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  1. But, over the course of their careers, there is no denying that Rory has a much better closer rate than DJ, who has blown many more major championships than he has won. And Rory never grabbed the lead in last year's Masters; he had to play catch up and couldn't do it. Rory just let one major go when he had a lead at some time during the final round. Otherwise, he's closed the deal the 4 other times he was there. DJ has what, like 4 or 5 4th blown 4th round leads (or ties for) in majors with only the one win.
  2. Bobby, Arnie, Jack and Tiger. Impact on the game carries a lot of weight for me, hence the reason Palmer is on mine despite several players winning more majors.
  3. True. However, I still trust Rory to close out a major more than DJ.
  4. Um, not a local rule, it's the rule: 26-1a and b. You have to go back to the point he ball last crossed the margin of the hazard, so your only options are to either replay the shot or got to the designated drop zone.
  5. That screaming hook of Casper's that ended up in the trees probably just started out too far left as I remember my dad telling me that Casper basically played a low hook on every shot.
  6. But he did dig in his heels at first and that's what got him into even more hot water. When the story initially broke, he doubled down on his stupidity saying things like $5,000 is a lot of money and I can sleep at night.
  7. Players: Justin Rose -12 Masters: Brooks Kopeka -14 PGA Championship: Rory Mcilroy -9 U.S. Open: Dustin Johnson -4 British Open: Justin Thomas -10 FedExCup: Rickie Fowler 
  8. Can't judge anybody, but I know would have given the guy $45K, roughly 3 1/2 of my earnings or 1/3 of what I would have paid the normal tour caddie. I would think of it in terms of not only making a normal guy extremely happy, but tell myself that I'm actually $85K ahead of the game.
  9. I am going with one win and no majors.
  10. Tell that to players like Tom Weiskopf, who was easily one of the most physically gifted and talented players of all time, but severely underachieved. When asked about what Jack Nicklaus must be thinking during his back 9 run at the Masters in 1986, Weiskopf famously responded: "If I knew how the man thought, I'd have won this tournament!" I know you're thinking what you said makes Woods out to be some superman, but you're really selling him short and making him sound like some sort of savant. The greatest players always possessed a mental capacity and innate ability to imagine shots that simple mortals didn't and no one exhibited those traits better than Tiger.
  11. What's scary is Rory's inability to take advantage of that driver. Nobody was better than Tiger at using the tools he had to get the ball in the hole. With Rory, it's somewhat the opposite. Doubt Tiger would have accomplished much more (given what he did accomplish) with Rory's driving ability, but easy to imagine what Rory could accomplish if he possessed Tiger's mental game.
  12. If it's just math, than be specific: quantify "a little better", "a few guys" and "slightly worse" and even you will see it's not as simple as you were trying to make it by using vague terms and then a reference to math. The man would have to win, something he hasn't done in 5 years, and win often. Players like DJ and Thomas would have to stop winning. Sometimes you just have to realize that though something is mathematical possible it is highly unlikely, given the facts and circumstances. This is all I'm going to say on this until this time next year when Woods is nowhere #1 in the WGR.
  13. The way he and Woodland are going off, poor Rickie is going to be in a huge hole before he even tees it up this afternoon.
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