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  1. Yes, they don’t require the cart. I’ll probably be playing solo golf most of the time anyway so walking is okay for me. That’s something I thought about too. If only I could afford to pay for both. Ugh.
  2. Context: I've recently gotten back to golf and want to play a bit more regularly. Currently only play 18 holes once every 2-3 months really, and maybe hit the range every two weeks. There are three local golf courses within a 20 minute drive vicinity: a 9-hole course that's pretty poorly maintained - charges $30 for 2 rounds of the 9-holes on the weekends; and two public 18-hole courses that charge $40 and $55 for 18-holes on the weekends. All without cart but walking is fine by me. One of the 18-hole courses is currently offering a 1-year promotional membership for $560 (around $47 a month). With the membership, I'd only need to pay $10 for 18-holes and would get 60 free balls at the driving range every time I visit (instead of the usual $5/hr rate we have here). Looking at it purely from a cost-savings POV, it's obvious that the deal is worth it if I play at least 2 times a month and the savings become huge if I play 4 times a month (around $120/month in savings). As much as the "obvious" decision is already right in my face, I'd wanna get your opinions and ask if you'd pay for the membership. Maybe for once it'd force me to actually play more often (I have a 30+++ handicap and would probably really benefit from more frequent rounds).
  3. Since we’re on the topic of shortening the backswing and focusing on contact first, I was wondering if it made sense if I just slowed down my swing first as well and focused on contact? My full 7iron shot with my usual swing speed carries roughly 160-165 yards (it hit perfectly). Unfortunately, I probably only hit it perfectly 15-20% of the time. If I slow down my swing, I’d sacrifice maybe 20-30 yards but probably hit it more consistently. My worry is that if I do this, I’d have a hard time increasing my speed back up. Any opinions? Should I slow down my swing speed (which I don’t think is that fast to begin with considering the yardage) or should I keep practicing my usual swing and just work on improving contact with that?
  4. Thanks for the reply! I agree. I noticed in my clips that my backswing does seem to be a bit too long. Maybe it’s one of the factors leading to the inconsistent contact. Will definitely look at the post and video you linked. On another note - when I’m on the course, I tend to swing harder than normal. Probably because of the pressure on myself to hit it far and not trusting my yardage enough with a relaxed shot. I’d like to think that that could lead to an even longer backswing and more inconsistent shots.
  5. TLDR version: I've been Playing Golf for: 1 year on and off My current handicap index or average score is: Max handicap of 36 but score in the 120s My typical ball flight is: Inconsistent. Some are dead straight. Some slice, some hook. Nothing has been standing out recently. If anything, maybe a consistent push right. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Inconsistent fat and thin shots ——————————————— Hey everyone! Not sure if it’s a great idea to post a MySwing thread as my first post on the forum. But it’s because of this part of the forum that I decided to make an account in the first place. I’ve been playing golf on and off for the last year. I think I only managed to play 10-20 games and maybe hit the driving range 30-40 times due to time constraints. I’m currently a max handicapper and most of my recent scores have been in the 120s (highest score I’ve ever gotten was 117 I believe). I think the horrible score is mostly due to inconsistency and the frequent slices and hooks that go out of bounds in my narrow home course. When the stars align, I can hit pretty decent shots. Shots that, if consistent, could easily get me to break 100. A couple of months ago, the inconsistency was almost 80% always a slice or a push and every time I missed, I missed right. Recently however, when my shots don’t go the way I intend, they can end up anywhere (pushes, pulls, hooks, slices, thins and fats). I decided I wanted to first work on getting the thins and fats minimised. If I understood the 5 Swing Keys correctly, that’d mean focusing on Keys 1-3 to improve my contact with the ball. The video I’ll post below is a recent clip of my typical 6-iron shot. The clips show a shot that made decent contact and flew relatively straight. Not really sure how helpful it’d be posting a clip of a good shot rather than a bad shot - but I guess any comments would be appreciated. Particularly on whether or not there are any of the first 3 keys that I need to work on more. Or if there’s anything I’m doing that could be the potential cause of the inconsistent thins and fats. I’ve also never had coaching so I’m scared if I’m ingraining swing habits/movements that would be detrimental in the long run. PS: I only have one camera so the Front View clip is different from the DTL clip. Tried to be as consistent as possible but just something to keep in mind.
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