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  1. I’d have to say my 1st match my sophomore year of high school. I was starting as our #3 man after only being an alternate 2 times as a freshman. I hit a perfect 3 wood down the middle. I’m 155-160 out. At the time is a perfect 6 iron for me. I then hit 5 straight OB from the center of the fairway. Then I finally punch a wedge short. Blade a chip over the green.... OB again. So with 6 balls OB on the hole I end up taking a 16 for the hole. Wound up making par at 2 but the damage was done with that 1st hole.... Also my senior year we are headed to the inter county tourney. I’ve been out #1 man for 2 years. It’s my last tourney in high school. We are eating at McDonald’s on the way there. I go to rip a fart.... yup shit myself. Had no backup boxers with me. Had to play my last 18 free balling. Every once in a while my dick scraped my zipper on a swing and eventually all the guys in my group knew what happened so I had to deal with the jokes all day. Managed to shoot 78 that day tho....
  2. If you want a really good deal go to Walmart and get a box of Titleist X-Outs. I just got 2 dozen DT trusoft X outs for 11.88 a box. Literally they are DT Trusofts that cost $22 a dozen with minor imperfections that you will never notice!
  3. Titleist DT Trusoft for me. Fairly priced at around $20-$22 a dozen or so. Hit them plenty long enough and the soft feel is great for around the greens and putting.
  4. I’ve been playing Ping irons ever since I dropped my starter set of northwestern irons 2 years after I started playing. What I tend to do is shop a year or 2 behind the times. What I mean is I bought my Ping 2016 G irons in Jan 2018 after the 2018 irons came out. Got me a much better deal. Just bought my G400 driver this year after the G410 came out. Again saved me some cash on a good club. Something to consider.... you don’t need to go with the top of the line newest clubs from whatever manufacturer you go with.
  5. I have made birdie from popped up drives and double after I crunch one huge. I’m the longest hitter in my group 90% or the time. I’ve learned that distance is cool and all but it’s not the biggest factor to your score. Anyhow idk what you are getting at? Most of the hate you are talking about is the guys on Facebook golf posts who talk shit about how great they are but in actuality prob can’t break 100. I’m kinda rambling in response to your rambling
  6. You know come to think of it I was up huge at the turn. Certainly took the foot off the gas at the turn and it turned into more of a friendly round. I still wanted to score but there is no question the feel of the day changed after he went OB on 5 and took a snowman. I kept it together and made the birdie at 9 to get under 40 for the side but I won the front by double digits. So yea there is a good chance I lost my focus mentally and it wasn’t as much physical.
  7. I think I need some range time too. I have yet to go to the range minus hitting 5 or so warm up balls prior to playing. New driver should be reason enough to go hammer a bucket but the repetition with all the clubs prob do me good. Better than figuring it out on the course. What I’m going to do is closet the bag till at least Friday afternoon which is the next chance I have to play. I took this past week off and played 3 full rounds and an outing. May be best to step away for a few days.
  8. Went with Hogan. One criteria I used was had to be a grand slam winner. If you are behind just Jack and Tiger you have to have all 4 majors. He sits at 4 in all time wins.
  9. Oh and to add I went and added a G400 to the bag this year. Swing too hard for the old reg flex Nike Sasquatch I was spraying all over the yard. I keep it in play. Bout 50% fairways so far and fewer penalty balls off the tee but struggling to square it up last couple days too. Outing today being the biggest hitter and going last didn’t help. Tried to kill the ball all day. Only real good one i hit was the one i turned right to left around a corner which i had to slow down a little to shape. So I’m feeling like a range day would be more beneficial than pushing another round. Again just babbling on and getting thoughts out in hopes of getting myself back to the form I was in last year when I got the handicap down to a 5.
  10. Yea it is early and I’m already breaking my rule I set at the end of last year.... not lifting on golf days. I didn’t lift before Tuesday’s round or last Saturday’s round and the 2nd 9 wasn’t anything like the Wed meltdown on the back when I did lift prior to playing. Took a vacation week from work for mental sanity and golf and I swore I wasn’t playing yesterday or today. Wanted to step back after the collapse Wed and rest. I get a call 10 min after i get to gym that my buddy’s 4 man for a scramble cancelled. Tee off in 40 min. So I do the mad rush to the tee. 2 scoops of pre workout in me and it takes 6 holes before I settle in. No warm up jittery on caffeine.... never got comfortable today at all. And some guys want to play tomorrow morning weather permitting. I half want to go and half want to step back. Thanks for the encouragement!
  11. I’m putting this here.... move it if needed. Fairly early in the season. Played maybe 7-8 full rounds so far. I’m close. I shot 41 on Tuesday on the front of a course I had not played since 2016. It’s a 128/70.8. A bad double blow up hole and 2 3 putt bogeys but not disappointed when with the 3 putts I still got by with 15 putts on the front. However I blew up and shot 45 on the back. Still for a course I’ve only played maybe 3 times it’s not awful. Then my college buddy comes down Wed. We play competitive to the point of defending home turf. I kicked the shit out of him last time he came down. He drilled me 2x at his course. I go out and make 2 putt pars at 1-2 and drill a 30 foot bender at 3 to get to -1 while he is respectable +3. Anyhow take double at 4 and 8. Bird 9 and end up +3 for the side 39. Home course I can shoot anywhere from 72-78 on a mid season round. I’m happy I’m under 40 with a pair of ugly dubs. But I for 2nd straight day just fall apart on the back. Ball striking gone. My putter is the only reason I break 90 after a solid front. I guess my question is there anyone else who can’t string 18 together? Am I over thinking it this early in season? Losing focus after a solid front?
  12. This is tough for me. I’m big into weightlifting and hate to skip a day. Honestly need to back off the weights as it seems I am over working myself with golf and lifting. I’m also getting married in October and want to cut some weight prior. Right now I’m around 235 and 215-220 would be a much better weight for me. Would prob do wonders for my flexibility and golf swing without hindering my distance too much!
  13. 1st full round of the season. 50% fairways hit. 11/18 GIR. Did make 2 birdies. I did 3 putt 8 times and card an 86. My feel on the greens is pretty much non existent. My lags were bad. My short putts were bad. I’m not going to get too discouraged as the new driver has me getting off the tee with much more confidence and my ball striking was great for this time of year. I am sure the putter will improve with more time on the course. Normally at this time of year I just play auto 2 putt when the greens are not in great shape. Now I remember why!
  14. 1st 9 of the year. New driver in hand and itching to put it in play. 5/7 fairways. Long off the tee in wet conditions with no run out. Missed a green with wedge in my hand 3x. Not surprising to have some rust. Struck the ball fair all things considered. Was +4 alternating bogey and par for the early holes before finishing with 3 straight pars. Mostly just happy to see the driver fitting was a success and a should impact my game this season. Normally I hit 4-6 fairways in 18 holes.
  15. I just played my 1st 9 of the year. I can’t stand the mud. I only played today because I just got fitted for a new driver and couldn’t wait to play with it. The driver did help to bring out what I hate the most. Plugged drives! It’s a pain in the ass when you hit one down the middle and can’t find it! The distance factor isn’t an issue for me at least. I am plenty long. With this driver I’m even longer! But the plugging. The mud jumping up onto my glasses. The wet feet makes me hate these conditions. I wouldn’t have gone if it were not the desire to see how well the fitting went.
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