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  1. Thanks for the reply! My fear is they do the old switcharoo in giving a legit 8iron and the rest of the set is a fake. But a 99.7 rating has to mean something. All their bad reviews were about shipping or customer service, not that they were selling fakes. I would imagine that us golfers would know they sold us a hunk of metal that look like an authentic, and they would have bad reviews for selling fakes. All i see are people pissed about shipping, and even those people are few are far between. Guess a new set of Diablo edge are on the way. Made my purchase.
  2. thanks, but thats not my handicap. I just never submitted it. Just want to see if anyone knows if they are selling authentics...thanks
  3. I saw a set of Callaway diablo irons from Ebay seller Golfetail. Have any of you purchased from them? They selling authentic clubs? Thanks for any help, dont wanna get burned.
  4. The custom Callaway big bertha irons i got +1.5 inches up2 lie, seem short! I measured from the floor up and they seem just an inch bigger...where exactly do you measure from? i got the work order from callaway and it did say +1.500 inches up 2.
  5. yes, but my question is is the uniflex stiffer than a graphite shaft in stiff?
  6. Guess my question is what is stiffer?...uniflex steel in regular vs stiff graphite? considering this for a 3 wood and maybe even a new hybrid
  7. thanks for the feedback, got them ordered and being dropped shipped from callaway...my last set was the nike sumos and the 08 berthas felt 10times better
  8. you get this club from that chinese web site?
  9. I went with the +1.5 and 2 up...hit a few balls with a club like this at the store..no more hunched back...but need to wrok on my swing even more now...atleast i feel more comfortable.. i ordered callaway big bertha 2008 irons in my specs...added the oversized grips too! cant wait to try em
  10. Now that i got fitted its time to shop for new clubs. im looking at the callaway big bertha 2008 in steel, i hit a demo set (standard length, not my +1.5) but they felt great and very forgiving. Any fans out there?
  11. Went back, used a different fitter. He thought i was more like +1 inch but he did think +1.5 and 2up would work too. Kinda reluctantly agreed with my golf teacher. He did take the time to look at my grip, im glad he did since he told me i need oversize grips as well. Cost comes out to $170 to add 1 inch of length, change all the irons to 2 up, and then regrip and weight them...for that price i think im going to just have a custom set ordered from their site. I see you can build some great sets to custom. any of you ever use that on their site? the builder said if i used the site and added le
  12. so if i go to a total of +1.5 inches, do you reccomend going 2 up? everyone that sees me swing says i am bent over way too much, we worked on trying to make my back more straight during set up, but then my set up looks un-hittable..and it is like that! Next question is do i have them add length and re-grip? or get custom shafts from golfsmiths?
  13. im 6'3 i have nike sumo irons +1/2 in stiff steel My teacher thinks im way to hunched over the ball, he thought my clubs looked too short for me, and that i was out of posture. He had me swing a 7 iron that was +1.5 inches, it felt great. He really does not agree with golfsmiths results. He thinks I need 1.5 inches over standard, and 2 up lie. My session at golfsmith went like this...They put tape on my 6 iron and had me swing twice. My 2 swings were not consistent. The guy measured my wrist to floor, and went in the back for 5 minutes. He then came out and said i should keep the legth and
  14. i got the 4, i figure its more versatile, and id rather have better control vs 10 extra yards. thanks all
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