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  1. That Taylor Made SLDR is several years old I believe. I'm sure it's an excellent driver but if you want a new model the hot Taylor Made is the SIM. The new Callaway is a great driver also. I have a Taylor Made M6. It's really hard to say. Some guys are die hard fans of a certain brand. I'd go and hit some and see what works best and feels best for you.
  2. 86. To many 3 putt greens. If I could putt I’d be a decent golfer 🤣.
  3. I'm a retired Police Officer. Currently working at a local elementary school as a head day shift custodian. Old enough to retire again but not sure I want to.
  4. Thanks for the info. Money is not really an issue but I don't think it's smart to pay $300 for a putter when the $99 dollar works just as well. I couldn't tell the difference between it and the Ping. My main issue has always been distance control. Thinking maybe the soft HB 1 will be the one I buy.
  5. Has anyone used any of the Cleveland Putters? I tried the Huntington Beach #1 and the Ping in the same style. Couldn't tell the difference except for the price. I have a Odyssey 2 ball fang now. Last round I played when I got home the face insert was missing. I've read where that is a big problem with Odyssey Putters. It's 3 years old so I'm not sure I'll even repair it. I've written Odyssey to see if they will send me a new insert but no response yet. I'm sure I could get it to adhere better than they did.
  6. I bought Rogue X with graphite shafts last year and just turned 66. I really like them. They do go a little further. I had Callaway Big Bertha irons for a good 10 years. I'm hitting them straighter it seems. If you are concerned about loft check out the Rogue irons and not Rogue X. Like others have said I think for the money the Cleveland Launchers are very good clubs and not as expensive. I have CBX wedges and really like them.
  7. I used to be deadly chipping with my 8 iron. New clubs not so much. Not sure why. I'm buying a Cleveland Chipper this Saturday. Glad I read this post.
  8. Concentrating on every shot. Seems the last 6-7 holes I loose it.
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