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  1. So everyone is lying.. that thread full of people are lying, im lying and that video is a lie... yes lets just take his word for it. You win.
  2. One more thing. He swings exactly at 105 MPH he only hit it 265, but that guy who swings 5 mph slower is bombing it pass this guy 20+ yards give me a break 😆
  3. You do realize 100 is not 105? Take a gander at the link again.. they ran it through simulation and max carry for a 100 mph swing with perfect smash factor is 235. Not sure why your disagreeing when the whole conversation in the link agrees with me. Also Screen golf is insanely popular here which i goto weekly i know my distances and my clubhead speed. He's not hitting anywhere near those numbers. Keep day dreaming. Might as well say i hit 500 yards since i only play downhill 50 mph behind my back only hitting cart paths. From now on i shall not be known as AltGolfer but by Mr
  4. No way your hitting 275-285 with a swing speed of 100mph.. Statistically its not even possible even with the perfect condition and perfect smash factor(as linked below). I swing exactly 99-102mph myself and i average 250-260 off the tee with carry. My 3 wood goes around 230-240. I smell more bullshit. *roll eyes* Also hitting 320 requires atleast a 120 mph clubhead speed and you can't just crank out 20mph+ out of nowhere smh http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/589535-theoretical-maximum-distance-for-100-mph-club-head-speed/page__st__30
  5. Misinformation. They goto something called "Screen Golf" for rounds which costs $10-15. I've played both in America and Asia. Says the old dude.. don't break your hips trying to pass me. 🤣 Funny enough my father is the exact same way... He constantly claims these monitors are not working properly and no way he only hits 210 yards.
  6. Asian standard of beauty is not the same as Western countries. We don't find big muscular aesthetics appealing. Girls tend too like the Pretty boy Kpop look. I guess if i had a muscular physique you would have a hard on for me and take me out on a date? You're right about 1 thing though i am lazy to hit the gym, but im not scrawny im actually overweight atm. Im around 170 lbs and i should be around 150 lbs. Asian BMI shows im overweight. Thus me playing golf again for exercise. Thanks for your concern though. Guess i'll do some push-ups now and stop drinking Cola(which i am atm).
  7. You stated you hit 260/280 out of 6/10 shots. Basically proclaiming that is your average. Hitting couple of solid shots doesn't equate too hitting it 260/280. That's your POTENTIONAL. I hit it 300 before too.. You don't seem me going around stating i hit 300. I average 265-270 off the tee(with roll), but that's what i CONSISTENTLY hit every time i hit the ball. I'm not trying to be "roid-rage" or "aggressive". I'm just ummm "passionate" about the game. Yes, im down to play. Got a number? Pm me it.. maybe we can setup something.
  8. I propose we go play some screen golf. If you can average that i'll pay for the game and buy you a drink. Im actually pretty close too you. 6:24 PM right now here. Cause its my rant thread and i can cry and whine if i want too.
  9. Why do you care if i care so much? It's my problem not yours?
  10. Let's say you actually average out to 270 yds. That would require around 105 MPH swing. Which doesn't factor in smash factor/angle. By being a 34 handicap you don't have the fundamentals/mechanics to achieve a consistent strike. The distance your proposing to me is of someone who swings at 120 MPH+ Since you claim you hit it 300 at times. Damn didn't know you swung faster than Tiger Woods. Why aren't your friends and you on tour? Should be smashing it 350 down the fairway. Your exactly what im talking about in my rant thread. All the articles i listed are not even 2 years old. I gue
  11. Before you make a smug comment. Yes, it bothers me too no end. Tired of the male ego. Most amateur golfers averages 220 yards(yes with roll) if they are lucky. I mean just the other day i was talking about this on reddit and some guy said I'd be lucky to hit 260 with my slow looking swing. Hes trying to act like this distance is a bad thing. I'd be in the top 10 percentile regarding distance against amateurs. Seen so many people talk shit on reddit and once i browse through their history i'm able to obtain their swing video and its laughable. Ya right you carry it 280...
  12. His approaches are usually P-SW... So like i said i would take the short game. Anything inside 140 Yards is short-game too me thats my pitching wedge.
  13. I use to be a scratch golfer. Averaging 275 Carry off the tee with my 983k Tilteist 8.5 back in day..I probably could average 285 now a days with the new clubs. My biggest weakness was always my short-game. Who cares about an extra 20-30 yards? Rather be close to the pin and 1 putt. Ever heard of the term drive for show putt for dough?
  14. I would take DJ's short game because i already have a decent ability to strike my balls. Looking at OP's handicap and yours you both seem to manage a decent ability to strike the ball. When i was around that handicap what i was sorely lacking was the short-game. Once i improved this aspect of my game i was able to break 80's consistently. I mean Tiger Woods has one of the worst inconsistent driver since hes been on tour. Doesn't seem to hurt him? Still stand by my statement from experience.. Short game > Long Game
  15. I disagree. Majority of people do not work on their short-game and just bang driver all day down the range. You can practice your full swing just as well with a sand wedge as you can with a driver. Slamming your driver nonstop like most people do on the range isn't going to improve your game, but practicing your distance control, chipping and short game will.
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