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  1. I got my clubs gripped, got some plugs put in a few (I had bought them used last season, turns out some were a little too short). Looks like I am ready! Hit a bucket and a half of balls today and man...RUST! I can already tell I am going to be sore tomorrow. Sucks. What do you guys usually do for your first game of the season? I'm not playing for another week or so but I do want to get back into shape.
  2. Friends and fellow clunkers, I am getting an apple watch series 4 this weekend and was curious if you guys use any golf apps? I am not getting the LTE model, only GPS. Though, more than likely my phone will be in my bag, I would like to be able to walk to my ball and see how far I have hit it as well as possibly scoring on my watch. I have read some reviews but thought I would use you guys for a resource. Yall have helped me with my game...why not my tech??
  3. Hey guys, thanks for your input. One thing I just realized is my range's markers are Full of S$#@. I mean it looked like I was flushing my 6 iron 150 + but who can really say at a range. The important thing was I was hitting confidently and straight. I just figured even if it just went 150 straight it would be better than the crap I was leaving out there when topping my hybrid. Also...what cant' I hit my hybrid?!
  4. Hey guys, High handicapper here. I got a par 3, 187 yards at my local course that I am struggling with. I bought a hybrid 3 for me to get up there and though I first was hitting it well when I first bought it, now I can't seem to hit it at all. My iron game is pretty strong, well, those p-7. Lately I am working a 4,5, and 6 into rotation with various levels of success. My 6 though, here lately, I am crushing. I have a nice easy swing and that ball i soaring! So, I was thinking about just using that on the long par 3 and giving up on the hybrid for now. I top it every single time. Anyway, do you guys and gals try to land on green at 187 or lay up? id rather lay up that 6 I am hitting really well and just chip on. Thoughts?
  5. Man that is so true. I have been messing with my drive all freaking week! Trying to see what I was doing wrong! I sometimes think playing with a friend is also bad for my game because if they are more talented they are comfortable chit chatting and honestly I just can't. I can either play golf, or chit chat. I really can't do both!
  6. Man this game is a real struggle. Two weeks ago I played a course with a couple of guys who were awful and without fear of looking like an idiot I played great (for my game). My shots were going in the air, I had about 4 or 5 really solid drives, I hit the green on two par 3's, and even got my first birdie! I made a mess out of a hole with water, but I didn't really care about that. All I cared about was the confidence i had in my game! A week later I played with a friend who is a tremendous player, single digit handicap, who has these towering drives that go high and out of sight. Cutting through doglegs, and just...wow. That day I couldn't get a single drive off the tee box, I seemed to be topping everything. I was trying so hard and the ball just went no where. It was fairly depressing. Now I question my drive. Why was I hitting it so well two weeks ago? Will I even be able to hit those big thundering drives? Is it even possible? Have any of you guys experience a complete 180 in your game? You think you have it figured out then it falls apart? PS, the "Great" day I shot 52 on a 9 hole. It was fairly challenging with some water on a few holes but distance wise I wasn't intimidated. The course I butchered was long as heck. I have been playing 7 months or so. I play at least one game a week and try to practice at a range once also. I usually get in at least one to two additional buckets during lunch breaks at work. Man I love the game but I sure wonder sometimes...
  7. Weirdgolf

    Big courses

    Guys, thanks for the input! To reply to th me drive question, I can get it out there to 200 when I do it perfect, which is rare. A lot of mistakes and I average out to 150
  8. Weirdgolf

    Big courses

    I do drive some and my 6 iron is usually a mess. My pitching wedge is money (not necessarily ON the money but I tend to hit it well and get a nice sound/feel) and gives me good feelings. My 7 is good. I can sometimes hit my 5,6 and ok. My problem with the large course is 1) intimidation and 2) thinking I got to slam the hell out of a 5 iron or long iron that I don't have a lot of confidence in. The ball usually will go about 4 yards when that happens. I guess what I am saying is i lose rhythm and sense of self on the big courses! How do I keep that same rhythm as I progress into my longer clubs? As far as driving, I feel like I am having a hard time keeping a good balance on the back swing. And then I start thinking about every internet video and article I have ever seen/read, and the wheels come off. The wheels literally come off on the larger courses.
  9. Weirdgolf

    Big courses

    Hey guys, fairly new golfer here. I started back in November with a lesson which basically taught me grip, stance, and how to use a pitching wedge. I haven't had a second lesson. I try to hit the range once a week to work on pitching and chipping and try to get in a round once a week. At least on an executive course. On straight par 3's 9 hole my best score is a 40. Where i live we have a nice medium sized 9 hole course with par 4's that when played twice I have gotten a 109. I am not perfect but I still have shots that feel good and that I enjoy. My problem is larger courses. There are some here where I live (Nashville) that I play that embarrass me. I also was on vacation in Florida and got on course I had no business being on and shot 70 on 9 holes! I did the same on a large course in Indiana. My question is, how do you mentally handle a large course? And what is my problem? Further more, should I work on driving or keep practicing chipping and putting? Thanks,
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