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  1. Oh I was thinking you were talking about a fitter juicing it on the more expensive clubs to get you “fit” into what they wanted to sell.
  2. I wouldn’t be shocked to see a shady move like this. Does the fitter have any awards or recognition from any manufacturers? I only have been to one simulator/fitter and he has won multiple awards from Ping for his fitting ability and I never gave any consideration that he would do anything like that but I could certainly see it happening.
  3. Played my old course today that I grew up on. Moved away after high school 22 years ago and try and get back at least once a year. It’s nothing special but it is where I started. 42 on the front. A pair of doubles and a pair of 3 putt GIR bogeys and I was +7 for the front. Played much better on the back with a 38. Drove the green at 12 and missed an eagle I felt like I should have had. Only hit 6 GIR but scrambled well with 6 up and downs for par. Overall +9 80 for the day. Certainly could have been a 75 but not disappointed.
  4. Yea can’t say enough for how much a good fitting can do for your game. I’ll never just pick up and buy off the shelf again. I had my old Nike SQ forever and finally got sick of losing balls all over the place. Now I’m longer, and more importantly consistent off the tee. If I miss it’s typically a right miss. I might miss Left once a round. With the old driver I was all over the place. Going to get set up with the 3 wood here in next couple weeks. Taking a 401k loan for the wedding this year. May as well drop a couple hundred on a 3 wood too!
  5. Today was pretty fun. Not my best round of the year but I played a competitive round against a friend. $1 a hole. $5 a side and $5 overall. I won the front 40-49. Took the back 43-44 so obviously the 83 wins overall. Won $20. The hilight of my day is the 5th. It’s 312 and it does play downhill. So I’ve gotten driver within 20-30 yards before. This year I got fitted for a g400 and have increased my driving distance significantly. I actually flew one onto the green at the 5th today. My ball mark was a dollar bill length from the hole. It settled down about 10 ft from the hole. I was tentative with the eagle since he was down for 4 already and made the birdie. I didn’t hit a lot of greens today but I scrambled well. Made a bunch of those putts from that range you will make some and miss some. Coming off a 10 fairway and 9 GIR 77 Sunday to today’s 83 I actually felt better about my round today with the pressure of a little friendly competition.
  6. Thank you for that eagle! I’ve been playing since I was 13... I’m now 39 and finally! I lipped out 2 eagle putts last week in one round. Drove another par 4 the next day and missed. I’ve had so many chances and seems like I always put so much pressure on myself to drop one that I never do... Hopefully now I can putt them without so much tension since I finally dropped one!
  7. I like the feel of no glove for anything inside of 80 which is about as far as I comfortably hit a 56 degree wedge so obviously my vote is for glove on full shots. I find myself taking my glove off after my drive and putting it back on before my 2nd shot on a lot of holes. May be that I have made the mistake of picking up my drink after a drive with my glove hand and getting my glove wet in the past. I don’t even realize I’m doing it sometimes until I’m getting my yardage for my next shot and realize it is in my back pocket.
  8. I really enjoy the US Open and seeing the toughest test of golf. There is some validity to the complaint about the greens being over the line but not enough to justify the amount of saltiness from the players. It does suck when you putt down hill and it’s either make it or run it 20 yards off the green tho.
  9. I think they will give you that one! I don’t think the rules say you have to have been a member here at time!
  10. Need an EAGLE achievement finally! 9th at my home course is a drivable 4. Missed pin high right and left myself 26 yards over a trap and flopped it in. Couldn’t see the hole but i heard it drop. Overall went 37/40 +5 for the day. Hit 10 fairways and 9 GIR. My best round of the year so far. Finally putting everything together!
  11. I’d have to say my 1st match my sophomore year of high school. I was starting as our #3 man after only being an alternate 2 times as a freshman. I hit a perfect 3 wood down the middle. I’m 155-160 out. At the time is a perfect 6 iron for me. I then hit 5 straight OB from the center of the fairway. Then I finally punch a wedge short. Blade a chip over the green.... OB again. So with 6 balls OB on the hole I end up taking a 16 for the hole. Wound up making par at 2 but the damage was done with that 1st hole.... Also my senior year we are headed to the inter county tourney. I’ve been out #1 man for 2 years. It’s my last tourney in high school. We are eating at McDonald’s on the way there. I go to rip a fart.... yup shit myself. Had no backup boxers with me. Had to play my last 18 free balling. Every once in a while my dick scraped my zipper on a swing and eventually all the guys in my group knew what happened so I had to deal with the jokes all day. Managed to shoot 78 that day tho....
  12. If you want a really good deal go to Walmart and get a box of Titleist X-Outs. I just got 2 dozen DT trusoft X outs for 11.88 a box. Literally they are DT Trusofts that cost $22 a dozen with minor imperfections that you will never notice!
  13. Titleist DT Trusoft for me. Fairly priced at around $20-$22 a dozen or so. Hit them plenty long enough and the soft feel is great for around the greens and putting.
  14. I’ve been playing Ping irons ever since I dropped my starter set of northwestern irons 2 years after I started playing. What I tend to do is shop a year or 2 behind the times. What I mean is I bought my Ping 2016 G irons in Jan 2018 after the 2018 irons came out. Got me a much better deal. Just bought my G400 driver this year after the G410 came out. Again saved me some cash on a good club. Something to consider.... you don’t need to go with the top of the line newest clubs from whatever manufacturer you go with.
  15. I have made birdie from popped up drives and double after I crunch one huge. I’m the longest hitter in my group 90% or the time. I’ve learned that distance is cool and all but it’s not the biggest factor to your score. Anyhow idk what you are getting at? Most of the hate you are talking about is the guys on Facebook golf posts who talk shit about how great they are but in actuality prob can’t break 100. I’m kinda rambling in response to your rambling
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