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  1. I should try that. I really don't need all those clubs that all go 100 yards.
  2. That's golf. The moment you thin you've got it figured out, it jumps up and bites you on the butt, and you shoot 105 or something.
  3. Played yesterday. Cart path only. I'm sick of mud.
  4. I rarely break wood tees. I concentrate on hitting the ball instead😁
  5. Cheapest new shafts I found was True Temper TTx lite at $12/shaft at Golf Works. After that, new taper tip shafts run fro about $25-$55 per shaft. as some one else suggested, check E Bay.
  6. Already took my LW out, and replaced it with a hybrid. i can't say that I've missed it.
  7. Yes. I miss the sound of metal spikes on the clubhouse floor or the cement walkways. i also miss "kilties"😁
  8. I try to keep my shoulders, hands and arms relaxed and loose when I'm starting my backswing on all shots, not just tee shots.
  9. The dreaded snap slice, also known as a shank.
  10. If you like the driver, and hit it well. I'd just get that shaft, and reshaft it.
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