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  1. Here's a really funny clip from Robin Williams on how golf was invented.
  2. That is just some completlly idiotic writing. What the hell is the Onion anyways, is this for real? That guy must be retarded. Good grief. I think its safe to say, Phil will be on the Ryder cup team.
  3. When I first heard that Dustin was with Paulina, and I saw some pics of her, I thought DAMN that chick is hot. Then I saw more pics of her all ****ty looking partying legs spread out and nasty looking. I quickly changed my mind, and there's no way I would marry her. I sure would hit it once though, then run. Hey I'm a guy. LOL There must be something wrong with the way she was raised, daddy wasn't home much at all, playing professional hockey. The mom seems like Lindsey Lohan's mom, all into her selft and not even cared about her own kids except for the money. Wayne must b
  4. Taylormade just dumped Dustin from their sponsorship. So he just secured a new sponsor.
  5. LOL I bet Phil knew all about how DJ was, and he told Amy stay the F#$#$ away from Dustin. A long time ago.
  6. I'm watching the Bridgestone on the golf channel right now, and they cut to an announcement. Dustin Johnson tested positive for Marjiquana in 2009. Tested positive for cocaine in 2012. And the breaking news is he test positive for cocaine recently. Thats why he was suspended. No more rumors any more, its official. They didn't say when he would return.
  7. If you go over to Golf WRX forums there's a huge thread about this. Some insiders that have contacts on tour, know caddies, etc. All are saying its cocaine addition. In 2011 Dustin had a so-called back injury. Well it was actually a failed drug test and he was suspended for 3 months. So now this recent news, must be another failed drug test, and the tour is suspending him and forcing him to go to rehab. Also in 2009 Dustin was busted for a DUI. Just like Another Kim, but AK didn't want to go to rehab so he was dismissed from the PGA Tour. And Paulina Gretski is an e
  8. I'm 46 and I started realizing my swing wasn't as good as when I was in my 20s. I played the AP2s for several years, and they just were not forgiving enough for my game. So this year I got some new irons. I chose the Callaway Apex. They feel great, forged head and are very forgiving. I tend to hit on the toe a lot.and barely see any distance loss from toe hits. I recommend trying them out, the feel will be very close to your Mizuno's.
  9. I'm a low ball flight player as well. Always have been, becuase I tend to get ahead of the ball at impact. This year i've been working on the range more, and I got my irons at a decent height now. But my driver and 3 wood, no matter what I do I just can't seem to flight those higher. It doesn't hurt me though, because I get some really nice roll outs.
  10. Golf is hard. Don't worry it, I do this all the time. Play great for a few holes, then completely lose it, then finish strong. This game is very hard to be consistent.
  11. Geeeeeeezus, already? No I'm still recovering from that brutal Super Bowl loss. The only way to make it right, is to go back and win it this time. Go BRONCOS!!!
  12. I thought Donald Trump's wife's/ex-wives invented gold digging? Thats what he claims anyways. So Julius Ceaser's wife was a gold digger?
  13. Yes I agree. Look at Jason, he's way on the end by himself with his belly hanging out. And look at his wife, that dud has good looks, muscles, etc. Has his arms all over her. Uh oh...........
  14. Last time I checked, there has only been 3 majors completed this year. Jumping the gun on the PGA?
  15. Hold on a second, are we seriously talking about men's golf fashion, and why they don't get their pants tailored? Ah come on man....... weird, just weird... Maybe you should be more concerned about how your playing, then looking at other dudes pants.
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