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  1. Hey dennyjones - how do I add my game golf link to the sidebar like yours? Thanks! John
  2. Hello All, I am a native Texan and Army veteran who retired from computer engineering last year. I have been playing golf since 1990 when I took it up as a Physical Education credit requirement while pursuing my BSEE at Lamar U. in Beaumont. Took a 5 year golf break from 2008-2013 when I got frustrated by lack of progress and foot pain. When offered a free round I took it up again for the pure joy of it. Last year I joined the Austin Golf Association to play in their competitive tournaments. On my first tournament round at Jimmy Clay I broke 100 for the first time in 10 years with a 95. And that was with scoring triple, triple on the first two holes! I am hooked on competitive golf and play one tournament a month and my average tournament score is lower than my average home course score. My handicap went from 31.2 to 24.6 in the last 11 months so I'm getting better too. Last month I broke my collarbone in a bicycle accident which knocked me out of golf and my woodworking jobs. I can't play for at least eight weeks so I decided to get writing and what better topic to write about than golf. I have written some 15 blogs about my learnings about golf. I look forward to expanding my golfing horizons by adding new folks to play golf with. If you're in the Austin area and like to play golf with new folks in the area, give me a ping! Regards, John G Cedar Park (Austin) Texas
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