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  1. Don't you have to have a certain handicap just to get in the qualifier? How did this clown get in? They should have kicked him out after the first nine holes.
  2. We have a voluntary contribution towards the end of the year. This is divided between guys on the crew/cart guys/ rangers. I always contribute, but don't tip on a daily basis.
  3. Mabye I should get tipped for fixing an extra ball mark on the green.
  4. I usually don't play courses that provide this service, but in general, I like to take care of my clubs. I don't even like to use bag drops. I've seen too many bags fall off carts after an attendant puts them on.
  5. I think the AVX has a bit of a dead feel. It plays ok, but I don't like the way it feels.
  6. Played this morning, and watching the recording now. Looks like a great course. Wish we had courses like that in the USA.
  7. This. And, I'm sure it was an honest mistake, so I wouldn't go around pointing fingers at anyone. At the least, your friend learned a lesson.
  8. Yep, all the low handicappers at my course will give you all the action you want. Some will probably even negotiate better terms.
  9. As they said in Cool Hand Luke, "A man needs to know his limitations." Hybrid.
  10. You have your handicap posted at 8. Why not just play at scratch? Better yet, turn pro. I've lost to guys with higher handicaps. I just felt like I had to play better. How do you feel when you are playing a 2, and you get 6 shots? Do you tell him no thanks, we'll just play even up?
  11. I believe I'll let the PGA Tour worry about this.
  12. I think the problems are common enough that the players think it's an issue. I also said that I didn't think the USGA was as bad as they were made out to be. I've got to believe that the players are frustrated because they feel the USGA doesn't listen, or take seriously the concerns they do have. Mabye having Jason Gore as the USGA rep between the players and the USGA will help.
  13. I guarantee that if USGA officials had to putt on greens like Chambers Bay at their home clubs, they would want the super fired. If they had pin placements like Olympic or Shinnecock, they would want the super fired. If they couldn't hold a green with a wedge, they would want the super fired. The Tour guys complain about conditions, and they are whiners. I would bet there is not one person that hasn't complained about bad greens, and poor hole locations. And that argument about everyone having to play the same course just means the USGA has screwed it up for everybody. It doesn't make it right. I don't think the USGA is as bad as they are made out to be, but I think they have made some big mistakes, and the players have some legitimate complaints.
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