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  1. I have a Sun Mountain Speed cart, and a Titleist Hybrid 5 bag. The spacing of the legs prevents the bag from fitting properly. Are there any other push carts that would be a better fit for this bag?
  2. I've stopped picking up found tees and balls.
  3. Charleston is brutally hot and humid in the summer, unless you are on the water. It has also gotten very expensive, vs other southern cities, and very crowded. Charleston of 25-30 years ago would have been my choice. Wilmington,NC is a bit like a smaller Charleston, but that area has really grown as well. Wilmington had a bad hurricane several years ago. The flooding was so bad that there was no way in or out of the area for awhile. Your buddy will find out about hurricanes in the Low Country.
  4. I see two problems in the "buy American" thoughts. Most Americans would not work in a factory because of the conditions, and pay. Secondly, most Americans would not pay the price for products made in America. We bought a large cabinet for our tv, and the company is based less than 2 hours from our house. When it was delivered the box showed China as point of origin. It was cheaper for that company to make, and ship a 300lb. cabinet there than a fairly rural part of Virginia.
  5. Titleist has a promotion that give an insulated tumbler with the purchase of a dozen Velocity balls, and I wanted the cup more than the balls, so I bought some. I think this promo is only available at on course shops. I first saw this on Team Titleist discussion board. I usually play ProV1x, but I'll give these a try. They were $29 with tax.
  6. I know I'm in the minority, but I don't find this guy funny, at all.
  7. If moving from Orlando, should move to Latrobe. Keep the connection with the King!
  8. I carry 2 Cleveland Halo hybrids. They have to be 10, at least. My fairway woods are Ping G25s. I think they are about 7 years old.
  9. How much longer are his exemptions from his majors good for status on tour?
  10. He hit a shot on a par 3 with a pond on the right of the green, and hit it so far right, he almost missed the pond. As a 4 handicap, it would have been a terrible shot for me, let alone a guy on Tour. I know those guys hit bad shots, but with an iron, teed up, and it wasn't a shank, I couldn't believe he missed so badly. The announcer really didn't know what to say. I'm not good enough to say what he needs to do to get back to playing well, but it seems that what ever he's doing now isn't working. He seems like a good guy, and I'd like to see him return to form.
  11. Kind of a subjective question, but is it better to get an Edel specific fitting, or a putter agnostic fitting at Club Champion?
  12. The winter in central NC has not been too cold, but it has been extremely wet and grey. The dormant course is looking very beat down, and ugly. Due to the rain, and wet conditions, I've probably played less this winter than recent winters.
  13. I voted yes. As a golf consumer, I really enjoy watching. The players are great, the courses look great, and the coverage is enjoyable to me. I don't know what goes on behind the scenes, but that's between the Tour and it's members. I enjoy watching the KF tour, and the European Tour, The Champion's Tour, and some LPGA, but I like the PGA Tour the most.
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