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  1. iacas, you're absolutely correct! I feel like an idiot, I was calculating my handicap totally wrong apparently. I'm more like a 30! Working my way through the myriad of 5SK videos on youtube as of now. Are the vids posted by 'thegolfevolution' the series I'm looking for (created by iacas/Erik)?? Thanks for the welcome guys.
  2. New to STS as of today and have barely poked around enough to know what I'm doing in here. I did, however, read this entire thread (over the course of a couple days) and have to admit I got lost along the way several times! I'm returning to golf after a few years away and I'm introducing my 14 y/o daughter and 12 y/o son to the game. We're having an enjoyable enough time, but I've never received any formal instruction, and I'd like to learn a "right way" to swing the golf club for full swings (and go from there). Based on calculators I've used online, using the rounds I've played this year, I think my handicap is 15.4 and my index is 11.2 (but I'm not certain that I'm figuring this out correctly). Best round is 91, if that's any indication of my skill. I've been considering Paul Wilson's 'The Body Swing' program, and this thread has been eye-opening. I don't know anything about 5SK but it sounds like I should check it out. This year, over the last few weeks, I've nearly eliminated my ridiculous slice from pointers gained from youtube tutorials by Rich Shiels. I don't think I have a good swing, however, and I definitely feel like I am primarily using my arms to hit the ball, especially driving the ball from the tee. I don't have distance worth noting (I'd like to be longer- who wouldn't, lol) but I drove the ball (including roll on a dry fairway) 260 yds. I don't experience a lot of pain after a round of golf, but I feel tightness in my back sometimes and I'm wondering if that could lead to pain issues over time. I get that an "effortless swing" is a potentially deceptive description for a golf swing, but I for sure want to swing as naturally as possible, for whatever my swing should be, and I want to try to teach my kids to do the same. Paul Wilson's methods sound like they have worked for a lot of people. The wife rolls her eyes when I reach for my clubs - not sure I'll be able to spend the $97 for the program with her blessing! Time to sink some time into TST forums to see what all is being offered here.
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