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  1. The way the white belt debate is going, does that mean really good, or really bad?
  2. Now that I know that white belts bother everyone, I'm going to get one for match play events.
  3. After seeing Sandy Lyle wear suspenders at the Masters, I feel that gives everybody a free pass to wear any color belt they want.
  4. I'm a graduate of NC State, a resident of NC, and pay taxes that help support the university system. I just looked at the rates for Lonnie Poole Golf Course, and they have student rates, but no alumni rate, no resident rate, or no tax payer or contributor rate. I worked at Duke University Golf Course, and they have student rates, as well. There are many golfers in Durham that would love to make what it costs to go to Duke that have to pay full price to play the course. According to the new Golf Magazine, I live ten minutes away from the 41st rated course in the USA. I'd love to be a member, but can't afford it. They don't benefit by giving discount memberships.
  5. Around here, the public courses are packed every day. Every day is like a weekend day. I would guess they don't offer college discounts is because they don't have to. Where you go to school, do many other places offer college discounts? I don't remember getting any discounts because I was a college student. I would recommend that your college start some sort of sponsorship deal with the local course. Offer free, or greatly discounted advertising in game programs in exchange for a student rate. The course will only offer a reduced rate if they see a benefit.
  6. Very seriously, but very relaxed, if that makes any sense? I try hard on every single shot, but like to talk and laugh between shots, and regardless of how I play, once it's over, it's over. I'm fairly competitive, but it's competition me vs the course. I'm always trying to do the best I can, but I don't have a temper.
  7. One more thing about the remote- I thought I lost my remote, and I emailed Kangaroo to check on getting a new one. The replacement coat $150.00. I found my remote, but if I hadn't, my remote cart probably would have become a manual.
  8. I use the remote function a lot, but like I said, I use the manual near water, and also if the group is walking fairly close together. I don't want run into anybody with my cart. I like the remote, but I'd be just fine if I had bought a manual electric cart.
  9. A lot of guys with remotes at my old course have put them in creeks. I always switch to the manual mode around water.
  10. He never was specific about what he didn't like. I thought it looked pretty good, but he said he didn't like it. Cart Tek is the way I would go if I had to do it again. I believe they have a remote cart that is priced about the same as the MGI. I also believe they are based in the PNW.
  11. The remote does take some time to get used to, but it becomes second nature after a short time. I have a Kangaroo Z Series, and it is very heavy, but very stable. It is also very expensive. My friend got an MGI from Costco, and rinsed it with a hose, and ruined it. It had specific directions NOT to do that. Thanks to Costco's liberal return policy, he was able to get a new one. Another friend has a Cart Tek manual electric, and that is a great cart. I have seen the remote version, and that is a great one, too. I played with a guy with a Bat Caddy, and he was not all that thrilled with it. I am able to store my cart at my club, but I would go with the Cart Tek, or MGI if I had to take it to the course every time. Those are about half the weight of the Kangaroo.
  12. Be patient. I actually ordered the G30s in graphite, played with them 4-5 months, and sent them back to Ping to get steel put in. I chose the Recoil 95s because they were the heaviest stock graphite shafts I could find. That fact was also why I switched from Ping to Mizuno. It took awhile but I wanted to find graphite shafts that played as close to steel as possible. For me, the biggest adjustment was in "feel" shots. It takes a bit of time to get the feel for half shots, punches, ect.
  13. I'm 66, and switched to graphite about 1.5 years ago. I had Ping G30 irons with the stock steel stiff shaft. I think they were about 105 grams. I switched to Mizuno 919 Hot Metals with stiff Recoil 95s. I made the move due to some arthritis in both thumbs. I play a lot, and usually hit balls on the days I don't play, so there is a fair bit of stress on my hands. I have to say that the graphite shafts have helped a lot. I have also picked up a bit of distance, too. They do take a bit of time to get used to, so be patient. Now, if I can just find a putter, I'll be set!
  14. I'd give them a shot, but no store around here carries them.
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