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  1. For anyone in the UK with this problem I can suggest www.golfbidder.co.uk They typically have about 15 of R11 and the same of R11 S. Good luck!
  2. The 9 wood should be a bit more springy than an iron and it will be about 5 iron loft so will fly lower and run further. You should be able to run it up from 100 yards or so with nothing in the way. It should also go further than a 5 iron on a full shot. Sounds like the 4 iron could have a rest.
  3. I have been trying to find a set of irons I like better than my old MX-20's. No result yet. I tried driver / hybrids / wedges / putter with no irons at all for a few weeks. No progress there either. I have now played four rounds with driver / woods / wedges / putter. Woods are steel shafted: Callaway BB 2004 used 5,7,9 ..... Bang SF assembled by me 11,13 …. SooLong assembled by me 17,19. Good progress. Better than irons or hybrids down to 110 yards. Indecisive at present from 100 down - may lengthen shaft on 45 degree 19 wood as a further experiment. The 11 wood for a bump and run is better than the 6 iron and easier from dodgy lies. Verdict from my fourball is "if it works then why not?".
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