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  1. I use the old Ping Pal 2 putter with the standard Ping grip. For me, it gives me a sense of feeling the putter in my hands and more confidence in the putt.
  2. Hello, The Golfsmith Tour Model IV was a great component head from the 80's that was designed to be a lot like the Ping Eye 2. I have renewed my love affair with them because of my improved iron shots to the green The only complaint is that these clubs were made back in the late 80's and the lofts reflect this. My iron shots are higher than I'd like, so I decided to change the lofts to a more modern, stronger spec. on the bending machine. After completion the bounce changed, but still maintained a positive degree. Here is the breakdown: 3 iron 21 deg to 20 d
  3. It's a personal decision. But like most decisions, there are consequences which usually dictates the decision. And it usually centers around money. If it were me, and I honestly felt I deserved it, I'd accept.
  4. I recently went back to my first set of irons that I built back in the late 80's. They're Golfsmith Tour Model IV (similar to the Ping Eye 2). I've been hitting much better iron shots with them but had to make a 3 deg. decrease in loft adjustment due to the fact that I normally hit a high ball, and the stock loft back then was greater than today's irons. The Golfsmith was a very good component company back in the day, so I can only say my experience with component club making has been positive, if that helps.
  5. Your distances are still pretty good, I would agree with your instructor. I think you should give it some more time. Play well!
  6. Yes, a great club that I recently went back to playing. I built them back when I started playing. My iron shots have improved with them, but I don't like the high flight of the ball. I am looking for the lower trajectory and hoping the upgrade in loft from OEM specs. will give me the results I am looking for.
  7. Well, it's time for the old Golfsmith Tour Model IV Irons to be adjusted to modern specs. These irons from the 80's are based off of the Ping Eye 2 and are great irons but the lofts are outdated compared to the new more modern specs. I have determined that all irons will need a 3 degree stronger loft and a .5 degree upright adjustment over stock specs. The bounce will change of course but my initial check indicates I will still have positive bounce after the adjustments are made.
  8. Thank you for your insight. I've gone 2deg. and haven't noticed any difference with bounce yet, I plan to go 2 deg. more. I'll try it out on my 9 iron first and then I'll know if I should go ahead with the other clubs.
  9. I am bending these myself, the heads are a soft cast material.
  10. So my new, or should I say old, iron set that I am playing with has been working out pretty good. The Golfsmith Tour Model IV is a very good iron based on the Ping Eye 2. I noticed my iron shots have been higher than I like so I decided to make the lofts 2 degrees stronger. I haven't noticed any difference with bounce. This has helped my shot making but not quite there yet., so I decided to try a 3-4 degree stronger loft. My original lofts were based on the old club lofts of the 80's and not the newer more modern lofts of 2020.
  11. Those are a great iron to play. When you find a good club stick with it. Did you build this set yourself?
  12. So Dick's has repackaged what looks like the old D2 line of Top Flite golf balls into the new Hammer line. Anybody play with these balls yet and can comment on performance? $15.99 for 15 golf balls is nice on the wallet.
  13. My trick? I stopped using sticky tape 2 years ago, I now "blow" on my grips and haven't looked back since.
  14. Hi All, I went back recently to an old set of irons I built years ago. What I noticed were (2) things. 1. I'm hitting my iron shots much better to the green. 2. I am hitting higher shots than I'd like. I then had my scoring clubs, 7 thru SW bent 2 degrees stronger, that is delofted. The older clubs tend to have higher lofts than the more modern irons of today. So now I'm hitting the shot shape to the green that I like best. Also, I haven't noticed any difference in "bounce" and the clubs certainly aren't "diggers" Play well.
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