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  1. That looks like what Coore & Crenshaw did at Pinehurst. That really looks good! That being said, the trip from the East Coast, car rental, the stay at the lodge, caddie would all add up to more than I pay to play all year. I'd love to play it, but unless I won some sort of contest, it will never happen. I live within driving distance from Pinehurst, but I'll probably never play there, again. I did play there in the early 80s, and two nights, including breakfast and dinner, three rounds cost about $140.
  2. I had a heart attack in October 2018, and last year the huge majority of my golf was 9 hole rounds. My strength came back, and my scoring was good, but I want to play more 18 hole rounds this year.
  3. I have had good luck with Blue Lizard not staining.
  4. Blue Lizard sunscreen, wide brimmed hat, solar sleeves. Also, I play as early as I can to avoid the most intense sun.
  5. DJ could have said it was his job to take money for showing up. He could have stayed here to play golf. He didn't have to go play in a state sponsored tournament, and, basically become an employee of a government with one of the worst human rights records in the world.
  6. I don't like to discuss politics, but SA is a bad place. Bin Laden was from there. Most, if not all of the 9/11 guys were from there. If they didn't have oil, we would probably call them a terrorist country. Phil can do what he wants, but I give credit to the guys that pass up the payday. A lot of folks have said that the Phil everyone sees is a phony. Mabye this shows the real Phil. Possibly he's not the good guy that the public sees. I know this changes my opinion.
  7. They are also taking more shelf space in golf shops, and that increases their presence at retail, and reduces space for the competition.
  8. The original bunkers were not maintained, and if the movie "Tommy's Honor" is to be believed, the old greens were about as long as today's fairways. Golfers would not tolerate 19th century greens, and I don't know why poorly maintained bunkers should be tolerated.
  9. As a retired guy that walks, and plays quickly, it was a pleasure to read this post. I was expecting a critical post about some crabby old guy that wouldn't let you play through.
  10. I switched to graphite shafts, and it has made a huge difference.
  11. The bunkers at our course were renovated several years ago. The renovation included removal of some bunkers, and the reduction of size of others. I was playing with a member with an artificial leg prior to the renovation, and he drove a cart into a bunker to play a shot, and didn't hurt the condition of the bunker. My biggest complaint is that after the renovation, there have never been enough rakes around the new bunkers. And, I would mind poorly maintained bunkers.
  12. If I remember correctly, when Callaway made their illegal driver, only folks with high swing speeds benefitted, and the yardage they gained wasn't very much.
  13. Choke up on the driver, or tell the truth! I seriously doubt that someone that can't hit their Irons as far as me can hit his driver that far.
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