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  1. Ohh the only thing I could find in Nebraska is this; https://nebraskagolfpassport.org/ Which I will probably get next year for sure and travel during the week to play a round or two.
  2. Great information guys! I appreciate all the input. Unfortunately, there is only 1 private course in my area, and I 100% will not be able to convince the wife of that. So right now I have my eyes set on two courses for memberships. The first one is just down the street from the airport where I work and it's a beautiful course (probably the best in the area) and is $975 for a family. Then there is a 9 hole course just a few miles away in a different town which I will be going to play this week sometime and is only $475 for a family.
  3. Great information guys! What is a good price for a memebership? The one I have my eye on, and what other golfers in the area are recommending is at $975 for family or $705 for single.
  4. Good Afternoon! I am just curious how do you guys go about picking a home course. I am just getting back in golf after taking a 7-8 year break, and wondering what you guys look for in a home course. There are about 6 courses within a comfortable distance from me, that I would consider making it my primary course and possibly become a member at.
  5. Dances like me on my wedding day. I respect it. lol
  6. I think I might have to look into Evolvr, not sure if we have anybody in Norfolk, NE that does lessons.
  7. She did approve new shoes and a bag "You need a new bag because you look like a grandpa with yours" and I don't have shoes anymore so that's a given that I "need"a pair. I also somehow convinced her to let me get Game Golf, not sure how I did that one. Thanks, chezlorenze & Aaronaltr for the welcome!
  8. Thanks! Looking forward to getting back into golf and sticking around the forums.
  9. I manage an FBO (Fixed Based Operator) at KOFK (Norfolk, NE) basically I handle the Fuel, Parking, Hangers and pilot lounge.
  10. Hey Guys and Girls! I’m a 25 years old FBO Supervisor from Las Vegas, Nevada living in the cozy streets of Norfolk, Nebraska. I have an amazing wife and beautiful one yeat old daughter. I have worked at Omaha Country Club on the grounds crew for a year until I was able to get my foot in the door in the career field I love and have a true passion for and that's Aviation. Taking over and managing the FBO here at KOFK is a true blessing.I also do Graphic Design and Photography on the side where my work has been seen on UNLVrebels.com, WSCwildcats.com, Cyclones.com, SBnations.com, WarnerBrosRe
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