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  1. I've seen guys who never swing the same way twice in a row.
  2. A good golf score for me right now would be 85. I haven't shot it, but I know it's coming. I can just feel it.
  3. When you can't walk around in your living room, bedroom or back porch without tripping over a golf club.
  4. My favoirite club is my 7 iron as it's usually one of the first ones I grab on the practice tee, and i have great confidence with it. However, my 54* sand wedge is usually the one that saves my ass on the golf course.
  5. You're out on your back porch in the dark at 5:30 AM changing the swingweight on your 5 iron because you've got a tournament in 3 days, and you just had a revelation that MAY add 5 yards to your distance. They say that admitting you've got a problem is the first step in curing it.
  6. Our course has the cheapest , coldest beer in town, and offers free water, ice, and cups, lids, straws at the clubhouse. I see no reason to bring stuff from home at the prices they'e charging. Would you be allowed to bring your own beer to a bar?
  7. I suffer from the same malady, and as hard as i try, i can see no end in sight
  8. At my age, I'm lucky if i can remember all the shots i hit on any one hole!😁
  9. A reliable swing is one that is repeatable. A lot of having a repeatable swing starts with set up. You hear pros talk about going through their " routine". They do everything the same way, every time, making sure their alignment, posture, ball position, etc are the same. every time. They take the club back the same way, on the same plane. every time. if they are distracted, they stop and start the whole routine over.. the object is to swing the same way every time, with every club. After countless hours of practice, it finally becomes second nature, and the results of their golf shots are con
  10. I have a nephew who was drew attention from a Colorado Rockies scout when he was 16. signed a college scholarship, and was red shirted. He played with some pretty solid pro prospects on that college team, but when he saw what they were giving up to possibly make it to the pros, he decided it wasn't for him. Apparently baseball was their whole life, even to the point of missing class, no social life, giving up just about everything for baseball. he quit his sophomore year, completed his education, and went on to law school. he's now a practicing attorney., happily married with a baby, and appe
  11. I should try that. I really don't need all those clubs that all go 100 yards.
  12. That's golf. The moment you thin you've got it figured out, it jumps up and bites you on the butt, and you shoot 105 or something.
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