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  1. Hello all, The club I'm currently struggling the most with is my driver. I can take my 3 wood and hit it off the deck dead straight 180-200 yards consistently. But when I tee up the driver scary things happen. I either have slight fades, nasty slices, or the ball just pops way up in the air and gets no real distance. I believe I am good on my address. I keep the ball just inside the left heel, ball slightly above driver, left should higher than right. So this leads me to believe it's either my backswing or my follow through that is causing my problems. For a driver do I want a wider backswing than say I would use for a fairway wood or iron? Am I coming down with too much of a downward attack causing the clubface to open? It almost makes me wanna not use tees and just blast my 3 wood, especially on par 3s and small 4s... 😣
  2. Hello all, I've just started getting into golfing seriously. I've had some experience here and there over the years. Going with friends and plinking around the course not taking it very seriously. My dad was a pretty avid golfer growing up and I remember watching it on TV a lot. Seeing legends like Niklaus, Palmer... watching Tiger win the masters when I was 9. Well, I decided to buy a decent set of used clubs and get into it more often. I'd love to hit the links at least once every 2 weeks. My bag has everything I need but a putter, lol I'm gonna hold out and find a decent one. My bag: Titleist 2 iron Powerbilt citation irons 4-9 Callaway steelhead driver and woods 4 various wedges (all titlist I believe) Right now my biggest strength is probably irons. I can generally hit them pretty straight. However I have a slight hook on my woods and driver I really wanna correct. I think I'm hitting them open faced but not sure how to correct it.
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