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  1. Couple weeks ago I ended up joining up with 2 guys who were drinking pretty heavily around 9 am. By the 3rd hole I was aggravated with them but on 6 it got bad. Guy left a wedge on the par 3 6th and comes driving back down the hill toward the green as one of these guys was teeing off. It’s a wedge or a 9 iron to the green and dude missed badly right. When the guy came down asking if anyone found a wedge the guy I’m paired with said no didn’t find one but really appreciate you driving down while I’m teeing off. Didn’t see any reason for him to say that. Just blaming the guy for a bad shot. The pace was slow all day and by the 11th the group in front of us even had me irritated. Well the guys I’m playing with finally drive right through them on 12 and head to 13. I’m a member and not doing something like that. I waited. They let me through on 13.
  2. Played the back twice today due to leagues getting off to a slow start. Could be a blessing. Club champ is end of September and the back is def my worse of the 2 sides. Playing it and focusing more on some of the trouble holes could be a good thing. Shot 42 the 1st time through. 38 the 2nd. Drove the ball pretty well. Putted well. Ran some chips way too far past but again my issue of the last couple months is bad misses from 100 yards out. Can’t figure out why I’m struggling to hit greens that I should not miss.
  3. I think they both will before it’s all said and done but no question that Rory is the one who looks better right now. Spieth plays the Masters well tho so can’t count him out there which ironically is the one Rory needs to complete the slam.
  4. Been playing at a bunch of different courses and realized I haven’t played my home course in over a month. Today starts my prep for club championship which is about a month from now. Be playing here exclusively until the event. Although I’ve been playing a lot I was a little off with my approach shots and didn’t hit many greens at all! 8,16,17,18 are my worst holes on the course. I made par at all 4. Would have thought I shot a low score if you told me I’d play those 4 even.... but I shot 82. Only 30 putts. Got up and down 4 times for par. Feel like I played and struck the ball well but I just missed too many greens with short irons and wedges. 82 today. Need to improve on that in the next few weeks going into the club champ.
  5. No matter how old or what your physical condition a lesson could probably help you some. Figure if you just begin making consistent contact on the center of the club face you will increase your distance. Not every golf swing has to be pretty or perfect. You have to make what you have work. I’d do the lesson if you are serious about improving your swing.
  6. Went back and played the course I played in high school for 4 years when I was on the golf team. Yea I know the course very well and clearly I didn’t forget the way the greens roll. 26 putts. 2 chip ins (eagle/bird) and went +3 39/ E 37 for a +3 76. Didn’t hit a lot of greens but I got up and down a lot. Only 6 GIR. Had a run of 4 straight up and downs to start the back. Hit the ball pretty well other than the fact I missed a ton of greens I feel I should have hit. No cell signal at the course so no access to my GPS app so all day I played on feel and experience. Luckily I played it so many times growing up which really aided club selection!
  7. Buddy is a member at a private country club and as a favor since I’m getting married in 2 months he set me up with a tee time for me and 2 guys. He doesn’t even play. Opened with 3 straight 2 putt pars. Hit 6 greens on the front. Shot 4 over on front tho. Long wait at the turn for food, which I didn’t want to even stop, and after that it was a fight and scramble on every hole. Missed every green on the back. Got 2 up and down but wasn’t happy. Shot 83. Feel like I could have shot mid 70’s tho! Played the same ball all day tho which is noteworthy I guess.
  8. 78 today. Hit the driver huge. Missed a bunch of greens but got up and down like crazy. 2 putt par at 14. 15-17 were just missed greens with chips to tap in range. 18 went for it in 2 and put it in the drink. Dropped and hit a wedge in and made a putt for par. 12 putts on the back. Par at 15-18 without hitting a green. Can’t complain.
  9. Happened to me last week. 5 is a reachable par 4 for me. I stood there and hit 5 into the woods off the tee. Saved a ball for the par 3 6th hole and chunked it into the water. Packed it up and forgot all about golf. Played 2 more times without being able to hit my driver but today I finally got a day where I hit the center of the driver.
  10. I felt that way too. Plus driver was just never an option. I couldn’t hit one. Once I did learn to hit one and hit one well I started seeking out more challenging courses. Playing the back tees, etc. Ultimate goal right now is my club championship. I was even through 5 last year before a massive blow up. Thinking I’ll be much more prepared this season..... enough about me tho. The iron off tee strategy will make you a better player but my advice is to still at least consider being fitted for a driver some day and giving it a chance. Don’t by stock. Make sure you are fitted for a driver. It’s life changing!
  11. My 7 is 30.5 degrees. I can get that around 170 routinely. I hit 8 to a back pin at 165 today. I have a driver speed of 103-105. I don’t exactly swing easy with my irons either.
  12. I played for years with nothing more than a 4 iron off every tee. Learned how to make a score with my short game but now I finally moved into the new era of massively oversized drivers and got fitted for one. Those days are long behind me. I had to adjust my game and learn to control distances with my wedges more. Feel as though that time I spent playing 4 iron made me a much more complete player. Friend of mine is going through that stage in his development right now so when we play together I try and talk him up with that big 4 iron of his and help build his confidence.
  13. I struggled with the back at my normal home track for a while. Went out and started on 10 a couple times to play it while I was fresh. Built up my confidence on a few of the holes I struggled with.
  14. 1st round with a ball switch. Clean round as in no doubles but shot 83. 11 bogeys and 8 pars. Just fighting it with my driver for the last couple rounds but making a score with my short game.
  15. Been playing the DT Trusoft since 2016. I’m reading that may not be the best ball for me with a driver swing speed of 103-105. I read the Taylor Made TP5x would be a good fit so I forked over the $40 for a dozen to give them a shot. Anyone play the TP5x or have any insight. Think I’ll notice much difference? I hit the Trusoft long and like the soft feel on the greens. I’m a single digit handicap. Was a 5.4 late last year and playing closer to a 7-8 right now. (Haven’t posted my scores in a while b/c club pc has been down).
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