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  1. 308 Ragin Cajun

    Which Tour Professional Has Influenced Your Game the Most?

    Hogan. Although I never actually saw him play, I was influenced about his work ethic, and his ability to plot his way around the course.
  2. 308 Ragin Cajun

    Factors in Selecting Your Driver

    The main factor is looks at address. I prefer a classic style, neither too open or closed. I don't like drivers that look like a frying pan attached to a stick, or something out of star wars. Shafts, grips, etc, can all be easily changed these days. The distance of each driver is relatively the same, since they are all manufactured to the limit of USGA standards. I just have to feel comfortable with it at address.
  3. 308 Ragin Cajun

    Importance of Strike on Distance

    Hard to do, but that's why most players should spend their money on good instruction instead of the latest "super driver" or $300 shaft that promises them they can hit it 300 yards. Oh yes, and practice
  4. 308 Ragin Cajun

    Golf Myths Running Topic

    REgarding the " effortless swing", I just re read Harvey Penick's " Little Red Book", and one of his first lessons was to "Hit the ball hard".
  5. 308 Ragin Cajun

    Importance of Strike on Distance

    I agree with the OP. Regardless of the numbers, tthe quickest for a golfer to increase his distance is to develop a swing with which he can consistently strike the ball solidly and square with the clubface. You can't buy a golf swing in the golf shop.
  6. 308 Ragin Cajun

    Favorite Golf Quotes

    Another one from Lee Trevino: When a reporter asked him about swing coaches and gurus, he replied" If i could find one that could beat me, I might hire him."
  7. 308 Ragin Cajun

    Working the ball/escape shots thread

    Trouble shots are tougher trying to hit a ball designed to go straight with a club designed to make it go straight, and you're trying to make it curve. Can still be done, though.
  8. 308 Ragin Cajun

    Oldest Club in Your Bag

    Tylor made 16# "tpur Cleek from the early to mid 80's. Still a very versatile and usable club
  9. 308 Ragin Cajun

    What driver brand do you use?

    I have hit Titleist drivers for about 20 years. Started with 985, then 905T, 907 D2 and now a 915 D2, all purchased used. I like the looks and the feel of these drivers when i hit them. i will probably go to TS2 in a couple of years when the prices come down. Of course, by then, they'll have a TS3 or TS4 that I'll be drooling over.
  10. 308 Ragin Cajun

    Rolling Balls Yield More Aces

    I don't have any aces, but I've made 2 eagles from the fairway on par 4s. one was 4 iro, and the other w a 3 iron. those balls definitely rolled into the hole.
  11. 308 Ragin Cajun

    What Has Happened to Golf?

    BCoggins, I feel your pain. I remember what it felt like to hit a balata ball on the screws with a persimmon driver, and I have a set of 66 MacGregor Silver Scots that my father gave me when I was 16. Those were great clubs, in their day. I miss the clackety clack of steel spikes on the clubhouse floor, and the golf shoes that looked like your daddy's Sunday dress shoes, except that they had funny little flaps on the front. But time waits for no man, and when I was in my thirties, I realized that.the old clubs had seen their day, and I needed to get into the current century when it came to golf equipment. I'm still a bit of a curmudgeon at 66, as I'm playing a set of Tommy Armour Silver backs that I've had about 15 years, and i still don't know what it feels like to hit a full iron shot with a cast club. But this year, I broke down and bought a driver with an adjustable hosel, and I like it just fine. Sometimes us old dinosaurs have to bow to technology, or we will truly be dinosaurs, and technology is nothing to.fear. The fact that I'm sitting here talking to you on the Internet is proof of that. I wish you luck in your recovery from the stroke, and i hope like hell you get to play this great game again. Scott
  12. 308 Ragin Cajun

    Help with driver!!!

    Check you ball position. You may have it too far back. I was hitting on the range last week with friend of mine and was hitting push slices with my driver. My friend, who is a good golfer, who pointed out that my ball position with my driver seemed to be in the middle of my stance. I moved the ball just inside my left heel and Voila! all of a sudden I was hitting it straight with authority, and also found it easier to get over to my left side. Could be a simple fix.
  13. 308 Ragin Cajun

    High handicaps, do you play in club championships? (no flights)

    I joined a club earlier this year, and played in the club championship 2 weeks ago. I had no chance of winning. My reason for playing was that I am new to this club, and saw it as an opportunity to meet more of the members,. and ,make myself better known to the established members.. The same reason I started playing in the weekly Wednesday afternoon scrambles. The long tern objective is to get into a regular game. I managed to finish tied for dead last with a 23 handicap. That will never happen again.
  14. 308 Ragin Cajun

    Anyone Know If This Guy Eventually Hits the Ball?

    The club head the first guy was using was as big as the tee markers
  15. 308 Ragin Cajun

    The Not Tour Player Swing Videos Thread

    Someone is teaching those young kids the right stuff!

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