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  1. Dunit507

    Warm Up

    It amazes me that pros hit th amount of shots that they do before a round. If I hit that many I’m done before I make the turn. I guess that is what separates them from players like us. They are conditioned to repeat their swing over and over and over. Much like you I do find myself hitting some really ugly golf shots if I don’t do something to get loose before I play!
  2. Dunit507

    Warm Up

    That’s frustrating! It’s bad enough when you can’t get by people. Even more so when they are clearly playing the wrong tees! I left after 8 a couple weeks ago after riding the heels of a pair walking (I was riding and a single) that refused to let me by. I’m pounding drives within 100 yards of the green on the last 3 par 4’s and I hit the green as they were walking off the 6th which is a 3. When it was 90+ and the jokers in front just don’t have a clue it isn’t worth it. Especially since I have a membership and only had to raincheck a few bucks on the cart.
  3. Dunit507

    Warm Up

    That was a frustrating day. I missed short pars for up and downs at 1/6 and 3 putted 8 for bogey. Made birdie at 2. Was +2 on front. Couple short ones fall and I’m -1 or even. The heat just demolished me on the back side tho. 11-13 I went double, bogey, triple with 2 penalty strokes. Rest of the day was all about surviving.... literally! I drove through the sprinkler at 17 haha! Limped in with a 46. 4 of those penalty strokes.
  4. Dunit507

    Warm Up

    Haha I played on Labor Day. Was 90 plus degrees for a 1pm tee time! 8th hole I was on my 4th beer and felt like I was gonna keel over from the heat and booze combo. 3 putted 8 and yanked a drive on the driveable 9th way left! I love to have a couple on the course but that was one day beer was not a good idea!
  5. Dunit507

    Warm Up

    That’s why on the course I seldom go at a full 56 or 52. I almost always take the longer club. When I try and get every last yard out of one of those scoring clubs I get every yard alright..... skulled right over the green! I’ll choke a 52 down before I go all out at a 56!
  6. Dunit507

    Warm Up

    Tempo. I’m the same way. That’s my focus when I do hit some prior. When my swing goes bad from the 1st tee it tends to be when I get too quick at the top and out of sync. I’ll hit my 56 and my 9 for the tempo finders. I don’t even concern myself with where it’s going as much as just good tempo and solid contact. I’ve hit enough balls in my life I know I will find my accuracy as long as the tempo and contact is there.
  7. Dunit507

    Warm Up

    I’ve tried to hit that many but when I do I’ve found 2 results and neither of them good. I’ll either hit some bad balls and get in my head and my confidence isn’t there. Or I hit a bunch of good balls but by the closing stretch I start chunking shots or leaving the weight back and losing drives with a weak fade. I can can do a lot of chipping/putting and not have negative consequences. That’s the part of your warm up that does work for me. Getting a bunch of chip/putts to get the feel for a solid pitch/chip/putt stoke and feel for green speed is always a positive. Typically I only do that when we are waiting on the 1st tee and the putting green is close tho.
  8. Dunit507

    Warm Up

    I fee ya! I don’t at all believe that right before a round is where you can fix anything but as you said it is a good idea to have an idea of where the driver is going to go. I’m happy if I can even hit 1 or 2 drivers before teeing off. Played a round at a friend’s course a couple months ago and started on 10, right next to the range. I hit 2 drivers, from next to the tee box and into the range just to get a feel for the driver. That was all I needed. Don’t like to start completely cold on the 1st tee but I don’t need a whole bucket either.
  9. Dunit507

    Range Time, Practice or Wait?

    I tend to only go to the range when I am going bad and lacking confidence. Prior to a round I try and hit no more than 20. Last time out 2 wedges, 2 8 irons and 6 drivers. Went out and played great. I certainly believe that you can tire yourself out if you over do it prior to a round. Never could I go out and hit the amount of balls the pros do before a round!
  10. Dunit507

    Break 80: The 6-6-6 Concept

    I agree. I don’t get too caught up in thinking about 6 of these and 6 of these..... I do find myself comparing my score to par at a specific hole with other days. For instance at my home course I found myself starting very slow. 1-3 are somewhat difficult opening holes. I’m honestly happy with anything better than +3 after 3. I actually shot 78 earlier this year opening bogey/par/double. Monday I was even through 3 going bogey/bird/par and the conference was very high. Played the front at 38 +2. Missed short par save putts at 1/6 plus 3 putted 8. I was a couple putts from -1. Point is that I will seldom look at at the way the post suggests as you may hit a point where you feel like you can take the foot off the gas.
  11. Dunit507

    Happy Birthday Thread!

    Holed out from 50 yards for the longest hole out of my life! Happy birthday me haha!
  12. Dunit507

    Warm Up

    Today was my 1st time hitting any before the round in a while.... I hit 2 wedges, 2 8 irons and 4 drivers. Pounded a driver off 1. Ended up E through 5. Played the front +2 and was just a couple putts from even or under. So I’m thinking I’m gonna run with that. Just enough to get the muscles going and not enough to tire myself out.
  13. Dunit507

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Front 9 I shoot 38. 2 missed short par putts and a 3 putt from being -1 35. Then the heat beat the piss out of me and just fell apart. Took 4 penalty strokes en route to a 46 on back. Very frustrating to blow what was such a great start and throw it away! The stretch of 11-13 where I went double, bogey, triple, sucked!
  14. Dunit507

    Warm Up

    So many times I find myself getting right out of the car and headed right to the 1st tee and of course struggling with the 1st couple holes not even feeling loose till hole 3 or 4. Also find I struggle if I hit too many balls on the range before a round on the days I do hit some warm up shots. What’s everyone’s favorite pre round routine? I think I’m at best when I hit maybe 15-20 shots working up from half lob wedges to full cuts and always ending with whatever shot I’ll be hitting off the 1st tee. Can’t fix swing issues before the round. I use the warmup to get loose and see what kind of swing I have for the day. I don’t usually hit a ton of putts prior to a round either. Usually some 20-30 footers to get feel for the speed of the greens. Some 10-20 footers and finish with some 3-4 footers with hopes to build some confidence.
  15. Dunit507

    Irons and Distance

    One of the biggest things I’ve learned over the years is how to take more club than i think I need and take a little off either by choking down or shortening the swing. Much easier to control distance and ball flight when you are not swinging out of your shoes. When I was younger I’d try and hit every shot hard and that led to some disastrous results.

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