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  1. knpa

    Turf Toe?

    Message received. I've made an appointment. Been able to stay out of the Dr office usually but not this time.
  2. knpa

    Turf Toe?

    Thanks. Gout, sounds worse and maybe more persistent.
  3. I'm right handed and the last week my right big toe is swollen and painful. I normally play and hit quite a bit. This is new as I haven't really changed anything. I'm 67. Any thoughts about a prognosis. Last week I took ibuprofen and played on; not so today.
  4. Can I get any info on 4 courses MBN West, Aberdeen CC, Myrtlewood Palmetto, and Arcadian Shores. I'm going down in Feb. I hope I've chosen well.
  5. Shot a 99 with a terrible start. But the bright spot was I finally hit new driver with a little consistency and very long. I am really looking forward to tomorrow's tee time.
  6. I have begun to log some practice time with a net. Does anyone have opinions on its swing improvement value? I've used tape to see the location of impact and, of course, sound and feel. I wonder if I may be doing more harm than good.
  7. Like so many situations in golf, it depends on the individual. For me, hit to quick is no good. Probably lack of commitment. If I spend too much time I overthink the swing. So my challenge is to always get the proper balance.
  8. I agree. An umbrella and rain gloves are, however, required.
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