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  1. Inconsistent ball striking and managed to scramble and grind it out to post a score. 9 holes of league play. At one, par 5 I hit an awful hybrid 2nd and then recovered with a glorious 4 iron from a shade over 200 to the center of green to allow me to make a par. Catch a stroke at 1 so I met a bird despite not playing the hole well. at 2, long par 3 I hit a miserable 5 iron. Hit it so poorly it didn’t even make the hazard short of the green. I then, from 71 stuck a 56 to 2 feet and made par. Once again I’m getting a stroke so another net birdie. Haven’t seen a par/par start that ugly in qu
  2. I’ve done it. I’ll do it again although in all my years of golf, since 1993, I may have had to do it 2 times. I think it may be a do as I say, not as I do type thing tho. I don’t suggest it. I say do it if you are confident you won’t take a chunk or turf with the shot. I do practice it on the corner of our putting green so it is a shot I do have a lot of confidence in and if needed I won’t hesitate to do it. I don’t think everyone should do it. Not trying to thumb my nose up at anyone here like I am better than anyone. It is not very nice to take a chunk out of a green and if you are going to
  3. Decided to blow off the work day and play golf. After league last night I realized that 9 holes a week hasn’t been enough. Played well today. Opened up with 4 straight 2 putt pars. None of the birdies were great looks so lagging to a tap in was plenty. 5 I got up and down. Bogey at 6. Missed a green from 100. Rough way to make your first bogey! 7-8 2 putt pars and 9 I hit my worst drive of the day. Led to a bogey. 2 over front side. 10-12 I hit quality shots and had inside of 6 feet for birdie on all 3 and managed to miss all 3. 13 left my 9 iron off tee way too short. Mis judged win
  4. 9 hole league play. Did not have my best stuff. Opened with a drive waaaay right at 10 and my low punch effort to get back in play hit a tree and then my 3rd hit another tree. It took 5 to get on. Ended up making a 7. At least partner made a 4 and was catching a stroke so we started at -1. I promptly busted my drive at 11 right down the middle and had a chance to reach in 2... nearly hooked my hybrid into the parking lot tho. At least it stated in play and I was still able to make par. I got a stroke at 11 so net bird and we are now -2. 12 I missed right with my drive again and my 7 iron caug
  5. Actually looked like I knew what I was doing in my league tonight for first time in a few weeks. Nearly hit the first in 2 and lipped out a birdie putt settled for par. 2 was my only bad hole. Made a double. Bladed flop shot and missed a short putt. Par at 3. Stuck a 9 iron to a foot for a tap in bird at 4. Lipped out a birdie at 5 made par. Nice up and down par at 6. Lipped a birdie out at 7. Technically up and down at 8 although I was only on the fringe. Lipped out a bird at 9 and made par. Was 1 over gross and -3 net. I’ll take it. Signs of life for me!
  6. 9 hole league round this evening and I should have had several birdies. Lipped out at 1,5,7,and 9. Stuck a 9 iron to a foot at 3 and made that one. After the 9 holes 10 and 11 are in line with the return to clubhouse and we played them. Made birdie at 10. So I get to add 3 and 10 today. Shot 1 over for my league round. Could have very easily been under par.
  7. The last 2 weeks have been miserable. It’s a 2 man handicap league and we are comfortably ahead in the standings. I’m leading the league in skins earned and money so it hasn’t been a total waste I guess. Still I need to find a way to bring the enjoyment back to the Tuesday evening round as opposed to fighting through it and dreading it. I’m definitely going to veto the 5 man group if that comes up again. Bad enough when you are behind slow play but having your own group slowing you down hurts too. Play with good players and it elevates your game. Play with lesser players and it can drag you do
  8. Yea I do try. 2nd hole last week, the 11th, I hammered a drive. Par 5 and I had 205 to pin. 185 to cover front. It took 2 of the guys 3 shots to reach my ball. I was center of fairway. I was out of my cart staying loose and active prior to my shot. I made birdie so it worked. As the round went on tho I got more and more frustrated stopped caring. It was definitely a mental lapse. I need to try and stay focused and active. No question you are correct. I think I’m headed to the range too early before I play and that’s also causing me to lose focus earlier. Maybe this week I’ll try and go to the
  9. Another Tuesday night and another disaster. Same script as always. Start out well and fall to pieces when pace of play goes to hell. 2.5 hours to play 9 holes. Due to the amount of people who showed up played in a group of 5 with some less talented players to make it even worse. Nothing like hitting a drive down the middle and waiting for 3 guys to hit 3 shots a piece before you can play your ball or even get to your ball to assess the situation. Bout to the point of saying hell with it and spending my Tuesday nights in a better place. By the 3-4 hole I’m begging for the misery to end every we
  10. Another league night that I just didn’t play well. Won a skin on 1 with a par, net birdie. Threw one away at 2 with a 3 putt. By hole 5 and 6 the wait between shots was so bad I lost interest. Course was jammed with people... and when pace gets that slow I lose interest. Didn’t keep my own score from that point. If my partner was in for a par I didn’t finish out or made runs at birdie and picked up etc. I did manage a birdie and skin at 8, with no handicap stroke. Partner and I won the week by 2 and now sit way ahead of the standings. We have 2x the points of 2nd place. I’m 3 skins ahead of th
  11. How do I come back from a 72 last time out and my best round of the year? How else.... putrid effort for 9 holes of league night. Had as many penalty shots as GIR.... 3. Sadly after 2 of the penalties I managed to leave myself inside of 5 feet for par that I missed. Putter was ice cold. Ball striking wasn’t bad but a few sprayed tee shots and a bad putting day left me 7 over for 9 holes. Worst performance I’ve had in 7 weeks of league play.
  12. I would take bogey free any day!
  13. I was just getting started on the range and had only hit a few wedges when the pro dropped by. Said he was giving a lesson and happened to look over and see something. He tweaked my hand position and I hit a couple shots. Took it too the course and I was hitting the ball as good as I can remember in any time over the last couple years. Sprayed the driver a little but no trouble. Just off the fairway on one side or the other. Hit 12 greens. Made 3 birdies. 5 bogeys. Shot +2 72 today. Thrilled to have a feeling that golf is fun again. Had been struggling with ball striking lately and sometimes i
  14. Pretty excited to post today’s birdies. Was on the range and one of the pros stopped in because while he was giving a lesson he noticed something in my setup. Tinkered with my hand position for a few min and as Phil would say I was hittin bombs all day! Honestly best ball striking all season. Birdie at 2 which was a 4 iron par 3 today and my first birdie ever on that hole. Also stuck a 9 iron in there at 13 for birdie. Also my first birdie on that hole ever. Made a kick in 1 foot birdie at 8 but I birdie that hole often.
  15. League night. Played like dog shit! I didn’t want to play and was hoping for rain. Didn’t hit us till we were putting out on 9 unfortunately. Started well enough with a 2 putt par at 1 but quickly fell apart with a double at 2. Bounced back sticking a wedge at 3 but missed the kick in bird there. Missed a kick in par at 4: 3 putt at 5. 6 we miss the green from 100 yards. 7 make bogey from the fringe. Wasted a great drive at 8 leaving my wedge woefully short of the pin at 8 and no hope for birdie. Hammered a drive at 9 and yet again find a way to miss the green from less than 100. I
  16. Played a Texas Shamble today. For those who don’t know is 4 guys tee off and everyone plays home with their own ball from the best drive. I made par from 13-18 but then the beer, jager and heat set in. 10:30 shotgun start finished around 4:30. Way too long of day to be in the heat. Was happy with my play for the first 6. Next 12 not so much!
  17. League night. Still hung over from Memorial Day. Should have stayed home. Could count quality shots for the day on one hand. Luckily I strung a few of them together and birdied 16. Otherwise partner has a sore back.... even with my piss poor 43 gross we still won for the week and are still on top league standings.
  18. I’m still keeping a tracker of my own in my note pad on my phone to track my total birdies for the season. The one on 9 the other day was my favorite this season. I hit a crushed drive and from center of fairway I hit a SW that landed on the lip and bounced up off the stick. Ended up a 6” tap in. This after I jarred a 25 footer to save par at 8. Had several great 12 foot and in looks that day and the only one I was able to make birdie was that 9th hole. We played 11 before darkness and was able to 2 putt on 11 for birdie after sticking a hybrid to 15 feet in 2.
  19. Total misunderstanding. I was looking at it completely wrong. I was interpreting it as if you put a -4 in a hole that it was going to count 4 in the birdie or better total. That’s what made me think the formula was “broken” for that cell. I get it now.
  20. I was logging every birdie and the formulas worked fine for the holes I have 1 or 2. Never saw the formula quit working until I went to 3 and 4 birdies on hole 11. That’s all.
  21. Thanks for clarification! That explains why it let me do -2’s and 3/4 was an issue. Thank you sir! 2nd year as a member at this course and still have not birdied 2 which is a downhill par 3 that can be as much as 4 iron depending on the tees. I stuck a 5 to 12 feet last night and just missed. Still chasing 12 which is a par 4 that a solid drive leaves me a gap wedge in. Shocked I haven’t managed birdie there yet. And still chasing 13 which is an 8/9 iron par 3 most days. Again can’t believe I haven’t managed a birdie there yet!
  22. Is there any way you could take a look at the tracker and fix my formula that totals the birdies up? I’m good with xcel but not this spreadsheet. I believe I’m #37 on the home course side. I have all of my correct birdie counts in but they are not adding correctly. You will be able to see what cell the formula is broken in without much issue. It’s the one with a birdie count that isn’t shaded green.
  23. Went out and teed off about 6:30 in evening to play as many holes as possible. Was even through 11. 2 3 putts were my only 2 bogeys. Hit 9/11 greens. Hi light of my day was a bomb off the tee at 9 leaving myself about 55 yards to the stick and nearly flew it in. Ball mark was literally on the edge of the cup. Tap in 3. Best I played all year despite not really making much in terms of putts. On another note had been playing a Titleist tru feel for quite a while but also had a dozen pro v that I got for Xmas. Decided to play with a pro v today. Guess I will keep playing them for a wh
  24. I’m not going to engage in any kind of serious presentation of why or why not I believe he is 3rd. I will simply say no and here is my biggest reason. I believe that the 3rd best golfer of all time has probably won the career slam. Sorry Phil but 6 second places at the US without closing the deal hurt. I also believe that he was hurt by playing in the Tiger era. I do believe he was 2nd only to Tiger in his own generation. I believe that Phil is among the greats to have played the game without question. 6 majors is a great accomplishment. I just say hold the breaks on 3 all time and just enjoy
  25. With Tiger on the shelf Phil having a turn back the clock week is the next best thing. I personally think Brooks will end up winning this thing but man I really hope Phil does.
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