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  1. I've enjoyed the 5SK and think they make sense but haven't found a lot of content online beyond a link to some drills and the basic overall description (referenced below). If there something I'm missing to get more content? I've been using Golftec for almost 3 years and looking for a change because I'm not seeing significant improvement. There seems to be so much conflicting info out there. My instructor advised a VERY strong grip and some other tips that seem to contradict what I've ready in the Jack Nicklaus book and other sources. http://purestrike5sk.com/videos.php# http://5sk.com/index.php/site/about
  2. thanks for feedback - I'll have to check out LSW. Does the book provide specific instruction on building a swing or is more of a strategy, getting around the course type of book? I'm really looking to build and perfect a consistent sound swing as my primary interest.
  3. I've spent a good chunk of $ on lessons (mostly via Golftec), and found that I'm not that satisfied with the progress I've made. Recently I came across "Play Better Golf" written by Jack Nicklaus published in 1988. I read about a quarter of it so far and took it to the range to work on techniques in the book. I found this method to actually be pretty productive at a significantly better price than Golftec ($1000 for pack of 10 lessons at 30 min each) vs $15 for a book. I'm wondering what people would consider some of the best golf books they've read that you could take to the range and use to significantly better your swing. Some that I've come across include: Ben Hogan's Five Lessons The Impact Zone (Bobby Clampett) Stack and Tilt Swing (Michael Bennett) The Anatomy of Greatness: Lessons form the Best Golf Swings in History (Brandel Chamblee) The Practice Manual: The Ultimate Guide for Golfers (Adam Young) These were all highly rates on Amazon but obviously don't have time to buy/read all of them. Wondering the top 2 books people might suggest.
  4. Premo

    Local 5SK Instructor

    Thanks for the update - I'll reach out to his email. It was mentioned he was at Forsgate Country Club but that's about an hour drive from me. It also looks like Jason Blonder (5SK certified) is a bit closer in Clark, NJ.
  5. Premo

    Local 5SK Instructor

    I found two other instructors that might be close by - going to see if I can connect with them. Thanks -
  6. Premo

    Local 5SK Instructor

    Tried to contact this guy but his email and website don't work. Paul Kaster Director of Instruction Northern New Jersey, NJ Paul is an accomplished player and has turned his passion for golf and continuous learning towards becoming the best coach and instructor that he can be. He is also a Flightscope Certified Professional and leading SeeMore Putter Institute instructor. Paul coaches players of all ages and abilities and believes in a multifaceted approach. Several of his junior clients have earned berths at the U.S. Kids Golf World Championships at Pinehurst Resort, and Player of the Year honors on U.S. Kids Golf local tours.Paul has studied under and taken lessons from a number of the most renowned coaches in golf including Bob Toski, Phil Ritson, Gale Peterson, Chuck Evans, Dr. Rick Jensen, Randy Meyers, Pat O’Brien, Ted Gallina, and Canadian coaching guru Henry Brunton. Email: paul.kaster@medicusgolfschools.com Phone: (609) 306-5029 Website: http://paulkastergolf.com/ Facebook: Facebook Twitter: Twitter
  7. I've been taking lessons for years at Golftec with some improvement but have hit wall and feel like I was actually declining. Someone suggested 5SK drills and I took a look at a link showing various drills across the 5 keys. I noticed my Golftec instructor was actually telling me to do the opposite of some of the 5 keys (such as keep your weight on your rights side - I'm a right-handed player), so was basically telling me to keep weight back when 2nd key is 85-90% weight forward. Just incorporating some of the 5SK drills, I've noticed my swing is improving again. I'm trying to locate a local instructor around me to use. I'm in Hoboken, NJ right outside of NYC. Any suggestions or should I just focus on continuing with the 5SK drills and learn on my own? I currently shoot in the mid 90s and looking to get down to low 80s. Thanks -
  8. Yeah - I mean I was hoping to get some more specific feedback on what online training has worked for others. Golftec is one way but it's pretty costly investment and I'm curious to try other approaches to better my game. From what I have found online, there are a lot of options with very mixed reviews including S&T, Rotary, Tathata, Strike Plan, etc. With all the combined wisdom on this site, was just hoping to get some feedback on what has worked for others to improve my game and shoot in the low 80s.
  9. Premo


  10. Ok. I look forward to checking out 5SK. Not saying Golftec hasn't been helpful - it's just that for the investment I don't think it's improving my game as dramatically as I would expect it to. There doesn't seem to be one consistent swing method, it's more just trying to address the flaws in my swing. I would rather learn one method and have the drills to practice to perfect vs just singling out every little flaw and trying to piece-meal together a swing using that approach.
  11. I'm not saying golftec hasn't helped, it just feels like I get better than I get worse. The format of the lesson is like 25 minutes. You put on this vest-like contraption that measures the angles, degrees, and other stats of your swing. We actually don't use that data a ton. Then I'll take some swings and we'll work on a few things based on what's going wrong. The instructor will pull up a video of a PGA pro to try and show the right technique. Then they will put a drill or two in the video instruction that I can pull up later on their website to review. I find the website a bit clunky. Ideally, I'd like to build a great swing from the bottom up. Golftec seems to just focus on what's wrong in my swing and try to fix it but I don't feel like it's really helping me build a strong foundation of a good golf swing. When I correct one thing I've worked on in golftec, inevitable 2-3 OTHER things become problematic in my swing. Plus it's ending up costing me a lot of $ dropping $1000 on a package of 10-15 30-minute lessons. I'd like to find a method that people feel consistently works for them and has made them a much better golfer. I'm good with chipping/putting it's really just my full swing that gives me trouble. One day I'm hitting my 7-iron 170 yards straight, a week later I'm slicing it or hitting it off the hosel. Sounds like Rotary Swing has worked really well for some but not others. Someone posted a link with free drills for 5SK that I'm going to start using. S&T seems to have some mixed reviews as well. I tried Tathata 2 years ago but it seemed like a really slow approach and my subscription ran out before I get get through a lot of the system.
  12. Hello - I've been reading through the forum and I'm interested in what people think is the best instruction technique to learn. I've been taking lessons at Golftec off and on for a few years but I'm not entirely happy with the results. I typically shoot in the mid-high 90s. I've been researching Rotary Swing, 5SK, Stack and Tilt, etc. I'd like to just commit to one program and put in the practice and drills to really build a solid swing where I can make great, consistent ball contact. I'm learning towards either Rotary Swing or 5SK - does anyone have any suggestions on what has really worked for them? Thanks - Prem

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