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  1. AltGolfer

    practicing weeks (months) hitting just one/few clubs?

    His approaches are usually P-SW... So like i said i would take the short game. Anything inside 140 Yards is short-game too me thats my pitching wedge.
  2. AltGolfer

    practicing weeks (months) hitting just one/few clubs?

    I use to be a scratch golfer. Averaging 275 Carry off the tee with my 983k Tilteist 8.5 back in day..I probably could average 285 now a days with the new clubs. My biggest weakness was always my short-game. Who cares about an extra 20-30 yards? Rather be close to the pin and 1 putt. Ever heard of the term drive for show putt for dough?
  3. AltGolfer

    practicing weeks (months) hitting just one/few clubs?

    I would take DJ's short game because i already have a decent ability to strike my balls. Looking at OP's handicap and yours you both seem to manage a decent ability to strike the ball. When i was around that handicap what i was sorely lacking was the short-game. Once i improved this aspect of my game i was able to break 80's consistently. I mean Tiger Woods has one of the worst inconsistent driver since hes been on tour. Doesn't seem to hurt him? Still stand by my statement from experience.. Short game > Long Game
  4. AltGolfer

    practicing weeks (months) hitting just one/few clubs?

    I disagree. Majority of people do not work on their short-game and just bang driver all day down the range. You can practice your full swing just as well with a sand wedge as you can with a driver. Slamming your driver nonstop like most people do on the range isn't going to improve your game, but practicing your distance control, chipping and short game will.
  5. AltGolfer

    practicing weeks (months) hitting just one/few clubs?

    Why people neglecting the short game.. I personally would get a sand wedge and a putter. You can work on your swing, practice distance control and even use the dang thing for chipping around the greens. Triple threat. Also grab yourself a putter for you know putting.
  6. AltGolfer

    Anyone ever tried Screen Golf?

    I haven't played golf in over a decade and went too this thing called "Screen Golf" basically a Golf Simulator because the green fees around my area is a quarter of a grand for an outing. This "Screen Golf" is a pretty big thing where i reside(South Korea). I mostly hit the greens in regulation, but the putting here was so awkward and i just couldn't get a feel... I 3-4 putted almost every hole. Ended up shooting in the high 90s. I'm trying to figure out what your experience was like compare to the real thing?
  7. AltGolfer

    What's your biggest problem in golf?

    My biggest problem is the fact i don't know if im doing the correct movements in my swing or not as i don't have a swing coach.
  8. AltGolfer

    My Swing (AltGolfer)

    I've been Playing Golf for: 14 Months took a 15 year break. Got really fat & wanted to lose weight now im here. My current handicap index or average score is: No idea (haven't been on a course for 15 years like i stated) My typical ball flight is: Draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Thinning the ball(with longer clubs) and sometimes on rare occasion i shank it. I feel like my takeaway is wonky for some odd reason i just can't point out why it's like my shoulder or my head is moving ever so slightly and my striking ability is no where what it use to be after this long hiatus. Also i have a question that i been pondering.... on the takeaway am i suppose to slightly rotate my wrist to the right or just take it back in one piece without moving it(Currently just moving it back in one piece). Videos:

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