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  1. Had a group of college friends together for a little 2 on 2 friendly competition. We all made bogey on 1. On 2 there is a little pond short left of the green. My partner hit into the hazard. Ball on the edge of the water. He goes in after it, where the water has receded and left a muddy edge. Dude goes into the mud waist deep. Shoe came off. Fell on his face. Literally worried that he was not going to get out. It’s 50 degrees and dude is covered in mud, wet. Needless to say I had to drive him back up to his car and that was the end of his day. so we played individual for the day. On 15 holes I was 4 over par. On the other 3 holes, thanks to a pair of doubles and a triple I was 7 over. 11 over for the round is one of the first times I failed to break 80 for a round in a while. Overall for the day I didn’t play bad but those 3 holes were just ugly. 6. I hit a weak drive right on a hill, awkward lie. Couldn’t get a good stance. Chunk my shot. My 3rd was from 75 and I left that short. Chip on for 4 and 2 putts for a double 6. 13. 8 iron deep left. Chip on and 3 putt for a double 14. my 6 iron off the tee layup I chunk into the water. Haven’t hit a ball off the tee out of play all season here. Drop from 230 out up hill. Hit 3 wood and lucky to not be OB left. Barely in play and not a good stance with tree in my backswing. Leave that short of the green. Chip that on and 2 putt for a 7. Did drive one onto the fringe at 8 today and had a putt at eagle on the hole for 1st time all year so managed an easy birdie there. Eagle lipped out. Would have been a nice boost considering the double at 6 and then 3 putt bogey at 7. Hit 10 GIR which is about where I would normally be any given day. Few more putts than normal but didn’t putt awful. If I could just have those 3 holes back!
  2. Yesterday I played out of my shoes. Shot a 71 at the home course. Par 70. Opened with a bad drive. Par 5 and ended up sticking a wedge from 50 to save par which seemed to get me jump started. Bogey at 2. From 3-12 I played -1. Alternated bogey, birdie, bogey at 13-15. Then pars in. I hit 11 GIR. Was one of, if not possibly the best round of the year. then today happened. Frost delay which pushed back our tee time. Chipped one at the first that ran off the front. Chipped on and 3 putted for a 7 to open the day. Didn’t make a par till the 8th. Just one of the ugliest days of golf I played all season. Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde the last 2 days.
  3. One of those days where you see a course for the first time and struggle. Lot of tight landing areas and blind shots that made the day difficult. Hit the ball pretty well but didn’t score well. Shot 41/41 for the day. Hi light of the day was the island green 8 iron at 17 I hit right over the top of the flag to 10 ft. Missed the putt but at least the tee shot was good. Also hit one of the best drives of my season at a par 5 and got home in 2 with a 7 iron.... went on to 3 jack the green tho. Just not a good day. Maybe it’s time to bench the Sunday red and pick a new color!
  4. Yesterday was one of my best rounds of the year. Did bogey one and got off kinda slow going car to tee with no warm up. Was +2 through 4 but hit a 9 iron to 3 ft at 5 and made bird. Pared out on the front. Played the back extremely well. Missed a few birdie putts I want back. Missed 2 greens and didn’t get up and down but managed to finish that side 2 over. 73 for the day. Prob the best round overall all season.
  5. Traveled a lot for last month and hadn’t played home course since 7/18. Shot 74 today. 2nd lowest of the season. Opened with birds at 1 and 3. Was still under par until a 3 putt double at 6. Played the front at +1 which dating back to last round would be +2 in that 18 hole stretch. 3 bad bogeys on the back tho today. Chunked a wedge from 50 yards at 10 that led to a bogey. Hit a drive at 11 lake right on a par 5 that is a birdie hole. Cooked a wedge over the green at 18 from 70. Left some shots out there today but still playing very well of late.
  6. Strange day. 1st holes I looked lost. Hit some ugly shots. Opened +4 through 3. Got it together and shot 6 over on the front. Only bogey on the back was at 17. 8 pars and 37. Normally I play the front well then fall apart late. It’s rare to open like shit and play the back great. I’ll take the 42/37.
  7. 84 at Totteridge. It’s a Rees Jones designer course bout 45 min east of Pittsburgh. Hadn’t played in week and a half and the rust showed on the greens. 3 jacked 3 greens on my way to a 37 putt round. My only 3 one putt greens were kick in birds when I stuck wedges in tight. Happy to make 3 birds in the round but I took a triple on the 2nd and made a double at 17. Overall drove it well. Hit some good iron shots but made a few mistakes. Certainly could have been a 78 or so.
  8. Prob my last round on the Michigan road trip unless I get out of the office earlier than planned one day this week. Played Pine Trace which is a little brother to the beauty I played on Friday. Not an overly long course. Only 6600 from championship tees. It’s tight in a lot of areas tho. Hit more irons and 3 woods off the tee today than normal. Hit 8 fairways, partially due to the driver staying in the bag some. Hit only 6 greens tho. Missed 2x from inside 100 yards which is infuriating! Didn’t 3 jack any greens tho. Only 13 putts on the front. Total 31. Shot 38/41. Couldn’t get a putt to drop on the back. The course got one last kick in the balls on me when I hit a 5 iron from 190ish to inside 7 ft and lipped out the bird. I should have had 3 birds on the back. Actually had zero on back. Still nice course. Quick round in under 3 hours. Fun day. Could have scored better.
  9. Heather Highlands MI. +2 for 4 holes and left. Course is virtually a cow pasture. Web page advertised “private club fast greens!” The truth is the greens haven’t been cut in weeks. An embarrassment to golf is what I would call that steamy pile. I have had cases of shanks and quit for a day but can’t remember ever walking off of a course due to the conditions being so awful before.
  10. Sylvan Glen MI, local muni near my hotel. Decided to play the tips today since I’ve been pounding the driver lately. Well today the driver was the only club in the bag I couldn’t hit. Course is 6800 roughly from the tips. Spent all day hitting 4-6 iron at par 4’s because I just couldn’t flush up a driver. Weak slices all day struggling with the weight shift. 43 on the front. Played the back a bit better with a 37 on that side. Last hole I sprayed a driver right and hit a 3 wood into the back of the green from 250 to give myself a look at eagle so at least I finished with a good shot. 3 fairways. 8 greens. 35 putts. Nothing really spectacular but good practice with the long irons I guess. Grinding all day and nearly broke 80.
  11. GIR and scrambling. Putting to an extent but not putting alone. I know where I should be putting and if I have a lot of chips I should expect putts to be down. If I hit a lot of GIR and have a low putt total i know I made a few.
  12. Shepherd’s Hollow Michigan. Rated in the top 100 public courses list at one point in the recent past. It is a nice golf course. 27 hole facility. I played holes 10-27 today. Greens smooth. Rolled beautifully. Not quite glass though. I would estimate 10 at most on the stimp which is certainly fast but not as fast as the day I played a course at 10.5-11. wasnt able to get my GPS app loaded for 1st 4 holes. Was flying blind with just a yardage guide I had. Not quite the same for me. Bogeys at 1st 4 holes. Played the last 5 on the side even tho and shot 40. For back a little more up and down. Double at 10. Bogey at 11 and 12. Had a run on 13 and 14 tho. Massive drive at 13 left a 50 yard sw I stuck inside 10 ft and holed the bird. Drove the green at 14 and 2 putts for bird. But another double at 15 and 18 didn’t help. Still managed to shoot 82 on a pretty challenging course. Hit 10 fairways and 8 greens. Even with 3- 3 putts I still managed to have 33 putts which isn’t awful for me. Made a few. Just left myself some really tough lags in a few spots. Most challenging part of the course to me was the green complexes themselves. Large greens with a lot of double tiers so if you miss on the wrong side you can absolutely forget getting up and down. Fun round. Have another week in Michigan and a tee time Sunday at a lesser known course that supposed to be pretty nice. Can’t wait!
  13. I’m on a work trip for 2 weeks from PA and staying 15 minutes from Shepherd’s Hollow which from the reviews seems to be an exceptional course and they advertise as being in the golf digest top 100 public. Has anyone played it? I have an early day Friday and booked a 1:30pm tee time. Just want to know if anyone has any insight or things I need to know before I play. What your thoughts on the course are, etc. Was $70 for the round so not excessively priced based on the reviews. Any info anyone has would be appreciated!
  14. Appreciate the invite but I’m in Michigan for a work deal 19th-31st and wife has a family reunion on the first. No way I could get back and go play golf the next day! Wife would murder me!
  15. I had a run of several weeks of great golf. Today I came back down to earth. Opened with a double at 1. Then bogeyed 2. Both holes missed short putts that started the day off bad. Made pars at 3-6 but a 3 jacked green at 7 for bogey hurt. Bird at 8 but then a missed up and down at 9. Back went to shit! 3 jack for bogey at 10 and 11 and was just erratic the whole side. Ended up at 81. 1st round I failed to break 80 in over a month. I guess if it was easy it wouldn’t be so fun.
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