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  1. First time posting here in a long time! I use to post a lot on a different account but I couldnt get access to it. (Darkhunter139) Tiger finally did it again!! So awesome. Great moment for golf, hope he can get a few more this year!
  2. Finally did it!!! Can't wait for the majors next year.
  3. Didn't realize it was going to be a PPV! If its a reasonable price ill probably get it.
  4. Hope Tiger keeps it going tomorrow! I am going to be there on Saturday.
  5. Imagine if he can keep it in the fairway on the back 9
  6. Don't think it's gonna happen for Tiger. Can't even find the fairway with an iron.
  7. If tiger can putt better tomorrow he definitely has a shot.
  8. What do you think Tiger needs to have a shot tomorrow? -10?
  9. Looking like -7 will be a playoff and -8 might take it.
  10. I was going to go to the range before the rain later but I'm not missing this now
  11. Tigers going to have a share of the lead on a Sunday in a major!! Damn....
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