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  1. This what the tour wanted apparently when it came up with PIP. This whole Bryson-Brooks feud reminds me of the one between the Magnificent Muraco and Superfly Snuka back in the early 1980s that got the WWF mainstream media attention and put them on a huge popularity roll after Vince McMahon took over from his father.
  2. And don't forget that awful chip that lead to double bogey. Being this was at Olympic, I went back and viewed Palmer's collapse to Casper in 1966. Arnie lost his focus going for the record, and then his swing as Casper started to close in. But Casper made several lengthy birdie putts on that back 9. Arnie had to make a number of key shots just to get into the playoff: blasting out of sand and sinking a sizeable bogey putt on 16, getting the ball to the green on 18 from an impossible lie (Casper said it was an unbelievable shot, an impossible shot that showed him how great Arnie really was
  3. Actually, no surprise the way things have been going for Rory lately. He's lost.
  4. Agreed. MP would be much more appropriate, IMO.
  5. You've wasted a lot a time and energy for something you've deemed so simple. Placed on ignored.
  6. . I would say it's not as cut and dried as you (and the original poster you're defending) make it out to be. and that you're really not considering the question as posed. And, as a partner in a CPA firm, I can assure you that I face decisions as difficult if not more as legal or medical issues on a weekly basis. Seems to me, that you are trying to instigate something more instead of just providing an answer to something you deem so simple.
  7. Sorry, maybe some clarification is needed here. A just wants to get out there with anyone, because he's a player and simply wants the reps. He plays by himself during the week but welcomes the company on Sundays. But, he will speak up when it's just me and him and will book other courses because he knows I'm the only one up for it. he sends random texts about golf to me. B doesn't play with anyone else except for outings, but is constrained by his wife. C only plays with me period. It's like he (and E) only play when I ask them to. D is completely easy going. He has friends to play with, but t
  8. I doubt his wife allows him to visit golf discussion forums, lol. After all the (boorish) information provided, first come first served is not an answer.
  9. Thank you. Not the exact order I was thinking of, but the exact feedback I was looking for. And confirms that B appears to be (no pun intended) a problem, based on yours and prior responses.
  10. Don't you think I do that already? My question was who to lend the most credence to.
  11. I have thought about that. thank you. Doesn't work that way.
  12. Exactly the order my wife put on it. And, just so you know, she is someone who appreciates golf, watches it on TV with me all the time and used to play before children (and can still shoot in high 90s playing once or twice a year).
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