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  1. I am now. I played pro 30 years ago in my early 20’s had to quit with bad back issues. And was never able to get back to the same. I just enjoy it now but I do not practice much at all anymore and only play a dozen times a year or so
  2. You go to range for two reasons one is to hit balls and that’s about it. Most people don’t have a purpose. But if you want to get better. You need a purpose. And that is to perfect ones swing. When I played professionally I would hit 500-1000 balls a day. You need a purpose. The swing has to become imbedded in your brain and become effortlessly consistent. If you can’t break par it’s because you don’t have a consistent swing. So you need practice over and over
  3. Beginner irons. Well really no such thing. It depends a lot on your size. Your swing and your age. The best advice would actually go to a pro shop and get fitted. PGA Superstores are great at helping and they have simulators to try them out. Worst thing to do is buy a set that doesn’t fit you and you can’t hit them. So don’t waste your money. Get fitted
  4. First off uneven lie is not a problem at all. Second. Bunkers are not a problem. It’s usua easier to get out of a bunker than tall hay grass
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