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  1. Dude, what? I was responding to the poster who implied he gets in his car loopy, not Tiger Woods. We don't know what the cause of the crash was and I'm not speculating. But, anyone acting like getting in a car half asleep is somehow acceptable behavior needs to be set straight.
  2. Then, for God's sake, get yourself a Keurig and have your coffee before you leave the house in a killing machine.
  3. That's what I think as well, way too baggy. But then again, I'm still waiting for the Johnny Miller circa 1976 package crushing fashions to come back.
  4. Not surprised to hear that. I thought there was something wrong with me for not liking him, but something seems off with him. To me, at best, he is another Tom Kite (consistently good, but boring player lacking that killer instinct) and, at worst, another Rory Sabbatini (speaks for itself).
  5. No, because that's not the evidence he was relying upon. He asked his caddie, playing partners and the volunteer on the scene if they saw it bounce, and all said no.
  6. More video has surfaced on the Patrick Reed Incident: I didn't realize that Bryson DeChambeau was playing in the group behind him.
  7. Instead of cursing or using offending slurs, I just shout like this on the course:
  8. Yep. When slumping Lee Trevino would switch putters. He found one in a garage of a house he staying in for the 1974 PGA and proceeded to win the championship with it.
  9. I don't think it's bad unless you are Rory McIlroy: "Bitter, Party of One".
  10. As someone who uses the line for putting, I agree with your approach 100%. I line up the ball and play with it to get it right only when it's not my turn to putt and I am in no one's line. if I have to wait until it's my turn I just put the ball down so that the logo is facing me and go. And that speaks to a bigger issue: people who wait until it's their turn to line up theit putt whether they use the alignment line or not.
  11. I recently switched to the Jim Venetos swing and it completely transformed my game from inconsistent to dependable. I was really struggling this year to about a 14 handicap because, playing only once a week and not going to the range, I could never seem to take the same swing to the course. Plus, I thought I was still back in my college days and was still trying to draw and fade on demand, often crossing myself up. Only my short game was consistently good. I was looking for a repeatable swing and found it by viewing Jim's online videos. It is a very simple swing that you can perfect wit
  12. If you consider the Players and the Tour Championship, the unofficial 5th and 6th majors,respectively, then Rory deserves serious consideration now for POY.
  13. Actually, I'll routinely give the finger to a tough hole that I play well. You know, like f*ck you, I got you!
  14. I recently scored my two best rounds of the year back to back in totally different ways. The first one, I couldn't hit a fairway to save my life and was scrambling all day long because my driver was in the shitter, short and errant. But my irons were on enough to make 5 pars and a birdie (because of one of the only good drives I hit all day) and nothing more than a bogey, even though my birdie stroke on most holes was a wedge from 50-100 yards. Finished with an 11 over 83. I played the par 5s in 4 over &!*%!. Next round, the following weekend, I fixed my driver, so much so that I hit
  15. Spot on. He needs to acknowledge he has a problem playing his shots timely and be determined to remedy that, just like Kevin Nah did.
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