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  1. Didn't play a round last year, but I want to get out more this year. The main thing preventing me is my lack of confidence on an actual course (as opposed to a driving range). My goals for 2021: 1) Take three (3) driver lessons between now and July 31, 2021. I need to reduce the prevalence of my terrible slice off the tee and become more consistent. 2) Play three (3) full rounds and (3) 9-hole rounds between now and October 31, 2021. Part of my consistency problem is simply not playing. 3) Improve my chipping and putting by becoming more knowledgeable in club selection an
  2. Yeah, we have a huge problem with that here in the U.S. And like I said earlier in this thread, it's a topic for another corner of the internet because it deals with much more than golf. But on the topic of golf, I've only really seen a level of diversity at the public municipal courses I play. And even then, it's few and far between because another problem on this side of the pond is getting minorities access, to a game that costs money, at a young age.
  3. I'm referring to a discussion on racial inequality. While we can certainly have that discussion within the confines of golf, this game is the least of our society's worries about the inequality people of color face on a daily basis. And your last part is precisely the problem. It shouldn't have to be "a rich man's game." It should be a game accessible to all those who wish to participate. Do you need money to make money with it? Yes. But I doubt even most of us here are professionals.
  4. While we are definitely better off than we used to be in that regard, we've got a long way to go. But that is a discussion for a different corner of the internet.
  5. I would say that a big reason for the lack of "people at the door" is the economic barrier that people of color typically face from a very young age. Makes it difficult to get exposed to the game early on and thus does not foster an interest in it when older. Brings us to a problem that is meant for a much different forum than this!
  6. Although your own perception of your group is that of a very welcoming persona, understand that golf, especially country clubs and private courses, have had a reputation for a long time of being...exclusive, for lack of a better word. I read an article today from a few years ago about a course that was allowing women to join for the first time in its history. Minorities see things like that and think "They'll never accept me there." We as golfers need to do more to actively SHOW how welcoming we are.
  7. Still a little new to the game, my ultimate goal this year is to break 100 (or break 50 on the 9-hole courses I like to play). I only played three or four times last year when I was learning the game, and each time I was a little over the 100 mark. So the goal is going to be achieved as follows: 1) Improve the consistency of my swing. I tend to put more weight than I should on my back foot during my swing, my drives especially. 2) Improve my chipping around the green. I have been having trouble getting on the green when I'm close because I tend to overshoot it. Saving a stroke on ea
  8. Like I said, I will add a second angle sometime this weekend or next week when I have the opportunity to do so. I am getting married in 8 days, so forgive me if my brain is multitasking until then, haha!
  9. I apologize. I was only able to get the one camera angle earlier this week, and of course will work on providing the right info. But I figured that one camera angle is better than absolutely nothing. I simply hoped that there would be people nice enough to want to help me.
  10. Would You Rather...? #28: Use only a driver for the entire round or only a putter for the entire round? Why?
  11. Hello everyone! I'm relatively new to the game and was curious if anyone could help me with my swing. I tend to have trouble powering through and putting my weight on my front foot. I know even from this video that my weight is mostly on my back foot, so I'm curious if there are any training methods you might recommend to help? I'm not sure what else to put here so any questions, just ask! I've been Playing Golf for: 1 year My current handicap index or average score is: about 20 over...only a few rounds on 9-hole courses to go off of right now My typical ball flight is: Slice to the right
  12. I do apologize. You must have missed the part where I mentioned that you cannot reasonably assume that Spieth's motion is a breach of any rule. Even if it technically breached a rule (it did not), his motion gave him what advantage? The entire point of rules in sports is to keep a player from gaining an advantage in an unfair way. Spieth did not gain any advantage by doing the motion he did.
  13. Habit is relevant in this scenario. Imagine you're on the teeing ground and you do precisely what he did in the video. Did you improve your lie? Did you alter the conditions of the area in any way to give yourself an advantage? No way no how. So you can't reasonably assume that if Spieth does this sort of motion before every shot that he's breaking the rules on every shot.So you can't reasonably assume that if Spieth does this motion before this shot that he's breaking the rules on this shot.
  14. Life is astronomically more important than golf, regardless of the level of the game (pro or amateur), the status of the professional, or the timing of a decision like this. It does not deserve to be questioned. It deserves to be supported 100% without question.
  15. I’m gonna throw in my two cents here as a new golfer as well. I bought a Top Flite set at Dicks Sporting Goods last year because they were on sale. Got them for $150 ($200 value). I’m pretty much of average build and such so I figured they’d work for me while I learn the game. So far they’ve been great, but I’ll find out when I hit the course this weekend or next week. my only complaint is I snapped the driver head clean off at the range one day. The driver and 3W are not the greatest quality but like I said, they work for learning the game and then I can upgrade from there. At THAT point
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