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  1. You would expect to spend a lot of money, and wait a long time if they have to be ordered.
  2. If I was a member at Quail Hollow, my favorite club would be a ball retriever.
  3. My first post was in response to a question about enforcement, and I quoted you to response when you quoted me. I'm not trying to be argumentative. I was responding to a hypothetical with a hypothetical.
  4. Sure they could. If the ruling bodies were to ban it, I'm sure they would come up with the wording, and possibly have pictures that showed what was allowed, and what was not allowed. Enforcement would be up to the integrity and honesty of the player. Personally, I really don't care what method is used. I really had no problem with the anchored putting.
  5. The arm lock putters seem to have a lot more loft and offset than regular putters. How about putting limits on those things? Or, how about just making a rule that says the only points of contact for any club is the hands.
  6. i think you enforce it by limiting the length of putters. Drivers have a 48'' limit. Why not cap putters at 36''
  7. The greens look a lot greener today. They must have put some water on them last night.
  8. I would play as long as I could reach the par 4s. They are not taking anyone's spot, so as long as they don't make a fool out of themselves, and can maintain pace of play, let them play. I would not be against letting them play forward tees as non competitors. Jack probably wouldn't have done it, but I bet Gary would have played the front 9 after the opening tee shot.
  9. I was just getting ready to say something about how brown the greens look. They look more like US Open greens.
  10. I wear shorts, and spray on sunscreen. I will respray on #10.
  11. The pvc things are out of the holes. Bunker rakes are back. Ball washers back. Water coolers are back with hand sanitizer attached. Guys are still using single carts. Masks inside. Food service up and running.
  12. They sure have their share of severe weather in Alabama. I get a bit antsy when we have bad weather here. I'd be a nervous wreck if I lived down there.
  13. Sandy Divot

    2021 ANWA

    You must have some really nice munis up there! There is a girl from my course, Macy Pate, participating in the 14-15 age group.
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