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  1. Whats his projected OWGR with this win?
  2. Yes it does, thank you! Probably this week set foot in a shop to get this fixed. If the guy there doesn’t fight it or recommends different. I believe I had read somewhere that a higher loft is more sensitive to a wrong lie angle (as a result of adding an inch to the shaft). The flight distance compensates this deviation, but it’s relatively more off target.
  3. Is adding 1 inch to my Cleveland RTX 3.0 50 and 56 to be advised? I think (after being on the range and playing a 18 holes par3 course today) I had some trouble hitting the ball correct without adjusting my swing. With the much shorter length I topped it a few times and when hitting it correct it didn't felt controlled. Some experiences here with the same problem? What to do? 1. add 1 inch to the wedges 2. learn how to play with different shaft lengths Greetings, much appreciated,
  4. Did this wrong in first post, but you probably got it. So, advice would be to approuch the wedges as a separate category as the irons and play 'm like that? In order to don't mess up lie, weight etc.? Any other with the same experience (problem)?
  5. Thanks for your reply. That's what I was thinking when considering lengthening them. However, when playing from the fairway within the yardage of my Pw I don't want to top them because of shorter shaft length (in case 1,25 and 1,375 inch) than my Pw (and other irons). I'm in doubt.
  6. New to this forum so hi all! I've played for a year now and always played with a poor set. I've just took over a set of TaylorMade RSi2's (4-Pw). As I'm 6'4 the clubs are 1 inch longer (once got measured at an open day somewhere and this is right for me). So this is the setup with lengths: Nr - std - plus1inch i4 - 38,25 - 39,25 i5 - 37,75 - 38,75 i6 - 37,25 - 38,25 i7 - 36,75 - 37,75 i8 - 36,25 -36,25 i9 - 35,75 - 35,75 Pw - 35,5 - 36,5 I don't have the sets Aw (50) and Sw (56), but the standard length for those are: Aw - 35,5 - 36,5 (same as Pw) Sw - 35,25 - 36,25 I do have 2 Cleveland RTX3.0 wedges in 50 and 56. Standaard length for those: 50 wedge - 35,25 56 wedge - 35,125 These are not extended, and if I extend them with 1 inch they would become: 50 wedge - 36,25 (0,25 shorter than in the set) 56 wedge - 36,125 (a marginal 0,125 shorter than in the set) I have searched/read a lot about lengthening clubs, but not necessarily about the extension of the wedges, and if the wedges also need to be extended (and match) with the iron set or not. Also because you sometimes grip the wedges shorter. Also, anyone familiar with putting +1 inch on a RTX3.0? Is a wedge not normally more sensitive to changes in lie (as a result of the +1 in length)? And, if I lengthen the 50 and 56, should I lengthen +1 inch, or match the length as if it were the clubs in the standard RSi2 set? (marginal difference though) Would love to hear some of your opinions on this topic. Greetings, Hamerhaai (the Netherlands)
  7. I think so. Or it limits your progress. Started with a Spalding graphite length +1 "set with a soft flex. Have had (private) lessons and the swing was correct (in the basics, on film: like path and turn etc.) Tried to learn to play with this set, because I convinced myself that you can learn to play with every set and once you play well and hit fairways it might be time to buy something new. I have been playing poor for more than a year now and my pro said try something else, this isn't your setup. So I bought a second-hand TaylorMade RSi2 set with stiff flex last week and without changing my swing (and no lessons) played much much better last 3 rounds. Balls going straight and hit the fairway. Also a gain in length of about 50 yards with my i5. Guess the old set was wrecking my game.
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