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  1. Maybe Snead? Idk I think something can be said for 82 wins but there are certainly arguments to be made for others as well.
  2. Nobody said we have to stick with the traditional 4. This was the first thing that came to my mind. If we want to go with 4 I think you go with Jack and Tiger and then you have a difficult decision. You should also represent the women’s game with at least one of those spots. I’m open to anyone being up there but Jack and Tiger are non negotiable in my mind.
  3. First answer that comes to my mind is everyone who has won all 4 majors for the men’s side.
  4. I got a box of pro v1’s. I got 2 dozen of my titleist tru feels that I play. My wife pays my membership at the local course for me for Xmas every year: My mother in law picked me up the g400 3 hybrid I wanted. Have a gap from my 4 iron to 3 wood. Have been carrying a Ping Zing 2 one iron for years but don’t hit it all that great so decided to go with a hybrid! Merry Xmas everyone!!!
  5. That’s how I felt Friday! I live in Greensburg so I imagine I’m not all that far from you. Played Friday. We were going to play Saturday but the rain in forecast scared us off some and we moved the planned round to Friday. Agreed just happy to play in December!
  6. I enjoy playing a tight golf course. The home course we played all of our high school matches on was extremely tight. I didn’t even carry a driver. It was 3 wood or 4 iron for me back then.
  7. Pretty happy I got to play a round on Friday 12/11. Nothing spectacular. 38/41. Driver was not my friend. Missed fairways right and right of right. Pretty sure it’s my right elbow connection. Playing partner suggested it on 18 and it makes sense to me. Luckily course is fairly open so my right misses weren’t to destructive to scoring. Got in the way of people playing other holes once or twice tho. Hit some really good shots with irons and wedges which was felt satisfying after about a week and a half since last round. Greens weren’t rolling all that great to no surprise. Drained a long par put
  8. I voted 6/7. I’m going to hit most greens with a 6 or 7. My percentage drops once I have a 5 in hand. Most courses I play I’m long enough that I’m not hitting many long irons. I do play back tees at some courses just so I set myself up with more long irons for practice and I have hit a lot more greens with a 4 iron than I thought I would..... but I still don’t like the shot.
  9. I had posted a recap on the goal thread so this may be repeated some. I didn’t post goals this year so I don’t have anything to compare my year to but I did actually accomplish a lot in my game this season. 1. Putting Improvement- I switched to a claw. All offseason I kept my putter in the bedroom and daily I would take a grip and stroke the putter across the wood floor keeping the putter online using the wood as a guide. Didn’t hit balls but I made thousands of putting strokes in the bedroom. I also switched from my Anser to a Craz-e. Really like the way the ball jumps off the face. Let’s
  10. I either use my 56 or my Pw for all shots inside 80. With my 56 I am comfortable with hitting it anything 3/4 swing or less. If I try and nuke it and get max distance I tend to come up on it. I’d rather lay off a 52 than juice a 56. So the 56 is the go to for a vast majority of my shots from 80 in. I use my PW for any bump and run shot near the green. It’s a matter of whether I want to go low to the ground or not as to whether I chip with a PW or 56. I know a lot of players use a 7 iron for longer bump and run shots but I’ve never. Since I was young I exclusively played bump and run with a Pw
  11. I played 45 times from May to this past Saturday. Mostly played in western PA at my home course or in this area. Did travel to Michigan for work for a 2 week training trip and play out there. Played 4 rounds in 4 days over that trip. Best course was Shepherds Hollow Michigan which is on their list of top public courses in the state. It was a nice golf course! If anyone is near Detroit I would highly recommend!
  12. I don’t think I posted on here for this year and goals but I did accomplish a lot this season. My first under par round at -2. My GIR Numbers we’re consistently in double digits. Typically 12-13 per round. I had some long par streaks or better during rounds going 8-10 holes without a bogey several times. My ball striking has reached a level where I feel as though I may look at blades for the first time. My putting has been far more consistent. I have done this by learning to control distance with approach shots. I’ve learned to flight my irons better this year. I’ve utilized the 3/4 punch
  13. I personally do not like music on the course. Nobody I play with does it. If I end up playing along with people who do play music I tend to just deal with it unless they ask and I’ll tell them I’d rather not. I don’t say anything about it though unless they ask. I haven’t noticed any impact to my game the times I have played with music but I have always just been the type to prefer quiet.
  14. Pretty excited to still be playing this year. Windy and not ideal conditions today. 2 doubles on the front. Did hit a 6 iron to 2 feet at 8 for a tap in bird. 40 on front. Went on a tear on the back with 8 pars and of course a double on 18 to close. Ended up with a 78. Nothing all too noteworthy other than a total of 3 doubles today which is a little irritating!
  15. I enjoy posting these and going back through the thread and reading my old thoughts on my round. Also happy I was able to play today even though the temperature was around 42 degrees. The theme of my round was greens. More specifically missed greens. Front wasn’t awful. Hit 5 greens. Hit a SW to tap in range at 9 for a birdie and played the front at +3. I did miss at the 3rd with a gap wedge. Missed at 6 with a 9 iron. Back 9 was a mess. I hit one green. My really bad misses were at 10 with a gap wedge, 12 with a U wedge, 14 and 16 both with SW in hand and to compete the side I dunked a 9 iron
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