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  1. I don't think I have any bad habits. It's just golf, and it's different every day.
  2. I recently played with a young guy that graduated from an SEC school, after a good college career. He really said college golf taught him a lot, and the whole college experience was invaluable. He said that, knowing what he knows now, he wouldn't pass up college. He also said everyone is different, and going pro might be a good choice for someone else.
  3. Sandy Divot

    That Guy

    If you are bringing it home, I think you should quit the group. You need to play so you don't even have to look at this guy. I would tell the organizer that you are leaving the group, and tell him why. Remind him that you asked not to be paired with him, and tell him you just are not having any fun. It might take some time, but you'll find other guys to play with. Life is too short not to enjoy your golf.
  4. Well, mabye just a good talking to, and a lesson about hole placement. I used to belong to a course where the asst. super used to put holes on sides of slopes, and then laugh at people when they complained. I have a turf degree, and cut many holes. I have put some in some tough spots, but always fairly flat around the hole.
  5. I hope he showed that video to the guys in the pro shop, and the guy that put the hole there got canned.
  6. I still use a couple Cleveland Halo hybrids. Not much offset, and compact size makes it a great club out of the rough. The lofts are weaker than today's hybrids.
  7. Looks like he wanted to come over for a visit,
  8. I enter my scores, and the Carolina Golf Association sends me two emails a month with my handicap, so I would say my handicap is accurate.
  9. I have been playing PROV1x, and tried Snell MBT-X, and really couldn't tell the difference. I buy two dozen at a time, and they cost about $30. The shipping is free.
  10. Just wonder how much he can play. It seems like his back was almost day to day as the season went on. Also, don't more guys play everyday in the President's Cup vs. the Ryder Cup?
  11. I usually just have some PB crackers during the round. Don't really like eating too much while playing.
  12. I'm a fast player, and I can tell you that a slow player has never adjusted his pace to accommodate me.
  13. Worked ok for me. Good distance, and feel, and, now they are free. Wish all balls were that crappy.
  14. As long as the 5 plays fast, I don't care. As for playing in a 5, I absolutely hate it. Even if the group is fast, I just can't seem to get in a comfortable pace within the group. I hate waiting for the additional guy, and because of playing a 5, I always feel as if I'm rushing to make sure we keep pace. I would rather not play than play 5.
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