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  1. Correct except the ball was further forward in line with the front 1/3 of the tree, not the back 1/3 and the green was a little more towards 11 o'clock. So if I had done this I could have punched out and maybe hit a punch towards the green, but I think the trunk would have interfered with my stance to prevent a normal swing. I'm comfortable that with a one stroke penalty my score is correct.
  2. Right Handed Tree right next to cart path on right side - no more than two inches of ground before roots Cart path was about two strides wide, so 5-6 feet Ball was on right edge of cart path, maybe a few inches from the edge Playing from where it lies tree is blocking shot to green
  3. The NPR is in the tree. One club length would not give me any sort of stance to make a shot. Two club lengths from there would allow me to hit the shot I hit. Therefore take a penalty for unplayable.
  4. I don't know if I dropped in the right area or not either, but it is likely that my NPR was inside the tree trunk plus a club length. My drop was likely within two club lengths of that spot, so I should add a penalty stroke for unplayable lie IMO.
  5. Now I'm confused - I don't think the NPR is only within one club length. I get to take relief from both my ball and my stance from being on the path. I cannot take my stance in the middle of a tree. Therefore, I either need to go across the cart path or to the back of the tree - I thought across was closer. But in either case, the angle to the green allowed me to swing without interference from the tree.
  6. Yes of course, but in that case I likely would have had tree trouble but the two possible NPR gave me a good lie and decent swing. The real issue was whether the fact where you would normally take relief had a big tree and if that required an unplayable lie. Since the tree prevents that spot from being relief, I was better off with the drop.
  7. thanks. I think I did okay. I dropped across the cart path. I think it was equal distance to the spot behind the tree to across the path - the ball was even to the very front of the tree. Either way, hard to describe, but the drop behind the tree would have been the same shot and might have been easier. I was pretty close to the green so the tree's limbs didn't come into play and again hard to describe, but where I could take a stance behind the tree would have allowed me to swing at the green without interference from the trunk.
  8. So both of these happened today: I occasionally come way over the top with my FW off the tee and hit a 100 yard dribbler. Today I did it and it hit the ladies tee marker about 60 yards ahead. I thought I read recently that if you hit the tee marker you could re-hit without penalty (I was surprised by this), but I can't seem to find it, so was I entitled to a re-hit. I didn't because I was so mad at myself I wanted to suffer. My ball came to rest on a cart path. Right next to the path, where one would typically say was the nearest point of relief, was a huge tree. There would be no place to drop the ball on the ground or take a stance due to the tree. To me the nearest point of relief was then either across the other side of the cart path or behind the tree where I could take a drop and have a stance that wasn't on the path. Did I do this right or does the tree make it an unplayable lie and I should add a penalty stroke? Thanks
  9. Ditto. When playing a round to score you should hit the shots that work best for you. Go out by yourself for a practice round and work on the shots you want to develop.
  10. So my takeaway is that the .96 goes away, it becomes your best 8 out of 20, and it updates immediately. There are other things that can come into play but these are the main ones that will impact everyone in the U.S. Did others read it differently?
  11. One thing that might help here (and probably other golfers as well) is to learn to hit a little knock down shot with your longest iron. Just a swing that is 3/4's straight up and back down and advances the ball down the fairway. For example, I hit my 5i about 175 but with this knock down it will go about 150-160. It is hard to hit the ball wide right or left with this shot (which is why I use it). It also can be difficult to control the distance so I don't use it much to approach greens. But I use it all the time on par 5's and to get back into position on par 4's after a bad drive. In all honesty, I developed this shot for different reasons earlier in my playing career, but I still use it all the time.
  12. Sorry about that. I have a copy at home that I should be able to scan and post.
  13. Congrats - Two Thoughts: Come up with some sort of stat keeping system or use an online software to do so. It will help you identify what to work on. Not the only guide out there but this article helped me. Yes, the title is ridiculous but if you change it to How to Break 80 in 6 steps I think the 6 steps are pretty universal in becoming a sub 80's player. How to Break 80: Your Six Week Plan to a Lifetime of Low Scores Your plan to finally break 80 requires you to do a number of things, the first of which is to accept that striking the ball like Ben Hogan and knocking...
  14. Agree but in my case it would specifically be playing tips that are supposed to bring distance. They always messed me up until I decided to just the play the distances I have.
  15. You don't need an official handicap unless you want to enter a competition. If you are going to mainly be playing one course, you can judge how you're doing by just looking at your scores. If you start playing lots of different courses, you may want to start tracking your handicap/differentials unofficially as a gauge to how you are doing as those courses may vary widely in difficulty. I have an official handicap but the real reason I keep one is because I play so many different courses.
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