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  1. ...yawn....how long have you an icacas been dating?
  2. you're such a tool....editing threads and posts is really lame.....if you don't like me or my posts just say so....but changing my words is lame...flat out lame....
  3. so iacas...why the heavy handed thread editing?
  4. ...anyone else find this interesting? ...I thought it was gamesmanship...but what do you think?
  5. ...what I do know is that both Tiger and Jack are two of the greatest representatives of the game of golf. For all of us lucky enough to have grown up watching Jack and now Tiger....WOW...does it get any better. In my opinion, both Tiger an Jack are what makes golf the sport that we all love and seperates it from all others. Kudos to both for letting me enjoy and appreciate the game that much more. I really don't think we will ever read that either one has bet on the game, used steroids, or was arrested at 3am in the morning outside a strip club.
  6. ...critics.... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!
  7. ....you are a tool....read the thread...I tried to edit it. Also...luckily I included "other". Iacas has deleted one of my posts already...but will not allow me to edit the poll....thanks pal...It's an opinion not an absolute...for all you Arnie fans....have at it. Iacas...if someone debates you try not and delete or edit post that do so...it's really lame....
  8. ...why? ...summary of article ...Tiger pushed ratings beyond what they ever were...now you are seeing the decline... ...summary....Tiger has the most impact on the game...thats why people watch or tune out... Love MaD
  9. found these interesting iacas... http://www.usatoday.com/sports/golf/...6-palmer_x.htm http://money.cnn.com/2001/06/15/companies/tiger/ http://www.golftoday.co.uk/news/year...news04/tv.html ...the article with Arnie is a great insight into your argument for Arnie. As for TV, I'll stand by my assertions... ...worldwide impact... http://www.usatoday.com/sports/golf/...8-impact_x.htm
  10. I would strongly disagree with this statement. I would argue that TV ratings, worldwide recognition, and a renewal in golf popularity is directly related to Tiger Woods and his accomplishments.
  11. I tried to edit the poll listings but cannot. Anyone know how? I thought about Arnold, and while I agree that during the late 50's and 60's he was a charasmatic figure, I didn't think he had as much of an impact as Jack did. Maybe his impact was more so during the 80's and 90's with regards to his business dealings.
  12. ...damn...I am a booby...sorry Mr. Jones!!!!!
  13. ...also....who can spell Nicklaus correctly?
  14. Who has had the greatest impact on the game? I’m not talking about whom is the greatest, I’m asking who has or has had the most influence, made the biggest impact, had more to do with how the game is played or viewed? I tried to come up with someone other than Tiger but the only other person that comes to my mind is Booby Jones and his early instructional movies along with the Masters. But given Tigers mass international appeal and his influence on prize money I can’t think of anyone else that has had a bigger impact. Thoughts?
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