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  1. If you're confident with long irons you may love a 2 iron I do, the trajectory is a thing of beauty. I honestly find myself that a bad shot with a rescue wood puts me in more danger than a bad shot with a 2 iron. (Hybrid become a big draw missing left) as I find a lot of rescue woods put weight in the heel to help promote draws. Dispersion is much less with a 2 iron for me also. I can hit the 818 H2 i have straight ish if I set it up with fade weight bias and promote a fade with the surefit. It just feels like it balloons if theres any wind in the face. I play with Titleist MB's though so theres not much fear involved with the 2 iron especially with the T-MB as it's might forgiving. I just feel if I'm having an off day with the driver and missing fairways I can rely on the 2 iron and hit most par 5's with 2 iron / 2 iron if need be. My course is set up wonderfully for a 2 iron too. The front 9 is parkland, a wayward drive can be still scramble a par whereas the back 9 leads high into the hills and plays a lot more links style with higher winds and deeper danger. If I miss a couple fairways on the front 9 with the driver or feel I'm having an off day there's at least 3 holes on the back I'll leave the driver and 3 wood in the bag in favour of a stinger straight down the middle. It's a confidence club for me I don't feel I can miss a fairway with it and it flies about 270 so it gets down there.
  2. Never healthy to hit so many balls. I usually practice on a 'grass range' but I I went to another range and hit 200 balls as i wanted to use the top tracer to help gauge some distances with irons (i was verifying most shots with a rangefinder also) Anyway I hit 200 balls, returned the next day and got a basket of 100. My left hand was a little tight which i loosened off and proceeded to hit balls. 40 balls in i could no longer grip the club correctly. Gave myself Tendonitis, range mats especially put too much resistance in comparison to grass so not ideal for crunching ball after ball. On grass no issue really how many I hit with the exception of fatigue. I never have chance to hit close to 600 in a day. I always prioritise short game and wedge shots and putting over hitting balls. Hitting too many balls without a professional or swing coach present is only likely to be detrimental anyway.
  3. I'd drop it, makes you sound like a bad loser. Learn about mental toughness and psychology to toughen up in situations. Someone saying 'bad break' as you claim to could be construed as 'unsportsmanlike' for almost rubbing it in. Someone shouldn't be able to knock your focus so easy, and if they try and play you at these games learn how to bite back effictively usually best by not letting it affect you or alter your play.
  4. I play a 17 degree T-MB 718 2 Iron. I've never liked hybrids though, I hit them far too high. I live in the UK so it can get windy at times where I play. In which case it replaces the driver to hit fairways if there is wind in my face. I'll gladly hit it off the, or off the deck great club. I'm sure the new PING I500's 3 iron is 17 degrees these days now they have there stupid power lofts, retro lofts etc. you can choose from. Power lofts seem to be for people to brag about hitting a 180-190 7 iron whilst having larger gaps than ideal with 8-PW which seems silly to me. I suppose it will sell clubs to people who only care about crunching it though.
  5. Hi All, Been out of golf for the last 2-3 years due to back injury in the gym, 18 months of bi-weekly physio sessions seem to have almost fixed me. I picked up my clubs and decided to hit the local range, no pressure and no expectations I scuffed one out of ten shots and the rest were relatively nice strikes. After about 50-60 shots I thought I'd let rip with the driver and was spanking it, albeit extremely high. I've decided to Join Ramsdale and will play my first round tomorrow after work, get some more range time in and then get my handicap again. Any members at Ramsdale or anyone who hits a few balls at Leen Valley range up for hitting a few balls let me know! Quick Video of one of my nice drives on Friday as the TopTracers are free to use I thought i'd use it to suss out my yardages. I must say I was impressed with the top tracer, is it as accurate as it suggests? Driver: 8 Iron:
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