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  1. "The 7 Principles of Golf" by Darrin Gee

    I just finished reading the book and I thought it was a very good read. Went out for 9 holes and followed his tips on putting and pre-shot routine and shoot my best round so far (5 pars, 3 bogeys, and a triple bogey ). Now Im not saying that it was all because of the book but I believe his tips surely helped me feel relaxed on the course. I'm the kinda guy who'll carry a bad hole with me the rest of the round but yesterday I felt like that triple had no effect on me on the next hole. You said you wanted some cliff notes: 1)Get Grounded 2)Develop Feel 3)Visualize the Shot 4)Create Your Own Pre-shot Ritual 5)Find Your Natural Swing 6)Play One Shot at a Time 7)Transform Your Golf Game, Transform Your Life
  2. Question

    if your a beginner def go with anything cavity back due to the extra forgiveness.....anything thats a blade or forged you might want to hold off on due to the fact that the sweet spot is smaller and a decently repeatable swing is needed to hit a crisp shot every time