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  1. If you consider the Players and the Tour Championship, the unofficial 5th and 6th majors,respectively, then Rory deserves serious consideration now for POY.
  2. Actually, I'll routinely give the finger to a tough hole that I play well. You know, like f*ck you, I got you!
  3. I recently scored my two best rounds of the year back to back in totally different ways. The first one, I couldn't hit a fairway to save my life and was scrambling all day long because my driver was in the shitter, short and errant. But my irons were on enough to make 5 pars and a birdie (because of one of the only good drives I hit all day) and nothing more than a bogey, even though my birdie stroke on most holes was a wedge from 50-100 yards. Finished with an 11 over 83. I played the par 5s in 4 over &!*%!. Next round, the following weekend, I fixed my driver, so much so that I hit 11 of 14 fairways, with the fairways missed being just off and not in trouble, long and straight. One of my playing partners remarked, "your tee shots have an extra lift today.". Anyway, I kept spraying my iron approaches and couldn't get close to the hole for good birdie looks or missed the green entirely. I had 9 pars, 8 bogeys and a double for 10 over 82. Ironically, I was consistent with my previous round in one respect: my crappy play of the par 5s, this time coming in at 3 over on them. Could have had broke 80 twice if I just played the par 5s in even. Keep in mind, in the 36 hole layout I play, only 2 of the 8 par 5s are realistically reachable in two, mainly because they are straight, (but both are still over 510). 3 others are crazy doglegs and 2 are double doglegs and the 6th requires a 2nd shot carry of 230 over water. But, regardless, it's in my head.
  4. Spot on. He needs to acknowledge he has a problem playing his shots timely and be determined to remedy that, just like Kevin Nah did.
  5. You two need to look up the definition of predominately. It is patently false to say that the PGA Championship fields that Nicklaus competed against in his 5 wins consisted of predominately club pros. That's just not a true statement. This is not an argument about strength of fields which I know were absolutely stronger during Tiger's run and now. It's about an erroneous statement.
  6. I can see him winning too, but you stated that he looks like he's going to be tough to beat. I was merely pointing out that with so many names bunched behind him, including big ones like Rose, Koepka and Speith, it wouldn't be that hard for someone to. After all, it's not like he's built a huge lead. Plus all the fans rooting for him just adds to the pressure.
  7. Unless he can put some more distance between him and the others, I don't think so. Too many names a lot bigger than him still within 4 shots.
  8. Tiger needs to rest his old bones on his yacht. Rory needs to commit himself...to an asylum. That boy is not right in the head. Tiger's round was a slow bleed of an over matched and weary warrior. Rory's was 3 incomprehensible, psychotic incidents.
  9. Yep, that's what they mean by Tiger proofing.
  10. Yeah, it's really hurting John Rahm.
  11. Still wouldn't call this the tournament of his life when it's not even half over, he hasn't won anything yet and he's won 3 of the last 7 majors. Again, saying tournament of his life implies something he's never done before or could be expected to in the future.
  12. He won the 2017 US Open by 4 shots. The point is, he's not having the week of his life, like say Lucas Glover did, he has several times shown the ability to win majors.This is not something he hasn't demonstrated before.
  13. Hasn't he already done that 3 times in the last 2 years?
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