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  1. If you like the driver, and hit it well. I'd just get that shaft, and reshaft it.
  2. One of the keys is making sure you have plenty of solvent on the end of the club to help the grip slip on easier. I use charcoal lighter fluid because it doesn't evaporate as fas, and the tape stays slippery longer. also once you star pushing the grip on the club, don't stop. keep pushing!
  3. I prefer plain old white wood tees. 2/3/4" for driver, 2 1/4 for everything else.. White,. because they're easier to find in the grass. In my experience plastic tees suffer from erectile dysfunction in the hot summer and with hard ground.
  4. I use the Lamkin Crossline Black, and regrip my self. it's about the same as tour velvet, and i can get them almost $2.00 per grip cheaper. I prefer that all my grips are the same throughout the set, except putter, of course. In the past,. i've used a mish mash of different grips. As i get older, i find that i get more anal about things like grips.
  5. Yeah, they better watch out for me in next year's club championship!~ I'm after their asses now.
  6. Played today and shot 88, counting all my strokes.! After approximately 1 year of practice and playing after a 10 year layoffs, i'm finally starting to see progress. The key was simply keeping the ball in play, avoiding double bogeys, trying to make smooth wings and not trying to kill the ball. Only made 1 double after a ball OB, Now need to work more on my short game. if i hd been able to get the ball up and down, and putted better, could have shot 84-85,. but that;'s golf. I've never played a round where i didn't leave at least a couple of strokes on the course.
  7. Go to golf Works.com > Services > Clubmaking help & info > OEM Shaft Replacement Guide. It will give you the the OEM shaft for all the major manufacturers clubs. If an iron shaft shows .370 its a straight shaft; If it's .355, it's a tpe shaft
  8. I cut my 915 D2 down to 44.5 from 45". Even with only .5" cut off, I noticed better control. I only had to change the head weith 3 gams heavier to get the swing weight back up to D3. I have noticed no loss of distance.
  9. Better known as the shank, or "The dreaded snap slice"😀
  10. If one was unfamiliar with the PGA Tour, and was watching Morning Drive on the GC this morning, one would thin that Tiger Woods was the only player participating in the Players Championship this week.
  11. How much change in swing weight can i expect if Itake out the S300 shafts (127 gr), nd replace them with TT lite (113 gr)?
  12. use a tubing cutter, available at any hardware store fro $10 or less. Wrap the shaft with masking tape at the location of the cut to avoid splintering or damage. Should work fine.
  13. Gimme a break. It's 5 AM. I haven't had enough coffee yet.
  14. 1. I agree with you 100% 2. Augusta National, I believe, has already allowed a woman member. See Dr. Condoleeza Rice. 3. No one is " entitled" to be a PGA Tour Pro, simply because he finished high in a US Open, and played on the same college golf team with Tiger Woods. The PGA Tour is a private association whose members have earned their admission through their paying skills, and have agreed to abide by the rules. It is not open to the public. Oops ! sorry. Old post..
  15. Used to carry a brush, now use a wet towel. I do use a rangefinder on pitches. I hit all my irons hard since i can't seem to reach the green with any of them. I have never owned a white belt.
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