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  1. The 240 par 4 l, is just one hole 9n my local course that i can garentee a par, just used it as an example. Jeremie boop, completely agree, being a novice i have and had people all the time saying head down, blah blah blah and all the rest of it, and now ive ignored them for the last 6 months because your right they dont know better. The main point im trting to make is pra tise with your irons, get them down, absolutely nail them, just yourself to hit a straight shot and learn your distance, and then course management, ppay to your strengths dont leave yourself silly little chip shots if your not good at them, im not im terrible, from 20 yards to 70 from the green i suck, so i make sure my ball never lands in that range, i swear to god, if u can do that and uve practised enough so that every time u stand over the ball your confident in yourself, your scores will drop, for god sake ive been playing a year and im 12 hc. And just for a little more info, my bad shot is a thin, maybe 1/20 but it gets the ball down there and never happens with a wedge which is critical. And 70'ssano i agree people 9n here are serious about golf hench being on here.. also a golf pro is not a doctor nor a surgeon, if u have injury of course its going to affect your swing. And in that case your be so hard on yourself for being a high scorer. And jonma1, your game is bad by ur own admission, and ur telling a single handicapper they're wrong? Do you not see the flaw in your logic? A beginner guitarist does not tell brian may his technique or advice is wrong, simply because you think you know better, when quite clearly, you dont. Yeah sorry should of add the one im talking about has a stream running across the front, and stream on the back
  2. After writing my comment ive noticed alot of 100 shooters are the ones telling a single handicapper hes wrong, may i ask how many of you put practise on the range, in my first year ive practised on a wednesday evening on the range then a game on the weekend. If your just playing on a weekend and your shooting 100, how the hell do u expect to get better?? Your practise is basically, driver - 7i -- putter - putter, 5i - pw - putter - putter, driver - 8i - sw chip - putter - putter, how the hell do you expect to get consistent with any of your clubs?!?!?!?!?!
  3. As a player whos only been playing 1 year managed to get down to 12 handicap, ill say a couple of things. 1. Practise, obviously, learn to hit your irons, and learn your distances with your irons and wedges. 2. Once uve done the first, play to the clubs your good with, say im good with lw with i can hit 90 yards on a full swing(60°) then all u have to do is get you ball 90-100 yards, which you can do with with point 3. 3. Course management, think about what your going to do before you tee off. 240 yard down hill par 4, 8 iron - lw - 2 putt. For me just by doin these 3 things, took my score just below 80, consistently, worked for me may not work others, but my best now is 6 pars, everything else bogeys, and thats due to just bad strikes, for me, more practise and nailing the shot everytime and i know ill become a single handicapper within a year, just gotta keep practising. And putting gotta get better with my putting
  4. Hi back again, quick update, got doen the course yesterday as soon as it opened and was pretty empty so had loads of chance to test both drivers against eachother on the driveable holes. On a couple of the holes knocking out 6 balls 3 on each, dont worry one behind so not concerned about slow play, picked all my balls up apart from the one that went furthest (sort of cheating i know, scores not going towards my handicap although did get a personal best of 77 although again not counting it). The fg tour did as expected low ball flight (although consistant) and sort of landed 100-140 and ran out the rest of the way which wasnt much did to the rain we had friday and me playing early before the cloud cover went. The idrive on the other hand, nice ball flight, at first some quite hard draws, certainly not hooks but alot more draw then you would like, by the back nine was getting the flight i wanted out of it but perhaps my distance had dropped off alittle bit from when i had previously used it (maybe 20 yards) but more or less happy. Ive put the fg tour up on ebay if anyone would like to take a look, its the one with 2 shafts obviously. Goatee you are a legend. Im glad ive had the chance to communicate with you, you have been very helpful. As for the Ping G400 that is a very sexy club and probably my favourite of the drivers released in the last year, however and big however. That club is considerably out of my price range, i am on goodish money with a good job im happy with, although with a 15 month old baby sometimes its hard to justify to my missus playing golf let alone spending £350 on 1 club, especially when i just bought brand new f6 irons 5- sw and a md3 gap and lob wedge hahaha she would NOT understand hahahaha. However, however, however, a couple of guys who i used to work with but have never play golf with have suggested the same thing you said about the ping about cobra driver imparticular the f6, f7 is also sexy not 100% on the f8 though. Again fitting is obviously the key here but from your experience and what you kmow of clubs would you agree? Very hittable clubs for the wider market? Anyway ill see what i get for the wilson, add some money to it, and then get fitted and shopping around, if the ping is best suited to me then im just gonna have to hide in my car so my partner doesnt find out and pretend to take that scabby old idrive out with me everytime lol Again thanks for everyones help, ive learned alot and im sure ill be back soon to pick your brains some more before i even consider wasting some money.
  5. Again thanks guys, im getting the general concensus. Ive woken up early enough to attack my idrive with a marker pen and get to the my local as and when it opens, gonna play by myself and take both drivers. Results will follow. ( i know range would be a better a more definitive answer but what the hell). 2 more things Im gonna leave it awhile before selling the fg f5 (if todays results are assumed terrible) and will certainly get fit for the next driver, and you guys have pointed out its my only way to garrentee not wasting money. Secondly i have a 3 wood wilson staff df6 with ust mamiya v2 shaft reg, (piz and goatee looking at you guys here) 3.5 torque,7.0 mid stiffness blah blah, off a tee - lovely, off the deck - scuttles along the floor im again assuming the torque is wrong for me again, and i should have a softer shaft? ANYONE from this point onwards at the very bottom of your comment could we vote, keep old driver or suggest new shaft. The results may not matter or change anything, just nice clear definitive answers would be interesting to see, although again i can already see the concensus. Thank you guys again very much i knew almost nothing about torque, mid flexs and the like before your guys reply responded you have all made someone alittle wiser through your help.
  6. Thanks for your input goatee. Ill start from the bottom and work my way bk, i prefer 60g, or maybe even a little higher, 50g just feels too light for me almost as if i havent even got a club in my hands but saying that the f6 irons (and i know were talking drivers here) swing weight d1/2 ish feel perfect, my previous set, macgregor dr x were slightly heavier and affected my swing *consistantcy*, so i sorter feel like im contradicting myself by having lightish irons but heavier side of driver. Although i maintain that the fg f5 head is really heavy. And i completely understand and thank you so much for telling me not to go for the fubuki z this being the main reason for starting the post, just had this niggling feeling that i would be wasting me money. And i understand (maybe not completely) what your saying about the torque, but just to clarify, your saying the vx and nvs are both mid soft(not the fubuki) but the torque in the tip of the nvs is too stiff? Because its advertised as a high launch shaft i thought surely it would create a higher launch angle as a given. 1 last thing, its just a thought and please correct me on this. Would the torque/flex point of the fubuki not compensate for the weight of the head? And anymore info you could give me on that theory would be muchly appreciated. And now finally pictures of my idrive, sooo sweet but so beaten up, if it was nice i would have no problem keeping it, just feel embarrased teeing up with the thing i maintain that is how it was given to me, 15 months in and i have never thrown or banged a club!!! Hahaha and again thanks to you guys for participating, im still very much a novice and am trying to soak up all your guys experience.
  7. Hi thanks guys, i never thought i would receive a response so quickly. I completely agree, and its the exact advise i would probably give someone. Oh also should mention, since not being able to hit my irons, i did the right thing (i assume), put the work in on the range, and than upgraded to cobra f6 reg irons and i can now confirm i hit them sweet. 160 with my 6 iron. As for my driver i will have to take some pics tonight when im home of the idrive, because man this thing is beaten up, and was when i first got it, so i'll upload pics. I have had a look on ebay for a brand new version of it and its only £60 brand new, that may be the way forward me. Probably a bit vain for me just to want a nice looking bag of clubs lol, i suppose performance is the key.
  8. Hi everyone, First time here posting a thread, loving reading prior to this but never participated, but now i desperately need people help lol. Ill start at the beginning. Im 28 and have been playing 15 months and am currently handicap 12.7. I started playing with a friend old beaten up idrive 12° driver aldilia vx reg shaft, and man i could bomb that driver, apart from pros i could outdrive anyone and exceptionally accurately too, were talking landing on greens on par 4's (all the while not being able to hit a single iron haha). But as christmas came around and i was getting better i thought it would special for my partner to buy me a replacment for my boom stick. So i looked around and got my heart set on the wilson fg tour f5 driver, the thing just looked gorgeous to me. Now due to the distance i was getting with the idrive, perhaps stupidly got it with the stiff shaft(50 gram fubuki z), that was my first mistake, turns out i have a swing speed of 90-96mph and couldnt hit the damn thing. So a couple of months later a friend gave me a aldilia nvs 65 lite tm-3, lovely looking shaft and looks fantastic with the wilson head, the complements i get on the looks sometimes makes me giddy. However no matter how i hit the club (centre face, nice controlled swing) or how high or low(i prefer low, the red shortees if everyones familiar) the peak of my ball flight is about 5- 10 yards off the grounds, for a little while i thought i was closing down the face, but this isnt the case no matter what i seem to do the ball just wont get up. So ive been looking at info online and on ebay and read the nvs has a low kick point whereas the fubuki z has a high point, and bearing in mind i feel the wilson head is quite heavy, very heavy against say a tm rbz, i was wondering if this is where my problems are coming from? As im hitting the ball with a heavy head is it flexing too much? See, i dont mind spending the money on a 3rd shaft (fubuki z 50 reg) if its going to solve the problem, but this isnt the case and i do, then ive wasted stupid money just to end up getting rid of the thing and probably going for a cobra f6.... Please any insight from people who know what they're talking about would be soo appreciated, and i would certainly owe u a drink. Oh, and should mention due the the low ball flight i use the 0g weight and my old driver being set quite high, i set it at 11.5 deg the next setting up would be 12.5 deg and i just feel that would be ridiculous. Please no tee suggestions, if the tee exists ive tried it. Thank you very much in advance
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