. Keep eyes in front of ball. Summary / notes: This lesson went really well, all 3 things work well with each other. I think I can really get my backswing in order with this. I didn’t want to get a lesson mid- season and have to work through new things...I should’ve gotten this lesson earlier. -Make sure to hit ball hard on downswing -Bow wrist and swing to first base during downswing
  4. Ya, I hit the ball better the first day to be honest. my lag putts weren’t bad. my 3 footers came off dead left on day one. Wasn’t overly nervous, kept my head down and stroked up my line like I did all summer- day 1 was just awful with short putts. This site (@iacas) has helped me a ton with my ball striking so much over the last few years. I almost can’t wait to shut it down and start working on my swing again for next year
  5. Talked about our little club championship in the last post. Finished 6th (11 golfers were good enough to win) -82 (7 3putts) -71 (bounces went my way) i tried my best on every shot. Did not embarrass myself
  6. No, that problem has largely vanished. Can still rear it’s head on courses I don’t really know yet (looking in wrong spot) However, the article you attached made better arguments than my actual arguments
  7. Call me a cicada, cuz I’m gonna climb up a tree and scream! I want my 5 minutes!!! I don’t have spotters I don’t have practice rounds or caddies to help I don’t even lose many balls anymore 5 min side won 20-14, is that a lot based on a survey of 36. Is that enough of a sample size? (I’m not overly serious as I hit the ball much better than before. I do however have a problem with my ball disappearing right off the fairway)
  8. You are in good company 😛. Take it as a good omen
  9. I haven’t been able to have many structured sessions the last 30 days. (Moved into a new house 30 days ago and getting married in a few days.) I have been able to play a bit and swing into my net enough to hold off getting rusty. I think I have made a lot of progress and I’m really excited to share my swing with you guys. Beginning Monday, I will be grinding my ass off for our little club championship on Sat / Sun (Oct 10-11) There are a handful of low handicaps, but I think I have a realistic chance to be “in it”.
  10. Today’s Session 9-9-20 Goals: Steep shoulders I think I achieved success again since my only goal is steep shoulders. Sadly, I’m hitting the ball like crap when I attempt steep shoulders- don’t know why yet. I will keep trying
  11. Nooooooo! I am sad. Maybe he should’ve had the knee surgery last fall....I hope he gets his body right again
  12. A point based system? What the heck. I thought the players voted on this?! No me gusta
  13. I only focus on what I can control. When I feel the nerves coming on, I repeat a mantra to myself over and over. It can be up to 50 times if it’s not my turn for a while Head down, down the line Head down, down the line etc. (down the line means to roll the ball down my imaginary target line.) Anyway, at this point I’m focused only on doing an action- both help me hit a good putt
  14. Could you imagine winning the FedEx Cup / Tournament of Champions and losing the #1 Word Ranking? That would be terrible for the FedEx Cup imo. I don’t think FedEx would be very happy about that
  15. Someone else got credit for it in a book I’m currently listening to. FWIW
  16. First practice session after a lay-off from the normal, structured range sessions. (Got a house) Ive been playing just enough to stay in some type of form. I was diligent this session and could only do “slowish backswings” to achieve what I think is success. Goals: Steep shoulders My level of understanding with my shoulder steepness is lower than other parts of my swing. Weird for something so simple. In any case “I think” this was success. My shoulders did not re-route and become steeper during P4. So I think they were steep enough.
  17. I have 0 control of the neck thing (I did not do it on purpose). It does not happen when I have arms crossed across chest. Only when arms are involved. I think something is happening in takeaway to block me. I have been doing slow swings on a lot of balls, that’s why I’m so confused. I will continue tho at slower speeds. There’s no better way anyways.
  18. Did the drill, then what it “feels like” when I try to swing
  19. Today’s Session 8-17-20 Ive been practicing getting my shoulders steep, but haven’t had any success so I haven’t posted. 8i Swings Im trying everything I know how to get them steep. I’m trying to left bend hard, but my neck just twists early. I feel like I’m blocking myself someway but I can’t figure it out. Sometimes I can get really steep, but there is no width, and I just tomahawk from the top. In the meantime I’m slicing 9 irons pretty bad. I got myself into a terrible little pattern here. Ill keep mapping in the mirror, maybe I can get a breakthrough.
  20. I understand the dimension part. The steep shoulders part Do you mean that the shoulders must be steep by the time I get to P4? Or do you mean something else? I’m understanding it as- “make sure shoulders are steeper in backswing (takeaway is not the problem)” I’m not trying to be a pain, just making sure I understand the concept so I can practice correctly
  21. This is what I was trying to say the entire time
  22. He also has sponsors. He is paid to represent their product. Since his pay is not 100% based off of his golf scores, I would argue he has at least 2 jobs- Golfer and Brand Representative. My only thought is that reporters are writing articles telling him to cut it out and I bet he tones it down a lot. My comment “it doesn’t happen again” was taken in its most literal form. Im going with, tones down using the f word into hot mic’s. I will quantify by saying less than 3 times the rest of the year. Again, I don’t care that he says it. I just think he will not do it as much in the future due to the heat he is catching from sports writers
  23. I voted yes, although it doesn’t bother me. IMO it is his job. I do not yell “f***” during work meetings or conference calls, or when patients can hear me. Its his job, and it’s not a good look. He’s a good dude, and he’s getting some flack for it. I bet it doesn’t happen again.
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