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  1. I'd give them a shot, but no store around here carries them.
  2. If you don't want to hear about it, you might want to consider tennis.
  3. I used to see a big group of kids at our course 10-15 years ago. Those kids are all grown, and they have not been replaced.
  4. I might call Ping again, and really stress your concern about the finish. Ask them if they will take them back for full credit after you play with them, and the finish does not hold up as expected. You sound very worried about the finish, so if they say no, I'd return them before you hit them. It just seems that you have a lot of doubt, and that is no way to play. The 410s have been reduced, and will probably be reduced further when the 425s come out.
  5. I don't have the 921, I have the 919s, and I have picked up a bit of distance vs my Ping G30s. I can't imagine what they could have done to the 921s. It could be possible that the Mizuno lofts are not as jacked as some others in the category. I'm very happy with my clubs, and would not hesitate to recommend them. Mizuno makes some good stuff!
  6. The face looks beat to hell. I played the same set of Eye 2s from 1986 until the G15s came out, and they didn’t look nearly that bad. No offense, but the finish on that particular model doesn’t look up to what I would expect from Ping.
  7. Sometimes I hit a few and putt a few. Sometimes I'll swing a couple clubs to loosen up.
  8. So many have relocated from NY to Fla., I'm sure it isn't too hard to find good pizza.
  9. Kind of surprised he didn't end the interview with a karate kick, and punching himself in the belly.
  10. He seems to know it all, and he’s not shy about telling everyone.
  11. Maybe his coach needs to fire him, if this is the case. When he was winning, Jordan looked so natural, at least to me, hitting the ball. He just seemed to see the shot, and hit it. He swung so hard on his opening tee shot yesterday, I thought he was going to fall. I don’t know what he and Cam are working on, but it clearly is not working. He looks like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders.
  12. I wonder if tomorrow will be Phil’s last round in a US Open?
  13. The greens will be on life support by Sunday, and the rough probably won’t be cut until Monday.
  14. What's crazy about that? First thing I look at.
  15. My brother in law had it, and he under went 3 treatments, and it took care of it. John must have a more advanced, or aggressive type. Sure hope they caught it in time.
  16. I guess I'll have to wear a blue blazer next time I go to Pinehurst.
  17. Several years ago, my 89 year old father had his hip done the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, and was back playing mid Feb. This past spring, at 92, his course closed for a bit to golf cart use, so he got a pushcart, and walked 9 holes several times per week.
  18. I've had two rounds recently that I have five birdies in each round. My birdies were a result of great ball striking. I might be a slightly better than average putter, but I'm a lot better when I hit it close to the hole. I know I'm going to score a lot better if I rely on my ball striking rather than my putting. Once in a while, you might be able to rescue a score with great putting, but the most consistent players I've played with are much better ball strikers than they are putters.
  19. Zach may be a bit young. Justin hasn't been relevant for a long time. I believe Tiger and Phil will be at the top of the list after Stricker. I still don't really get Stricker. I know he's a nice guy, and from Wisconsin, but no majors. Larry Nelson had 3 majors, was a war veteran, and still got passed over multiple times. Strick does have 5 Wisconsin State Opens, so, he does have that going for him.
  20. Rory's wife had the baby. Has he withdrawn?
  21. If someone is paying club dues, they should be able to play in club events.
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