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  1. Been playing a lot but not happy with the results. Monday played the front 2x. First time through was awful. Drive, miss green chip and 2 putt for pretty much every hole. Original plan was my buddy to join me at the turn. Played the front so bad we just started over. 2nd time through by the end I couldn’t get off the tee anymore. All confidence in my driver had left me. Went out yesterday afternoon and hit the ball a little better at least. Horribly inconsistent tho. On 11 I smash a drive and put a hybrid to 15 feet for eagle. Then on 12 I hit behind my ball off the tee and pull a 6 iron into
  2. I’ve noticed some more guys pulling the pin lately. I think we have all grown so used to leaving it that we aren’t even thinking about pulling it.... but I am going to next round! To tell you the truth I just played today and don’t remember if the foam stoppers are still in the cup. I have just gotten so used to “COVID golf.”
  3. If you play enough golf you are bound to have one of those rounds where you look nothing like your handicap. I’m a 5. Shot 87 today. Just pitiful. 9 bogeys. 5 pars and 4 doubles. 2 penalty strokes. 3 fairways. 4 GIR. 2 3 putts with 32 total. It was just one of those days where you struggle. Opened up 5 over through 4. Made pars at 5-7 and thought I was making some headway but missed a short par putt at 8. 3 putted 9 and then doubled 10. Pretty much packed it in and just tried to survive from there. I know I’m better than today’s round. I will get back out on Monday most likely and erase this m
  4. My buddy from college and I take turns visiting each other’s course and playing a head to head stroke play. Visitor has yet to win in our series dating back to 2018. I went to his course yesterday. Little inconsistent but my best 9 holes there so far. Made a bunch of putts. Took 16 for the side. Not bad considering I had 44 my first time there for 18. Inconsistency with ball striking and only shot 43 but I made 5 pars. The 3 doubles is what hurt. We tied. Didn’t get to play the back because idiots let us book an 18 hole tee time at 3pm with an evening league going off back at 5pm. At least the
  5. As far as balls I primarily play the Titleist tru feel. I’ve been playing it so long I don’t know what any other ball is like. I know when I go to the practice green and putt with the range balls there I can immediately tell the difference with a putter. I got a box of pro v for Xmas along with my tru feels and I am going to play a pro v soon and see if I notice a different feel or performance in the two Titleist balls
  6. I’m late to the party. Haven’t really read through all of the responses completely but I voted yes. My thought is that it really sucks to have to play from a divot when you hit a drive in the fairway. That said I think the issue is that writing a clear rule as to what constitutes a “divot” would become an issue. I also could see being slower in competition because of constant rulings needed when players claim any little imperfection in the fairway to be a divot. Don’t think there can ever be a way to make this rule change without issues. Best to leave it where it is.
  7. Played 5 holes yesterday before rain ruined our round. Some positives to take my short game and putter have been solid. My iron play seems to be the missing link early in the season. 1. decent drive, solid hybrid layup, missed green from 70 but ball below my feet. Didn’t stay down. Chip wasn’t good but rolled in a 10ft putt for par. 2. Good strike on a 5 iron. Wind must be stronger than we gave credit. I was short left. My buddy didn’t even clear the hazard with his. I’ll take my 4. At least I wasn’t in a hazard and chipping 3 from drop zone. 3. Drive wasn’t hit well but my 3/4 9
  8. I have one good friend who is a member of the local course with me. We play as a 2 frequently. If we have nothing in front of us 2-2.5 hours at most and that’s reading putts and playing fairly serious. If I’m by myself out to just get a round in I play notoriously fast. No more than 1.5 hours. We played a slow one Sunday as a 3 some. Frost delay backed the tee up. We waited a lot.... was 4 hours and 15. We understood the backup and delay but the 4 in front of us at times let the group in front of them get a hole to a hole and a half ahead. The guys in front of us were not keeping pace.
  9. For a majority of us playing on local public courses slow play means not keeping pace with the guys in front of you. If it’s a bunch of 4’s on the course then each 4 should be relatively playing at a pace where there is no massive gap to the group ahead and holding the rest up.
  10. Probably a little early in the season for back to back rounds. Played Sunday and didn’t intend to blow off work Monday afternoon but my buddy’s grandma just died and he had a bereavement day. Wanted to golf. How could I say no? He was in my wedding and he would have done it for me. I should have said no.... my god did I hack my way around the course. 34 putts. I didn’t make a damn thing. Maybe if I hit 16 greens I could see 34 putts but when you hit 5 that means you couldn’t get one close to the hole or make a damn putt. I really did hit a few good chips from jail but my putter let me down. Th
  11. This looks like a worthwhile project. I’ll throw my name in later when I have a few min. I just made 3 birdies yesterday so that should give me a nice run of momentum. I’ve actually got 4 holes on my course I’ve never made birdie on so I would absolutely like to complete this challenge this year! Need 2 which is a long downhill par 3 and even a par feels like I’ve got a win. Need 6 which is a 2 tiered green par 4 that I just can’t seem to hit ever. I also need 12 which is a very straight forward par 4 that I hit 9 or wedge into yet can’t seem to birdie. I also need 13 which is a 7/8 iron
  12. Proud of the score I shot Sunday. Not often I feel the need for a hole by hole recap but this round may be worthy. 1. 2 putt par. Good 2 putt from where I was with long uphill birdie putt. Made a short one that could have been 3 putt territory. Feel good about the start. 2. Lengthy wait to tee off as it’s a long par 3 and the frost delay had many groups backed up. Enough time to talk myself into a 5 iron as opposed to the 6 initially picked. Bailed out right and managed to leave myself a chance at par. Hit a good putt that stayed out tho. +1 through 2 isn’t bad. Feeling good so far.
  13. Well 2 straight times out with horrible play. Ripped my drive at 1. After that I hit weak, poorly hit fades with every club on every shot. Was alternating pars and doubles for 6 holes. Putted great and even made a sand save to salvage some respect for the 9 we played but the damage seems to he done mentally. Need to get myself out of this funk.
  14. Given the wind and being so early in the season that is a very nice day! Should give you a lot of confidence for the next time out. I played pretty well my first couple rounds of the year but went 4 times in 5 days and it was too much too soon. Sunday to Tuesday away from the game for me this week with plans to get back out there Wednesday afternoon!
  15. I found the answer. Took me a few min of google and article skimming. I figured it had been a while and doesn’t happen all that often.
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