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  1. Prob my last round on the Michigan road trip unless I get out of the office earlier than planned one day this week. Played Pine Trace which is a little brother to the beauty I played on Friday. Not an overly long course. Only 6600 from championship tees. It’s tight in a lot of areas tho. Hit more irons and 3 woods off the tee today than normal. Hit 8 fairways, partially due to the driver staying in the bag some. Hit only 6 greens tho. Missed 2x from inside 100 yards which is infuriating! Didn’t 3 jack any greens tho. Only 13 putts on the front. Total 31. Shot 38/41. Couldn’t get a putt to drop on the back. The course got one last kick in the balls on me when I hit a 5 iron from 190ish to inside 7 ft and lipped out the bird. I should have had 3 birds on the back. Actually had zero on back. Still nice course. Quick round in under 3 hours. Fun day. Could have scored better.
  2. Heather Highlands MI. +2 for 4 holes and left. Course is virtually a cow pasture. Web page advertised “private club fast greens!” The truth is the greens haven’t been cut in weeks. An embarrassment to golf is what I would call that steamy pile. I have had cases of shanks and quit for a day but can’t remember ever walking off of a course due to the conditions being so awful before.
  3. Sylvan Glen MI, local muni near my hotel. Decided to play the tips today since I’ve been pounding the driver lately. Well today the driver was the only club in the bag I couldn’t hit. Course is 6800 roughly from the tips. Spent all day hitting 4-6 iron at par 4’s because I just couldn’t flush up a driver. Weak slices all day struggling with the weight shift. 43 on the front. Played the back a bit better with a 37 on that side. Last hole I sprayed a driver right and hit a 3 wood into the back of the green from 250 to give myself a look at eagle so at least I finished with a good shot. 3 fairways. 8 greens. 35 putts. Nothing really spectacular but good practice with the long irons I guess. Grinding all day and nearly broke 80.
  4. GIR and scrambling. Putting to an extent but not putting alone. I know where I should be putting and if I have a lot of chips I should expect putts to be down. If I hit a lot of GIR and have a low putt total i know I made a few.
  5. Shepherd’s Hollow Michigan. Rated in the top 100 public courses list at one point in the recent past. It is a nice golf course. 27 hole facility. I played holes 10-27 today. Greens smooth. Rolled beautifully. Not quite glass though. I would estimate 10 at most on the stimp which is certainly fast but not as fast as the day I played a course at 10.5-11. wasnt able to get my GPS app loaded for 1st 4 holes. Was flying blind with just a yardage guide I had. Not quite the same for me. Bogeys at 1st 4 holes. Played the last 5 on the side even tho and shot 40. For back a little more up and down. Double at 10. Bogey at 11 and 12. Had a run on 13 and 14 tho. Massive drive at 13 left a 50 yard sw I stuck inside 10 ft and holed the bird. Drove the green at 14 and 2 putts for bird. But another double at 15 and 18 didn’t help. Still managed to shoot 82 on a pretty challenging course. Hit 10 fairways and 8 greens. Even with 3- 3 putts I still managed to have 33 putts which isn’t awful for me. Made a few. Just left myself some really tough lags in a few spots. Most challenging part of the course to me was the green complexes themselves. Large greens with a lot of double tiers so if you miss on the wrong side you can absolutely forget getting up and down. Fun round. Have another week in Michigan and a tee time Sunday at a lesser known course that supposed to be pretty nice. Can’t wait!
  6. I’m on a work trip for 2 weeks from PA and staying 15 minutes from Shepherd’s Hollow which from the reviews seems to be an exceptional course and they advertise as being in the golf digest top 100 public. Has anyone played it? I have an early day Friday and booked a 1:30pm tee time. Just want to know if anyone has any insight or things I need to know before I play. What your thoughts on the course are, etc. Was $70 for the round so not excessively priced based on the reviews. Any info anyone has would be appreciated!
  7. Appreciate the invite but I’m in Michigan for a work deal 19th-31st and wife has a family reunion on the first. No way I could get back and go play golf the next day! Wife would murder me!
  8. I had a run of several weeks of great golf. Today I came back down to earth. Opened with a double at 1. Then bogeyed 2. Both holes missed short putts that started the day off bad. Made pars at 3-6 but a 3 jacked green at 7 for bogey hurt. Bird at 8 but then a missed up and down at 9. Back went to shit! 3 jack for bogey at 10 and 11 and was just erratic the whole side. Ended up at 81. 1st round I failed to break 80 in over a month. I guess if it was easy it wouldn’t be so fun.
  9. Really nice round today. Best driving round of my life. Was blocking the driver for weeks and I went to range and really worked on tempo and not rushing things at the top. For the last 3-4 weeks everything has gotten better and better culminating in a round today where I hit 10/11 fairways. I’m not counting the 2 holes I went for the green off the tee and missed them. I hit 12/18 GIR. Shot +3 on front and even on back. 11 pars, 2 birds and 5 bogeys. Best round of the season for me. Maybe the best ball striking round I’ve had ever. My misses were all solid except for the 3 wood I went at the 1st green in 2 with. Feeling very happy with where my game is right now.
  10. It really is fun to play the courses I played then now. For all the reasons you said. I’m so much stronger and have such a better swing now for sure. I seldom was able to even reach the 1st at the course we played today when I was young and today I was 140 something to the middle of the green hitting a 9 iron in. Last 2 times I played it I drove the green and had an eagle putt at the 12th. I was always trying when I was young but I couldn’t get inside of 50 yards back then. 17 I was hitting a 5 wood or even 3 wood some days and now I can reach that par 3 with no more than a 4 or 5 iron. The other course back home I can cut the corner at the 2nd hole and get on the green now. Never even considered doing some crazy stuff like that with a driver in my teens!
  11. I live about hour and 15 min away from where I grew up so I try and get back at least twice a year to play. Always fun to play and think about how far my game has come in years since I started. Some changes at the course too. Some trees out. Some tee boxes moved- some holes shorter or longer. I don’t play there a ton and this was the closest to my A game I’ve ever brought back home with me. Unfortunately for me my buddy I was playing with had a good day as well. I don’t shoot 77 and lose very often.... but he fired off a 74 today. Fun to play well against someone else who is also playing well tho!
  12. Went back to where I grew up today to play the 1st course I ever played. Was going into my freshman year of high school in summer of ‘93 the first time I saw the course and promptly barely broke 70 that day... for 9 holes. Fast forward to today and met up with an old high school friend who is a member. He had a pass to get me $24 off the round which would have normally been $34 for green fees and cart so I was already winning before I even hit my 1st drive. Course opens with what I find to be the toughest hole on the course. 420 yard par 4. Ripped a driver down right side of fairway and have a 9 iron in which is certainly the shortest approach I’ve ever had there. I pushed the approach tho and after a decent chip I narrowly missed the par putt and opened with a bogey. Pars at 2-6 made the day look better tho. Horrible SW to a back pin at 7 I flew over the green cost me another bogey tho but bounced back at par 3 8th by sticking an 8 iron to 5 feet and rolled in the bird to get back to +1. Par at 9 gave me the lowest 9 hole total of +1 36 that I’ve ever posted on the course. Back side wasn’t so great. Had to hit a stinger for my 2nd at 10 to stay under the trees left. Ran through the green and missed the par save. Par at 11 and 12 were lost opportunities. Drive left at par 5 11th left me behind a series of trees and although I only needed a 7 iron to reach in 2 I had to play right of the green and chip on. Drove the green at 12 and 3 jacked it for par. Lost opportunity. Still only +2 at that moment tho so freaking good. 13 my 9 iron off the tee left me short sided in a bunker and couldn’t make the save. Now I’m 3 over. Drive left at 14 and behind trees so no chance yo go for green in 2. Made par. 15 left my birdie putt so short I was fortunate to make the par. 16-18 were all bogeys.Great drive at 16 and wasted it by missing green with a gap wedge. 17 I didn’t use enough club off the tee. Flushed a 5 iron and came up a club short. 18 hit a bomb off the tee and missed green with a gap wedge. End of the day a 77 is normally not something to complain about but I left several shots out there. Feel like I should have shot 72-73 today.
  13. Haven’t posted on this page for a while. Figure this would be a good place to come back to. Today I played excellent on the front. 38 on a par 36. Made 8 pars and a double. Then the heat got to me and I went double, par, double on the back en route to a 44 on the side. Pretty deflating you shoot 82 with the front side I had. Still feeling pretty good about my game. Have been putting well over last few weeks. Ball striking is as good as it’s been in years. Today was my 1st round over 80 in 3 weeks.
  14. Couple weeks ago I ended up joining up with 2 guys who were drinking pretty heavily around 9 am. By the 3rd hole I was aggravated with them but on 6 it got bad. Guy left a wedge on the par 3 6th and comes driving back down the hill toward the green as one of these guys was teeing off. It’s a wedge or a 9 iron to the green and dude missed badly right. When the guy came down asking if anyone found a wedge the guy I’m paired with said no didn’t find one but really appreciate you driving down while I’m teeing off. Didn’t see any reason for him to say that. Just blaming the guy for a bad shot. The pace was slow all day and by the 11th the group in front of us even had me irritated. Well the guys I’m playing with finally drive right through them on 12 and head to 13. I’m a member and not doing something like that. I waited. They let me through on 13.
  15. Played the back twice today due to leagues getting off to a slow start. Could be a blessing. Club champ is end of September and the back is def my worse of the 2 sides. Playing it and focusing more on some of the trouble holes could be a good thing. Shot 42 the 1st time through. 38 the 2nd. Drove the ball pretty well. Putted well. Ran some chips way too far past but again my issue of the last couple months is bad misses from 100 yards out. Can’t figure out why I’m struggling to hit greens that I should not miss.
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