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  1. I have always liked golf even when I was younger just going to a par 3 with my father. This summer I needed something to help me relax and take some stress away. From loosing both of my grandmothers within a 2 month period. Golf just happen to be what I found and started loving I have always been a competitive person. This is something I need to work on in golf. I find my self doing allot worst when I'm trying to compete against one of my buddies that are better then myself then when I just focus on the game.
  2. Ok so I have played golf when I was younger maybe 14-15 years old. I am now 23 and starting to take golf seriously. I have been playing at least 9 holes 3 times a week. For an average I been shooting 47-50 on 9 holes. 98-102 on 18. I been wondering because I play with some buddies that play amateur event and are allot better then me and some buddies that are worst them I am. How are my scores on average. I know I need to practice my short game more as it is one of my faults. I have also improved my short game over the summer drastically.
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