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  1. Located in Surprise, AZ. I have an excellent condition Ping G5 driver. I am the original owner. Cared for as you can see from the photos, no sky marks, original paint, 1 mark on the bottom of the club which I have no idea how it got there. I took it to golfsmith and the guy behind the counter commented that it looked like it had very little use. Shipping will be an additional $10 via USPS, Shipping is extra and I would defenitely recommend it. Best way to reach me: MSOKOL13@sbcglobal.net Photos were taken with my iphone. Sorry if they are not th
  2. I think you need to play the following for sure: TPC of Scottsdale Troon North Karsten ASU golf course These are all target style desert courses....will really test your driver.
  3. I think your putting too much thought into it. My wedges are: 56/12 60/8 The lob wedge is good for compact/hard sand as it has less bounce. The sandwedge is better for the fluffy stuff. I have found that going too extreme in either direction in regards to bounce ends up hurting my game.
  4. I love my Nickent 3dx 2 ironwood. I can hit it like a long iron, with more of a descending blow and it goes nice and high with a soft landing.
  5. Try the Nickent series of fairway woods. If you can't hit those it is time to see a teaching pro. Another recommendation would the the Bobby Jones by Jesse Ortiz woods. Again, this woods have a low and deep center of gravity and low profile face to give you the confidence you need on a tight lie from the fairway. It would also help us to know what kind of fairway you are playing now. As for square vs round. I like a traditional style clubhead so square is not for me.
  6. What about the Macgregor MT PRO wedges? I picked up 2 for $99 from golfsmith, they are forged and offer very good spin.
  7. I've been doing some research on this man's swing. It makes perfect sense, yet I see no professional golfers doing it....never heard of a pro teaching it locally...what gives? If it really is all that it is cracked up to be it would make sense to overhaul my swing instead of spening $1k every other year buying the newest technology. All I want to do is hit the ball perfectly straight, down the middle every time.
  8. So, noticed that my friend is usually hitting 1-2 clubs more then me. What has my confused is that while I am hitting 8 irons into greens that he hits 6 irons he usually cranks his drive 15-30 yards further when we both make solid contact off the tee...why is this? The only thing I can think of is that he is 6'1 and I am 5'9. So, maybe he gets a larger arc but that doesnt really explain the irons. He is using the same lofted irons as me, but yet his woods are huge off the tee and in the fairway, its not uncommon for me to witness him land it on the green from 260 out with his 3 wood and hit 30
  9. From my experience super game improvement irons cause me to hit the ball too high. The center of gravity it usually too low on these clubs. I would have a professional analyze your swing before you do anything drastic like changing your irons. I would also make sure that you are not swaying towards your target instead of rotating your body through-I sometimes do this and it causes my trajectory to be low. A good way to test this to get the proper feeling is to setup normally, then take a step to the right...this way you will have the feeling of hitting the ball on the upswing with your
  10. I would only sport that bag if I won it in a golf outing. I dont think I could honestly cart that thing around knowing that people probably think I am an alcoholic for carrying it.....but its your money
  11. What model of shaft? Would you be interested in trading? I've got a Ping G5 w/ a Aldila NV stiff shaft. The kick point is high which causes too low of ball flight for my liking.
  12. Depending on what ball you are using(2 piece distance vs 4 piece) it may not a lick of difference what wedge you play. I personally dont see much of a difference. I've played Cleveland, Titleist, PING and right now I am playing Macgregors because they are forged, inexpensive (paid $99 buy 1 get 1 at golfsmith) and have a traditional style. They all spin about the same but I've heard callaway makes real high spin wedges and of course the vokey spin milled and cleveland zip grooves are all well liked. My suggestion is to get something similar to the ones you are carrying now, it will be ea
  13. There is a reason that club is a rocket off the tee. The center of gravity is higher compared to most 3-woods. I had a Sonartec and experienced the same difficulties, same thing with my Ping G5 3 wood but not nearly as severe. I suggest you trade it in and get a Nicket 4DX. This clubs has a super hot face, a titanium crown which helps to lower the center of gravity and is avail. is a 3+ (13*) which I hit extremely well from the fairway OR the tee. Today I had an approach about 240 out and ended up pin high with a great trajectory. This says a lot because I'm not a very long hitter. Usual
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