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  1. I do apologize. You must have missed the part where I mentioned that you cannot reasonably assume that Spieth's motion is a breach of any rule. Even if it technically breached a rule (it did not), his motion gave him what advantage? The entire point of rules in sports is to keep a player from gaining an advantage in an unfair way. Spieth did not gain any advantage by doing the motion he did.
  2. Habit is relevant in this scenario. Imagine you're on the teeing ground and you do precisely what he did in the video. Did you improve your lie? Did you alter the conditions of the area in any way to give yourself an advantage? No way no how. So you can't reasonably assume that if Spieth does this sort of motion before every shot that he's breaking the rules on every shot.So you can't reasonably assume that if Spieth does this motion before this shot that he's breaking the rules on this shot.
  3. Life is astronomically more important than golf, regardless of the level of the game (pro or amateur), the status of the professional, or the timing of a decision like this. It does not deserve to be questioned. It deserves to be supported 100% without question.
  4. I’m gonna throw in my two cents here as a new golfer as well. I bought a Top Flite set at Dicks Sporting Goods last year because they were on sale. Got them for $150 ($200 value). I’m pretty much of average build and such so I figured they’d work for me while I learn the game. So far they’ve been great, but I’ll find out when I hit the course this weekend or next week. my only complaint is I snapped the driver head clean off at the range one day. The driver and 3W are not the greatest quality but like I said, they work for learning the game and then I can upgrade from there. At THAT point, I’ll get a good fitting and pay more attention to the clubs I get to slowly replace these ones.
  5. Apparently I'm in the minority on the last one. But this comes down to my having never played a course before (heading out this Friday). I think I would err on the side of caution unless I get into the scenario and realize that there's minimal risk to going for the green.
  6. Next time I'm visiting my parents in Florida, I'll have to take my clubs....especially if it's the winter months with cooler weather. I'm pretty jealous right now of you but welcome aboard! (I'm new here as well).
  7. Hey, that might be me in a couple days! Heading out to a course for my first time on Friday. Started learning the game last year. BUT after reading through this thread, I can say I have a good idea how to keep my pace up to not be a problem for those behind me. That, and I'll be with my uncle who is very experienced so I should (hopefully) be fine!
  8. Sorry to chime in on this thread late...newbie here...learning the game. When I bought my starter set of Top Flite clubs last fall, I told myself even if I never get out onto a course, I have these to head to the range and blow off steam every now and again. Now I am headed out for my first time ever on Friday with my uncle, but my original sentiment still stands. Even if I stink on the course, golf is a nice distraction from the stresses of life.
  9. I literally just noticed....his practice swings look perfect! Somehow when he addresses the ball, it all goes to hell in a handbasket lol
  10. I mean unless we literally watch every round he plays, we don't know if he really breaks 80 lol. So I'm going to humor the guy and believe it's true....but I agree that we probably should be skeptical! Take it with a grain of salt at the very least!
  11. Like I said, the point is to show that we all have our methods that seem to work and what right do we have to tell someone they are enjoying the game incorrectly? The guy is clearly having a blast and he’s successful (though like I said, success is up to each of our own definitions) so let’s not put him down. Its aleays great seeing everyone enjoy this great game we love! Isn’t that the whole point? 😊
  12. “Because he would have to be to break 80 with that swing.” THAT statement is why we assume the guy is triggered/angry. Because that statement is a stupid one to make. The entire point of the two videos is to show that it doesn’t matter what anyone’s swing looks like. We all play and enjoy the game differently and that you have no right to judge how another (wo)man plays. Oh, and the guy even admitted to only watching part of the first video, which leads me to believe that you should watch the videos before spewing bulleted lists of points.
  13. ejm1994

    Top Golf

    Watched this a couple days ago. Not sure how accurate the beginning part is where they are testing the top golf ball versus a regular ball, but they seem fairly close. Closer than I’d have imagined, anyway.
  14. ejm1994

    Top Golf

    They just opened one here in Pittsburgh last Friday. I went on Sunday, about 10:30 AM, place was decently crowded but I got a bay no problem. It's definitely worth the $25/hour because of the shear number of balls you can hit in that time. At a regular range, like the one in my little neighborhood, I'd spend $15 for a bucket of 102 balls. I can play 5-6 "games" easy in an hour, 20 balls each "game." And it tells you the exact yardage that you hit each ball (provided they make it onto a target, but even if they don't, you can estimate based on what it told you for previous shots that did land on a target). For someone that's also missing a driver, like me it's great that I can use their clubs they have at each bay for no additional charge. 10/10 would recommend. Been there twice in the past two days.
  15. Hey yinz fellow golfers! I'm Edward, from Pittsburgh, PA. I'm new to the site and the sport. Bought a few used clubs last summer to learn with at the driving range (along with a quick lesson from a pro at Cool Springs), then bought a starter set at Dick's for $150 (valued at $250). Simple Top Flite starter set. In fact, I even snapped the head of my driver off (not wrapping it around a tree thank goodness, but I digress....story for another day). But I'm headed out to the course for the first time with my uncle on Friday, so I'll find out how I play for real...updates will be posted! Anyway, I'll post my swing here soon and of course welcome all tips and advice. Though I will say, I already know that I need to be more consistent with shifting my weight from back to front...getting better but room for improvement (story of the game, though, for us all!)
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