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  1. did mizzies start using the new revolutionary metal Zolex ... a metal only half the weight of Titanium, this year?
  2. i dont know where the HELL your shopping in LA but 58s and ap2s are $999 at damn near every golf store... i hope your not shopping at your course clubhouse.
  3. swinging out to in = slice and turning the 460 head to L is going to do nothing except cause a snap hook when he hits it right. or make his slice go 40 yds right instead of 60.
  4. the fitting system works wonders for people who dont want to stick with run of the mill TTDG shafts. The best part of the whole thing is that it will kick back 3-5 different shafts, and almost always one frequency of the project x shafts. The numbers it kicks back are: Swing Tempo- lower the number the slower your transition from top of backswing to beginning of downswing Toe Down- The amount of flex your putting on the shaft from downswing to "turning it over". Kick Factor - the "turning over" process of the shaft Release Factor - extension based on this, the program kicks back cer
  5. the srixons are a STEAL right now... pretty sure i just saw them for 300 at golfsmith..
  6. biggest breakthrough: picturing freddy couples swing when i have driver in hand. i used to have a really bad tendency to slice the ball and/or power fade it. the way freddy takes his backswing and then drops his shoulder to create the inside to outside swing path really helped me and it was my breakthrough moment, gave me a draw shot shape. then lessons fixed the short game.
  7. you can get em online but you pay an assload in s&h.; im saying its a shame they wont be sold retail in the states at all. japan always gets the good stuff.
  8. perfect practice makes perfect. i hovered at 12.0 for almost 6months before i buckled down and said to myself ill be single digits by the end of summer. i made sure to get at the very least 3 rounds of golf in each week (even if it was a par 3 course), with the other 2 days spending about 1-2 hours on the range, and 2 days of 2hrs of putting, chipping, pitching, and sand. biggest mistake i used to make was hitting the range up and going through every club in my bag not paying attention to where i was hitting just trying to make solid contact. now i focus on one area of my bag each time i g
  9. 2 ways to go... get them cut down and change the swing weight. the cheaper way to go. get fitted and put new shafts in. more expensive but you keep the swingweight close to factory. good shafts that dont break the bank: FST Pro 115 - about 9$ each True temper, S300 - about 14$ each more expensive shafts: Royal Precision Project X - 30$ each FST KBS Tour - 30$ each
  10. got word today theyre being pushed back one month. that word came from a titleist rep...
  11. its a shame the forged burners are going to be japan only, same with the r9 max. guess ill have to get my buddy stationed at misawa to get em for me.
  12. i drove paddy and his wife to the airport at the close of the Northern Trust Open, and what an amazing person to talk to. thank god for traffic in los angeles and around lax. the only other player i was able to talk to on a personal level (and met his family) was mark wilson. although i was able to be in the car when Haas fired his caddy... haha
  13. macgregor and adams adams just needs to shake that "this is the club your grandfather plays" thing they have going on. macgregor, well, since norman quit playing them a few years back they havent had the marketing to stay afloat and sold patents to golfsmith. theyre still great irons, bought my brother in law a set of pro-cm's and theyre actually really nice. forged clubs for 400, that actually play great, yes please. shame they sold to golfsmith.
  14. ping redwood series, 50$ less than scotty's, and you dont turn into a pompous arrogant jackass that drinks stella artois. (yeah you scotty users, that was for you) pings redwood series is WAY more customizable than the scottys, you can get it made for you, and not just have to settle for what scotty cameron sends out of his now mass produced shop.
  15. i love topics like these... its a prime place to say: just because its the ball on tour, doesnt mean you should play it. get a ball that you can compress with your swings. TP red/black and pro v1/x are great balls and picking which is better is like comparing an apple to an orange, its preference. but at your level of play, it doesnt matter. stick with a nice low compression ball: taylormade burner titleist dt line pinnacle fx long topflite gamer maxfli noodle are going to be your best balls. if you really WANT to spend 40+ bucks for a "tour quality" ball i suggest the b330-rx.
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