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  1. 308 Ragin Cajun

    Are you a brand snob?

    Back in the old days of persimmon and blades, I favored MacGregor persimmon woods and forged blades. I could actually hit them back then, too. Today, my only real bias in Titleist drivers, and Vokey wedges. My iron preference is forged cavity backs. I would play any set that looks and feels good.
  2. 308 Ragin Cajun

    Winter Depression Thread

    Snow and cold are not the problem down here. Rain has been the problem. Below are the results of 2 raight days of rain. Not heavy downpours, just 2 days of steady rain lasting all day. It will take at least a week of sunshine and wind to dry out my course into playable condition.
  3. 308 Ragin Cajun

    Spitting on the Golf Course

    Plain old spit, OK. Tobacco juice, NO. I have nothing against tobacco per se,. I am a smoker, and try to be careful where I dispose of my butts. I just have always found spiting tobacco juice disgusting.
  4. 308 Ragin Cajun

    Breaking Tees

    I've tried plastic tees, but haven't found any that do't bend and droop in the heat of summer. I'll stick with Plain old wood. I don't break that many tees with my driver.
  5. 308 Ragin Cajun

    What's In Your Bag?

    Driver: Titleist 915 D2 9.5 Graphite Design YS6 Regular. Club set to C3 - 10.25 Loft. 3W- Ben hogan C455 Bog Ben 13#. graphite Design YS6 Regualr 4W Taylormade Tour Cleek 16# Graphite YS6 Regular Hybrid - Nickent 3DX 17# Graphite Design YS5 S irons: Tommy Armour 845 Cs Silverbacks FST 115 R 4-PW Wedges: Vokey 50#, 54# Stock shafts Putter Scotty Cameron Platinum Bullseye All grips are Lamkin black Crossover Standard
  6. 308 Ragin Cajun

    Replacing the shaft in my Titleist 915

    Update: The driver turned out good.. sorry, no pictures. it wound up 44.5 ". originally the swing weight with the heavier shaft was D6. I replaced the 14 g with with the original 9 g weight, and 'twoud up with about D3.5.. I hit it at the range today and was very pleased with the results. due to sky conditions, i couldn't see the ball flight very well, but the ones I did see had very good trajectory, with no ballooning. The club felt very good. PS to Boogielicious: I like to tinker, also. Sometimes i get a strange compulsion to regrip a club, although all my clubs have new grips!😀
  7. 308 Ragin Cajun

    Replacing the shaft in my Titleist 915

    Boogie. These adapters were only like $17 apiece. i got 2. They come with the ferrule.
  8. 308 Ragin Cajun

    Why Do You Play Golf? A Two Option Poll

    For me, it's a challenge. I get a thrill out of striking a shot solidly, and watching it go where i have aimed it. I used to be able to play a little bit, and the challenge is to get some of that back. Lower scores is just a measurement of how well I'm doing.
  9. 308 Ragin Cajun

    Broke my driver shaft...

    Check with outfits like GolfWorks, Grips 4 less. You do not have to spen 3 bills for a new shaft. companies. Right now you can get an Aldila NV or NVs, or similar shaft for about $45. Of course, if you were thinking about getting a new driver anyway, now is the perfect opportunity. Look at places like 'Global Golf. There are plenty of good used drivers available at reasonable prices.
  10. 308 Ragin Cajun

    Ram Laser Fx forged irons...

    Back in the last century, when I started playing golf, everybody started with forged blades, for the simple reason that there wasn't anything else. There was no cavity back, no perimeter weighting, and no club fitting ( horrors!) You played with the clubs your old man did't play anymore, or whatever you could scrounge at the local golf course from the junk bins. I think very kid in my family started with an old set of Spalding Top Flight blades.. Also the balls were all wound balata or surlyn, The solid Top Flight ball would come later. i scrounged from my Dad's shag bag. Serious players all had a shag bag back then.. so it was Titleists. Spalding Dot and Maxfli.. Given those handicaps, it's amazing that some of us learned to hit the ball and actually become pretty good players.
  11. I've decided to try a different shaft in my 915 driver. it's currently got a Diamana Redboard 50 R, and i am going to reolace it with a Graphite Design YS6 R. yeah, I know i" replacing a $300 shaft with a $60 shaft but the Diamana is a high launch shaft and the YS is a mid launch shaft. The hop is to get a little more boring trajectory and a little less spin, so maybe a little more runout if the damn fairways ever dry up. I've hit the YS shafts fro over 10 years, and currently have them in my 3 &4 wood, and have really been pounding the 3 wood lately. The replacement shaft will be pulled from a Titleist 905 T that I don't hit any more. It's already cut to length and has a new Lamkin grip on it. just waiting on my shaft puller from GolfWorks. I'll let y'all know how it works out. PS. I already have 2 adaptors that i got online from a Wal mart site. They really were shipped form Ebay or Amazon. So if this shaft doesn't wok ou, I'll still have the Diamana to fall back on.
  12. 308 Ragin Cajun

    Advil, Aleve, or Aspirin?

    Lately plain ol' aspirin works the best for me. I took a couple of ADvil at the course the other and had the worst stomach ache I've had in a long while. No amount of beer could kill that stomach ache.
  13. 308 Ragin Cajun

    Winter Depression Thread

    hasn't been especially cold down here,. just wet. We get these fronts that come through and drop the temperature into the low 40's. Before the temperature drops, it rains,. sometimes for 2 days. Can't even hit range balls. Poo Yi !
  14. 308 Ragin Cajun


    I haven't had to play hungover in a number of years. When I did, i don't remember playing particularly well.
  15. 308 Ragin Cajun

    Which Tour Professional Has Influenced Your Game the Most?

    Hogan. Although I never actually saw him play, I was influenced about his work ethic, and his ability to plot his way around the course.

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