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  1. Any advice or comments are appreciated!
  2. Hi All, Very new to Golf, really just started up (played a few rounds.) Recently purchased some new (second hand) clubs which are more forgiving than the old ones I was using and it has made a massive improvement. Got a long way to go and booking lessons in at some point in the future but thoroughly enjoying myself so far! Cheers Steve
  3. I have also heard good things about Urban golf. I am planning to try it out on my next london visit. Similar to you Dornenglanz, based in hampshire but occasionally in london!
  4. Thanks, managed to stop it travelling as far right by tweaking my grip. Getting a lot more consistent now but still big improvements to be made. Putter plans have changed, ended up with an Odyssey 2 ball fang! Hopefully I like it, but cant complain considering it was a friends old one!
  5. I've been Playing Golf for: Just over a month My current handicap index or average score is: Unknown (Not been playing Long enough) My typical ball flight is: Slice The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Slice with Driver Videos: Hi, Thanks for viewing my swing, firstly apologies for the shots from only one angle and poor lighting / clothing. I was never planning to record, and when I did i thought it would only be for personal use, until I saw this thread. I understand most recommendations will be to get lessons, considering I have only played a few rounds and this was my third time using a driver - this is indeed my plan, however in the midst of a house move funds are very tight at the moment! One of my issues is inconsistency, sometimes I can hit the ball clean... Other times it slices off to the right, when it does this I also appear to "top the ball?" It dives down after a short distance and rolls on for ages! I have managed to correct this a little by adjusting my grip on the club, moving my hands around (Stronger grip?) - I am also probably trying to hit too hard in a couple of the videos, I can only seem to drive to 200 yards before the ball hits the deck, so any tips on getting extra length is welcome! Only other problem I have is an ache in my left hand, yes, I am probably gripping a little too tight as I felt the club slipping for a few shots. My Pinkie, ring and middle fingers on the left hand now ache, and the tendons running up my hand are the same. Would you suggest this is due to me not being used to it? Or gripping too hard? I am sure there are many, many issues so any comments, tips, criticisms and hints are more than welcome, I need all the help I can get! Many thanks for assistance in advance, appreciate your time. Steve
  6. Is it good then? I was only going to get it as a stop gap until I could find a decent one cheap! My current one is unbranded and just can’t judge it well! 🙈 just gone for 9 holes! My god these clubs make a massive difference! Keep sending it to the right with the driver, but not bad apart from that! Thanks!
  7. Guys, I really appreciate all the help. I have managed to source a TaylorMade Spider Mallet putter locally, in good condition and only £20. So think I will grab that tomorrow and stick with what I have for now. Many thanks for all the assistance :) - Tried out the Rapture V2 driver last night, and there is a massive difference when compared to my current driver, hope the irons and hybrid feel the same! :) Steve
  8. Thanks again for all the help guys! I have actually gone off on a tangent and found a set of Ping Rapture V2 irons 6-SW in good condition for £60 locally - Just collected them as they were only 10 minutes away (a sign maybe.) So cheap I cant afford not to take the punt on them. Regular steel shafts aswell! I will feed back what i think (though I doubt it will make much difference until I sort my delivery out!) As I now have steel irons down to a 6, I obviously have a gap. Would a hyrbrid club be suitable so complete a set for a beginner, I would have: - Driver (12 degree) - Hybrid (20 degree) - Irons 6-SW - Still need to find a decent / well priced putter! If I do go for a Hybrid, am i better going for the same shaft as my irons, or could i go for a graphite for this? Thanks once again for all the help! Awesome to get so much help for a beginner, and a great forum! :)
  9. Russ, Thanks for the points. All the clubs are Yellow dot which are what I need looking at Pings "chart" - Would graphite shafts be that much worse than regular steel ones then? - I don't really know what my swing speed is (complete beginner really) - I understand I am going about this a bit backwards! Appreciate the assistance
  10. An Update. I have a friend of a friend who has offered me any of the following sets of Irons for £100. I am just going to take a punt on a set and sell them on if i don't like them, I understand clubs are subjective, however, as an general sweeping statement, which of the following would you suggest is most forgiving and is easiest to play with: - Ping Rapture V2 - Graphite Shaft - Ping G25 - Stiff Steel Shaft - Ping G10 - Regular Steel Shaft I understand the rapture v2's are very dated - would the more modern irons be a better choice? Feedback is much appreciated, thanks :)
  11. THanks for all the help! Some great points raised! I’ll have to try a few sets and see what feels good! 🙂
  12. Hi, I’m quite a novice so please bare with me! ive been playing with some old clubs keno irons and unbranded wood / putter. I want to invest some money into some slightly better clubs. Can anyone recommend a decent, well price iron set / driver for high handicap players! I’m thinking about a rapture V2 Driver and probably the same for a hybrid (seem really affordable and forgiving.) As for irons I was also considering the Rapture V2’s, though I was told that the Ping Gmax’s are Better if I can warrant the extra money. Aside from that I have had the Ping G10’s recommended as well! Main reason I have only mentioned Ping is they are all I have used (I liked them) aside from the old Keno’s! Please help! Any advice, comments, criticisms are more than welcome! thanks zteve
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