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  1. My trick? I stopped using sticky tape 2 years ago, I now "blow" on my grips and haven't looked back since.
  2. Hi All, I went back recently to an old set of irons I built years ago. What I noticed were (2) things. 1. I'm hitting my iron shots much better to the green. 2. I am hitting higher shots than I'd like. I then had my scoring clubs, 7 thru SW bent 2 degrees stronger, that is delofted. The older clubs tend to have higher lofts than the more modern irons of today. So now I'm hitting the shot shape to the green that I like best. Also, I haven't noticed any difference in "bounce" and the clubs certainly aren't "diggers" Play well.
  3. I have a renewed love affair with my old Golfsmith Tour Model IV irons. I hit them very well but I am planning on getting the loft adjusted and made just a bit stronger by 1-2 deg. My ball flight on the 7,8,9,PW,SW is too high and I could use more distance as well. Have you rested the back enough to get out on the course yet?
  4. An old time golfer once told me to only swing with 80% power to gain consistent control over my shots. It's a lesson that has won me many rounds of golf........
  5. Club Length and Lie angle relationship summary: It your club's lie is correct and you add 1/2 inch to the club's length your club then plays 1 degree upright, thus, if you shorten the club's length 1/2 inch the club now plays 1 degree flat
  6. Hi Charlie, The shortening of your clubs by the fitter didn't change your lie angle, it got you closer to the ball.
  7. Yes, you are correct. That is why ball position at address is very important. It basically shapes your shot.
  8. A lighter club equals faster swing speed and therefor longer drives. But the swing remains the same.
  9. I think you should hit whatever clubs give you the confidence. There is a tour player that has every iron in his bag at the same length of the 5 iron. Interesting concept don't you think?
  10. Hi Charlie, You are a standard club length. The 5 iron should be 38" steel shaft or 38.5 for graphite. The 6 iron is 37.5 steel and 38" for graphite. The clubs are 1/2" different up and down. The only other issue would be if you are a standard lie or not. The only way to tell is to have a club fitter tape the bottom of the club and watch you hit some balls to determine where you consistently strike the sole on your swing.
  11. Hi Charlie, With your hands loosely by your sides and in your stocking feet, what is the measurement from your longest finger, usually the middle one, and the floor? Left hand= Right hand=
  12. I recently went back to the Golfsmith Tour Model IV irons, and have improved my iron shot making. Is there anyone else playing Golfsmith component clubs?
  13. So my question to the golf forum: Is putter grip alignment something that can and should be adjusted to an individuals liking? Do the pros make this adjustment? I find that aligning my flat face putter grip a few degrees left of center has actually relaxed my hand and I'm making more short putts.
  14. My experience has been that you will benefit from going to regular shaft flex if your swing speed is correct for them vs using stiff flex with the slower swing speed.
  15. Yes, I use the Blue Painter's tape, but no tape is fine as long as the grip is secure. My preference is using the .580 grip on a .600 shaft.
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