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  1. 1st full round of the season. 50% fairways hit. 11/18 GIR. Did make 2 birdies. I did 3 putt 8 times and card an 86. My feel on the greens is pretty much non existent. My lags were bad. My short putts were bad. I’m not going to get too discouraged as the new driver has me getting off the tee with much more confidence and my ball striking was great for this time of year. I am sure the putter will improve with more time on the course. Normally at this time of year I just play auto 2 putt when the greens are not in great shape. Now I remember why!
  2. 1st 9 of the year. New driver in hand and itching to put it in play. 5/7 fairways. Long off the tee in wet conditions with no run out. Missed a green with wedge in my hand 3x. Not surprising to have some rust. Struck the ball fair all things considered. Was +4 alternating bogey and par for the early holes before finishing with 3 straight pars. Mostly just happy to see the driver fitting was a success and a should impact my game this season. Normally I hit 4-6 fairways in 18 holes.
  3. I just played my 1st 9 of the year. I can’t stand the mud. I only played today because I just got fitted for a new driver and couldn’t wait to play with it. The driver did help to bring out what I hate the most. Plugged drives! It’s a pain in the ass when you hit one down the middle and can’t find it! The distance factor isn’t an issue for me at least. I am plenty long. With this driver I’m even longer! But the plugging. The mud jumping up onto my glasses. The wet feet makes me hate these conditions. I wouldn’t have gone if it were not the desire to see how well the fitting went.
  4. Went and played 9. Hit my 1st tee shot and got under it. Still carried as far as my old driver. By the time I hit the 8th from the temp tee it plays 270 Center. Carried it to the fringe. Hit 5/7 fairways and was longer than I ever imagined and being wet that was all carry! I am so excited to see what is in store for me this season. I was hitting bombs at times with my old driver. This is another level right now!
  5. My goal for this year is the club championship! I had it going last year. Teed off on 10. Easy 2 putt par. 11 I 3 putt. 12 I make a lengthy par putt. 13 I had a long birdie putt and nearly holed it. Made par. 14 I nearly hole a wedge from 92 yards and tap in bird. Even through 5. Then the wheels fell off! I’m just short of the par 5 15 in 2. Chunk a sw and make bogey. 3 putt double at 16. Had to hole a monster for bogey at 17. Miss a short par putt at 18..... and then the front 9 was an absolute disaster. I have to get redemption this season! That round has stayed with me. It isn’t the bad score. It’s the pretty good start and feeling like I had a chance to be around even (and a chance to win) and letting it all fall apart. To achieve my goal I’ll need to drive the ball better. I hit 4-5 fairways a round last year typically. This year I got fitted for a new driver and expect that to have an impact. I should be longer and more accurate. The part of my game that needs the most work is my putting. Some days I look like I’ve never putted before. Had rounds where I know I threw away 6-8 shots on the green. I am going to spend at a minimum an hour on the putting green every time I go to the course. I have a habit of getting out of the car and going right to the tee. I’m going to spend time warming up on the range and practice green. After the round I’m going to work on the putter more too. Im going to take better care of my body. Last year I’d play in the morning. Then I would rush off the course and go work out at the gym. On golf days I’m not going to work out. I over did it last year. I need to give my body more rest. Playing golf, working out, and sometimes even playing more golf caused my body to break down last year. This year I’m going to lay off the gym more and save my body some. I’ll be 40 in September and need to allow my body a chance to rest more. May play more holes or golf at the course but if I play 27 or 36 I think that is better than working out on top of golf too.
  6. I loved my SQ! I considered just getting a stiff shaft put in and seeing what kind of luck I had with it but I realized it’s time to move on! I had my Zing 2 irons for over 20 years before I finally let them go. If a club or set of clubs is working for me I don’t like to change. Looking back at my stats over the last season tho and seeing myself only hitting 4-5 fairways on an average round I realized that driver is a weakness. Yea I hit it past everyone I play with but I know I can improve my game with the upgrade. Never had a driver fitted so I’m beyond excited to see what I can do with it. Even 2-3 more fairways a round will help. I’m also seriously going to spend time working on the putter this year. That’s the part of my game that has held me back over the last couple years.
  7. That has me thinking about this year. I lift weights a lot. I’m the type to play 18 in the morning. Go lift and then an afternoon 9. (My membership has 3 diff courses so I am tempted to play more than one a day) but anyhow you doing yoga is going to have a positive effect on your swing due to better flexibility most likely. For me this year I’m going to back off the heavy lifting during golf season and try to conserve my body some. I broke down toward the end of last year. Couldn’t make it 18 holes due to over working.
  8. Last year it was the new irons. Well new to me. Just like with the driver I tend to be a year or 2 behind the times with my equipment. I got the 2016 G irons last year. I had my Zing 2 since 1995. Well I couldn’t wait to get those out on the course as I knew there would be an adjustment period with distance changes in my irons. I’m hoping this is a smooth transition for me simply upgrading to a driver that is dialed in for me. Should I’m theory give me a boost by hitting more fairways. On my best day I may hit 6. I’m long enough that on the home course driver off the tee gives me a lot of chances to hit wedges and short irons in on par 4. Be a lot easier to come in from the short grass more often tho.
  9. I’ve been to the indoor place around here twice since 1st week of October. My last time out at the home course was the club championship last weekend in sept. Made a bird on my 5th hole to get to even and then the wheels fell off. The next time out I played a resort course that’s pretty challenging and hit the ball well enough to shoot high 70’s but I looked like I had never putted in my life. That’s when I shut it down for the year. Wasn’t even thinking about it till it came time to pay the membership and of course now that I got my bonus and treated myself to a new driver I am itching for that 1st good day to play. It’s one thing to see numbers on a monitor. It’s another to see a drive go down the middle.
  10. There are so many variables that go into it. Like some have already suggested the best option is to see a fitter and get the optimal shaft, loft etc for your swing.
  11. I got my Ping Zing 2 irons in 1995. Bout my G’s last January. That was my 3rd set counting the Northwestern starter set I played for 2 years when I 1st started playing. It’s all about confidence. If you are still confident in an old set there is no reason to fix what isn’t broken. I finally dumped my old Nike SQ driver today in favor of a Ping G400 which was mostly to be fitted for a driver looking for improvement in my game. I really don’t think there is a correct answer to this question but I’m def the kind of guy who doesn’t like to change. It took me years to find a set of irons to get me to give up my Zing 2’s. I thought of it like meeting the right girl. You just know. I picked up my G’s for the 1st time and I knew they were the right one. For years I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of them. Some guys feel the need to get a new set every couple years. Unless you are made of money I don’t see any reason to constantly buy new clubs. Sorry a bit of a rant but just some thoughts.
  12. Well I have been playing a Nike SQ (yea the original one) for years. It was a 10.5 degree with a regular flex shaft (on the monitor I’m routinely 101-104mph) and I finally decided to upgrade. I also bought my SQ off the shelf. Used. I’m a 5 handicap and been hitting maybe 4 fairways a round so I thought this may be worth spending a few bucks on. Went and got fitted today for a Ping G400. After a few adjustments I’m dialed in with a 9 degree, turned up a little bit, stiff flex. Getting 250+ of carry and the last handful I hit were virtually dead straight. With the SQ i could get 240-245 of carry but sprayed the ball all over the yard. Living in western PA the weather has been awful. Paid my membership off for the year last week. New driver. Had my Anser putter re shafted over the off season, cut down and inch shorter and de-lofted.... in other words I CANT WAIT FOR THE WEATHER TO BREAK so I can play. I’m literally dying to get out to the course. Sorry for the new topic and rant but just a bit excited to get the new year going on the course! Anyone else in my shoes with something new in the bag and no suitable weather?
  13. It just takes time to learn just how far back you have to go with your back swing but in time you really can. Even when you find that perfect 100 yard club you will have shots at 90 or 95. It’s all about feel. Me personally, By the end of last season at the club champ I started on 10. I had less than full gap wedge for my 2nd on 10,11,14 to start my round. I went close to pin high, pin high and nearly holed the 3rd for tap in bird range. Even after 5 holes and having that confidence in my distance control had a lot to do with it.
  14. I don’t think there is any set time for a putter change. I did some altering on my anser for this season tho. Had it reshafted an inch shorter. I picked up a ping mallet last year and it was a 34 in shaft and putting with that occasionally made me realize the shorter shaft was way more comfortable for me and more cinsistent. Also had my anser de lofted some. I’ve had that putter for several years and I love the look. I got the other one after a very cold putting day and wanted to give myself a 2nd option to be able to put whichever one in my bag I felt most confident in.
  15. Until you find a club to fit that yardage I’d really focus on distance control with the pw. My suggestion, if you don’t already is to download a golf app that gives GPS yardage. I use 18 birdies. Focus on the length of the backswing necessary to generate the correct distance when you hit the half wedge, 3/4 wedge and in time you will feel automatic from the yardage. I had that problem last year. I can hit my gap 110 or so. My 56 on a full swing is 70-80 so I had to learn to take the right amount off of the gap for everything from 75-105 and in time, knowing my exact yardage, it became very easy.
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