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  1. I went with graphite to help with shock absorption due to arthritis in my hands. I went with stiff Recoil 95 shafts. They didn't really add height to my shots. I picked up a bit of distance, but not a lot, and that was not a motivation in going to graphite. I'm 65, play at 6700 yards, and still hit it plenty long enough with either steel or graphite to play from that distance.
  2. I tend to hit it high and right (I'm righthanded) when playing with shafts that are too flexible.
  3. My pw, gw, and sw are graphite. Don't carry a lw. I like my irons to feel the same.
  4. I used to love walking on a tile bathroom floor with metal spikes. I made going to the bathroom a thrill!
  5. I have used SM Speed Carts, and I also had a Bag Boy Quad. Both were very good. The SM is slightly easier to push, and the BB is slightly more stable. I went for the easy one, and sold the BB. I'm sure any quality built push cart would be fine for me. My course has an account with SM, and they offer discounts to members, so that influenced my choice of SM vs. Clicgear.
  6. There are idiots everywhere. Why the surprise to see them on the course?
  7. Reed needs to hire a PR person. He does not come off as being a good guy.
  8. Not sure about in the difference between the driver and fairways, but I recently got a fairway wood, and it feels and sounds good.
  9. It rolled out in some parts of the world in prime score posting season.
  10. 2 or 4. Wouldn't want to play with 1. I'm afraid Player would call me fat, and want me to smack his belly all day.
  11. I know a couple local fitters, along with a Titleist fitter that I trust. They all use some sort of radar, but they also do their fittings outside. I trust number, but I also like to see how the ball flies. I don't think I would really like an inside fitting, and I know I wouldn't like how much CC costs. That is purely my opinion, and I'm sure a lot of guys have the exact opposite opinion.
  12. Sandy Divot


    Jason- Loosen up a bit. Relax! Enjoy the process. Golf has a lot of ups and downs. Even if you try to hit it good every time, it won't happen. Learn to accept bad shots, and learn how to recover.
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