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  1. 308 Ragin Cajun

    Strong 3 Wood

    Got a Ben hogan strong 3 - 13# loft. I use it strictly as a 3 wood. The course i play doesn't require that I hit it off the tee on any hole. Ball flight is a little lower than a standard 15# 3 wood
  2. 308 Ragin Cajun

    grip weights

    You could be corrrect, Adam C.I checked the specs again.. The Tacki Mac Tour Prop standard wrap is 56 grams, according to Golf Works, but Grips 3 Less says it's 51 gr. I changed ther head weight from 11 grams to 17 grams, and it comes in right at D3.. I'm still gong to change the grip back to my Lamkin Crossline, as i prefer the feel of that grip, and have it on all my clubs.
  3. 308 Ragin Cajun

    grip weights

    Thank you
  4. 308 Ragin Cajun

    grip weights

    So if I go back to a 50 Gr grip, the swing weight will be about a C8, and i would need about 10 grams of weight in the head to get to D2?
  5. 308 Ragin Cajun

    grip weights

    I had my Titleist 915 driver cut to 44.5 in. The guy who did it replaced a 50 g grip with a 56 gr grip. The swing weight went from d2 -d0. if i put another 50 gr grip, how will it affect the swing wight?
  6. My scores would be lower.🤩🤩
  7. 308 Ragin Cajun

    Are you a brand snob?

    I've got a Titleist Driver, purchased used, Ben Hogan 3 wood - also used, Taylor made 4 wood that I've had for 20 years or more, Tommy armour Silverback irons- yep, used, Vokey wedges - used, and a Scotty Cameron putter, which was a gift from my son. The only thing I'm a snob about is I prefer forged irons, as that is what i've played with all my life.
  8. 308 Ragin Cajun

    14 rules of golf Etiquette

    WTH does #11 mean? It's rude to have haphazard divots on the practice tee? or no divots? Some people are pickers and don't take divots.
  9. 308 Ragin Cajun

    What Would a PGA Tour Player Shoot at Your Home Course?

    Same with mine. It's got trees and water, but no sand traps. Your average tour pro could break par comfortably with a 5 iron, wedge, and putter.
  10. 308 Ragin Cajun

    Classic/Old School Golf Pics Thread

    Young Tom Weiskopf
  11. 308 Ragin Cajun

    Who is on Golf's Mount Rushmore?

    And Hogan " Follow The Sun " with Glen Ford as Hogan
  12. 308 Ragin Cajun

    Who is on Golf's Mount Rushmore?

    Beat me to it. The 4 most influential golfers other than Tiger.
  13. 308 Ragin Cajun

    Tiger Woods Chip Yips (2017 Edition, with Poll)

    Brandel Chamblee does
  14. 308 Ragin Cajun

    Are PGA Tour Pros Hitting Driver Lower Lately?

    I t just seemed to me that they were hitting the ball lower for some reason. i know some guys are hiting it very high. Maybe i was mistken. As colin007 said, Maybe the the protracer is making it look lower.
  15. are the pros hitting the ball lower off the tee these days? The reason I'm asking is that, the last time I saw an event in person,. the local Web.com event about 10 year ago. i noticed that guys like John Cook and Larry Mize were using more loft and hitting it waaaay up in the air off the tee. Watching the PGA tour on tv these days, it seems to me they are using less loft and going back more to the rising line drive type of flight that was prevalent in the days of persimmon woods and wound balata balls

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