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  1. Surely he would have withered under the icy stair...….or stare.
  2. I hate walking on the icy stair.
  3. You bet on him to finish second?
  4. Sleep in your car for the reward of playing a course that will, most likely, beat the pants of you? What's wrong with those people?
  5. Hey Brooks, thanks for ruining my weekend. No fun to watch majors to see who finishes second!
  6. For me, two lessons a week would give me way too many things to work on, and think about. I have never taken regular lessons. I will take them when needed, and they are usually tune up lessons that work on things like set up, aim, ball position. I can't remember the last time a pro wanted to change anything in my swing. If I were just starting, I might go with a lesson every two weeks. I wouldn't do well with a lot of stuff thrown at me too fast.
  7. I like that hat, but, wearing that hat should put a big smile on your face.
  8. I saw a Vette with a staff bag in the back.
  9. I wonder if there was any kind of rule concerning scores that limits the kids that can play the back 9?
  10. I just switched from steel to graphite shafts, and it has really reduced the strain on my hands and joints. My only problem is adjusting to distance gains.
  11. Nope. Never. We have some big hills we have to go down at my course.
  12. You ought to try to get a job working in the pro shop of a course. You don't need to be a pro to work a summer job behind a counter. I will give you an idea of the day to day of working at a course. Regardless of playing ability, the road to become a head pro can be long and difficult. Be prepared to work long hours, for low pay as an assistant. Courses where I have worked, and in later life, the pros really didn't play much golf. I think it could be a great career, but it's going to hard work.
  13. Just be careful dealing with screwballs.
  14. A few years ago I was a 2, and I played with a guy that was +2. I couldn't believe how much better than me he was. A +4.2 would be really good.
  15. Just tell the guy that puts the groups together that you don't want to be paired with that guy. I would bet you wouldn't be the first guy to make that request.
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