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  1. I think you need to be respectful of people regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. I also think what JT said was disrespectful. He said he was sorry, and I believe him. Hopefully, this will make him aware that words can be hurtful.
  2. As far as the Tiger and Earl thing, I guess I don't understand how those things work. I would have thought Tiger would have been faithful after seeing what Earl did to his mom.
  3. I really like the way he plays, and always have. I have never liked some of his actions. His wife and he, along with his caddie seem very devoted to each other, and I always thought that there had to be a fairly big reason he ditched his family. I really have nothing against him. I hope he can get past the stuff that happened, but I don't think stuff like that ever leaves. Your mom and dad should be the ones that protect you the most. It has to mess you up when that's not the case.
  4. I wonder how the membership at his private courses has been affected by recent events?
  5. I would not accept a medal from a president that does not respect the office.
  6. I never questioned his right. I questioned if he was qualified to play. That might influence his statement. Bill Belichick was going to get a medal this Thursday, and he turned it down.
  7. I wonder if Murray would even qualify for the PGA Championship?
  8. I watched part 1, and I'm not sure if I've ever seen anyone more full of bull manure than Earl.
  9. What makes you think Scotland would have him?
  10. I would bet after Jan. 20 he will have to putt the five footers.
  11. They did say they would not play at certain venues based on certain membership policies. Shoal Creek was called out for not having/allowing African-American members. Some courses complied with the Tour's policies concerning women and minorities, and some did not. Cypress Point used to be one of the courses in the old Crosby, but they dropped out rather than be told what they had to do. I always found it curious that some of our esteemed lawmakers are members at Burning Tree which is an all mens club.
  12. The Triad ( Greensboro, Winston-Salem & High Point) has good, reasonably priced golf, decently priced real estate, and fantastic medical care. An easy drive to Pinehurst and the mountains. The winters are not bad. There are not many days you can't play.
  13. The Tour moved away from Doral, and the PGA shouldn't do business with this Bum, either.
  14. Did you also change the lie angle? Several years ago, I went to a flatter lie, and that made me miss right, for awhile. When I had the more upright lie, I played every shot right to left. The flatter lie straightened my ball flight, but I aimed right.
  15. Have fun. Improve putting and sand game. Find some comfortable shoes.
  16. I don't think the USGA will bifurcate, and this will hurt 99% of golfers more than the top 1%. It seems like every ball maker and club maker boast of distance gains every time they come out with a new product. I can't recall anyone touting accuracy as a number one selling point. I really think the USGA will make a big mistake, and possibly, drive people from the game if they roll back the ball. I play with a bunch of old guys, and am longer than most of them, but our greens are very tricky, and I am not a good putter. There is a lot more to the game than hitting the ball a long way.
  17. PW, GW, SW Mizuno 919 HM. I have a Vokey 58, but results are either good, or bad. Just not consistent enough, and the low shot fits my eye better than the lob type shot.
  18. To live to see 2022.
  19. No, I like to pretend that never happened. Almost 35 years ago, and I still can't watch the replays! Instead, when I really connect with a drive, I tell him I'm Big Papi.
  20. That's a great hat! I have one just like it, plus various other Red Sox, Patriots, and Bruins hats. I played with a Yankees fan one day while wearing a Red Sox hat,and I told him that he was a very lucky man because he could look at my hat for four hours.
  21. Never have, and never will pull any of this stuff on anyone I play against If I can't win, or lose, with my clubs, I have no business playing. I have had some guys say things to me, and it really helps motivate me, but I really think very poorly of guys that try that garbage. I'm much more into sportsmanship than gamesmanship. I really think it has no place in the game.
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