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  1. Just picked up 2 boxes (24 Balls) of TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls from PGA Tour Superstore for $25
  2. Thanks for the link, it was a great read. And as dbuck said it gives me a chance to try a few different make/models of balls with out making a large $$$ outlay.
  3. Ok, so I pulled the trigger and went with Titleist 5 way Staff Stand Bag. Got it in RED/WHITE/BLACK for a little under $200. I want to thank everyone for your input, it made it easier to make my choice.
  4. So I have narrowed it down to these 2 bags. Titleist Players 5 Stand Bag or Staff Stand Bag. But I am leaning ore towards the players bag. I have thought about what everyone here has said, and I like the idea of the 5 or 6 way bag the best.
  5. Was at the PGA store yesterday and it seems like 98% of what they have in balls are "Soft". Did not see any labeled otherwise, and trying to get someone to help seemed like it was an inconvenience to them so no joy.
  6. Speaking of pockets, I don't want to carry carry things I don't need around in my bag so how many pockets seems to be the sweat spot?
  7. And being new to golf I thought this was a non-contact sport.....😊
  8. So I am looking to pick up my first bag and I know I want a stand bag, but can't figure out if a 5 way or a 14 way bag is better. I know some will say its preference, but I am looking for feedback from those who have one or the other and why they went with that bag. I have narrowed it down to either a Ping or Titleist bag.
  9. Thanks for the info, I will head over to Target and pick up 2 packs of balls and start there.
  10. So this may be a silly question, but I need help with which golf balls to buy. I am new to golf and have only had a few lessons but want to go out and play. I was at the PGA store by me and they had so many choices of golf balls to pick from. Which golf balls should I be looking to pick up and Why ?
  11. Im new to golf and just picked up my first wedge, a new Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 CB Wedge on sale for $69 at my local shop, seemed to be a fare price.
  12. Whats the differences between Tailormade M1-M4 Drivers ? Local PGA Super store by me has several of these preowned from $140-$300.
  13. This is a little off the stated topic, but what Drivers in 10.5* should I be looking at. Im ok with a pre owned driver as long as it will benefit a new player.
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