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  1. OK delayed post b/c of COVID19. I played like 2.5 rounds with the new sticks they are very nice. The issue is that although most Golf courses are open with limited/ modified play here in Ohio, there are no ranges open and my yard is to small for a net. So I have not an opportunity to get real intimate with the new sticks yet. But in the 2.5 rounds, I have been very pleased with them.
  2. After 8 years, i got fitted for new sticks. I am getting some new irons, Taylormade P790. They are now on order.
  3. My PING Hoofer 14 stand bag lost the pin where the one of the stand legs attached to the bag. Called PING's customer service and they sent a new one out no problem. Nice to see that good customer service still exits today.
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