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  1. and still scored a 92 i swear this is getting old i cant get my putting down at all. i just bought a electric ball returner for putting in my living room so maybe i can practice a little more on it. my goal this winter is to buy new driver, 3 wood, 3 hybrid and a new putter along with a new bag along with some lessons. Plan on joining a mens club at my course next year and wanna be somewhat compentative . i also think the club it self will help me cause i normaly just play with my dad and brother who both thing there all that but really suck just as bad as me.
  2. i was looking at my online banking today cause i pay for everything with my debit card to show where i spend my money. and the guy at the course must of screwed somethen up it was suppose to cost 35 dollars. but they credit my account 35 dollars not charged me 35 lol so the day wasnt as bad as first thought it was
  3. after the 3rd or 4th hole i wanted to break my putter nothing would go in.
  4. get to the course a hour before turny time to warm up. started off with my irons hitting about 15 each of 6,7,8,9,PW,SW. Hit those all nice had about 10 balls left so figured i would just hit the last 10 with my driver. Pull the head cover off pull the club out and wtf the club was broke in half. Some time between last sunday and today while the clubs were in the back of my truck my drive got broke in half by someone or somethen. No idea how it happen. i had just brought this driver a month ago about used only got like 4 rounds out of it. After that i just didnt hit for shit durning the turny
  5. From a packer fan to a nother this is what i think. I guess if the queens win it all this year i can say it took a packer for the vikings to win it all. Or if they make it all the way in lose i can say took a packer to get there and a packer to take it away.
  6. 1. i know and dont care i like to document my progress 2. Thanks 3. i know and dont care on that one also im not in english class lol
  7. have done it on driving range but today i did it for the first time on the course and wow it felt great almost to good though cause i only had 50 yards left to center of green and pin was in front used my sandwedge for the next shot and got on the green but about 25 to 30 feet away and 3 putted :( i really need to work on my putting now
  8. my back is finally felling better so hopping the rain stays away long enough(same storm as at the pga championship) today to get 18 in
  9. i got a good story for you guys when i was around 9 years old went golfing with my dad like we did every weekend didnt golf but just walked the course with him and walked in tot he woods looking for golf balls in process i steped on a yellow jackets nest was stung about 50 some times 9 years old and holding beer cans on my body cause i was so swelled up and the course didnt have a ice machine
  10. yep was pitching and had 3 line drives at me that game caught the first 2 and that one snaged me bad lol
  11. check out that black and blue mark if it was 2 inchs over i wouldnt have to worry about any more kids lol
  12. wow after taking 1200 mgs of Advil last night i got a good night sleep surprising and my back feels alot better today i been icing it for 20 mins then put heating pad on it for 20 mins keep switching back and forth i just might be able to play and next weekends turny at this rate :)
  13. i got my first birdie ever about 2 weeks ago was followed up by a triple boy how you can forget about a bridie fast that way
  14. i suppose to be in 2 turnys one this weekend(tomarrow) and one next weekend but today in my softball tournament my back went out i cant even walk let alone swing a club so means im not going to be able to play kinda bummed about it both were 4 man best ball.
  15. i entered a 4 man best ball turny on Sunday for a cancer fundraiser not looking at my calendar before hand i have a softball turny this weekend also i have 3 games Saturday night and at least 2 games on Saturday and upwords to 5 or 6 games depending on if we keep winning or not. so i should be nice and sore for the turny on Sunday :(
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