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  1. I'm usually between 74-78 at my home course, but it's a short par 70 (6013 / 68.8 / 114)
  2. My knee issues were no where near as severe but simple leg lifts made them go away. Can do them anywhere.
  3. I've always struggled with the concept of "potential" versus "average" performance. I've always thought the handicap should better represent "average," but I also understand that you shouldn't average every score because there are those outliers (which tend to be bad outliers more than good) that skew the average. In practicality I don't know what that implies - handicap should be 5 out of best 10, throw out the two best and 3 worst scores, 7 out of 10 - IDK. The other area where I think the current system gives one pause is using the last 20 rounds. I'm going to post something like 60 rounds this year and I'm not sure that 20 rounds really reflects how I'm playing. Certainly for the league players you mention going into prior years probably doesn't make sense. Maybe there should be a time limit as to when rounds are counted. All that said, I'm always surprised at how well the system works for regular golfers. One of my groups always plays net games and they are always competitive with everyone taking turns with good and bad days and the same people don't always win. So it works.
  4. One of my clubs does the same thing, maintains a club only index after a first season (first season is based upon GHIN). The difference is the indexes are only used to determine flights whereas the competitions are gross within flight and overall. I think that avoids your socialism issue but IDK.
  5. A bunker hole-out first, then a par 4 eagle that was years and years before ever having a par 5 eagle. To this date I have eight eagles (seven par 5 eagles since I moved 3 years ago, not sure what that says) and only three bunker hole-outs. The last bunker hole-out was cool though - very difficult 18th hole for a walk-off the round is over birdie - great feeling!
  6. Having once lived near Far Hills, you'd be surprised at the number of people you meet who work for the USGA who don't play golf. Crazy to people like me! I can also tell you that IMO the museum there wasn't heavily visited. It's a great place to live but not to vacation, so they will get much more traffic and interest from visitors to Pinehurst than they did Far Hills.
  7. I ran into a new one yesterday. Not only did this course have noodles but there was a rubber casing on the flag stick from a few inches below to a few inches above the hole. Made it very tight for the ball to go in. I hit a putt from 20 feet that hit the flag dead middle at a nice speed and the ball bounced directly backwards. The issue was this was during our tour championship. My foursome agreed that the COVID thing was what caused the putt to not go in but it wasn't clear that the rules committee would allow it to count. But in the end it counted.
  8. In fairness most of the courses around here are still operating with reduced tee times, say 12 minute intervals when their normal is 10. That said, total rounds are way up around here. Great for pace of play I must add.
  9. That's an interesting comment. I think of it as being grass specific - works really well on Bermuda but always struggled with it when I lived in the NE and always played bent grass. I found Sieckmann's book to be the one that helped me the most. That said, I basically practice one chip and one pitch to various distances. Nothing more complicated than that. I figure if I can come close to the right landing spot then the ball is going to be close enough unless I make a bad read. Adjusting for lies and stances comes with playing experience.
  10. It all depends on the lie. Mediocre lie or if there's any concern that there's going to be grass between my club and the ball, I'd use my 58, square the face, and pitch to the edge of the green but erring on being long over short. My expectation is to be 10-20 feet from the hole, anything within 10 feet is going to be pretty good. If I know that I can get the club on the ball without interference, particularly if the ball is sitting up, then I'd be more aggressive. In this case I'd open the 58 and hit a lofted pitch / lob shot - I don't like the term flop, that's what pros do and it's much more aggressive and vertical than my lob. In this case, given the right lie and green speed, I have pretty good confidence of getting it to 10 feet and sometimes closer. If I come up short, I should be close enough to the green to use putter and have a routine two putt. As a warning: 1. the pros swing hard when hitting a flop - that's why the ball goes straight up and stops - I swing much slower and the ball goes lower, so it doesn't stop near as fast but I also don't have the bladed flop shot; 2. A flaw is to swing only using your arms - swing your body with the arms; 3. Practice on the range a few times before putting into play - I've practiced this a lot.
  11. I've been in competitions that do the same. Love having a leaderboard. The physical card is available to avoid any disputes.
  12. I agree with you but the one flaw in your logic is what's the benefit over testing the sand with your feet a few feet away versus feeling the sand when you dig in for your shot. Really no real advantage - maybe you dig in a few feet away and decide to play the shot differently, but you could just as easily dig in for your shot, decide you don't like what you feel, and then step out to restart the process (maybe with a different club). So while I think it's a rules violation, I don't see a reason to do it because you'll get the same information when you set up for your shot.
  13. Thanks @bkuehn1952 I went 43/30 yesterday - pretty sure that's the biggest front/back differential I've had. Still haven't broken par. The back nine included 5 birdies and an eagle (and one bogey). The eagle was a pitch in from 30 yards, three of the birdies were +/- 10 feet, two were long putts of around 30 feet. The one on 18 was something to see - straight down a steep slope - my partner (scratch golfer) didn't think I could get it within five feet but it went right in. Ended up with six birdies for the round (personal best), an eagle (only my 8th), and ended the round with three straight birdies for first time ever. Funny until yesterday I really couldn't have told you my best nine hole score. I know I've gone -2 a number of times and I think I may have been -3 once, but my focus has been on trying to break par (I've shot even par twice) so I haven't been paying attention to nine hole scores. Obviously I'll remember this one.
  14. Unfortunately I totally agree although I wish I couldn't. The problem is boom mikes - not everything is meant to be heard. There should be some private time - I blame the networks for not being on guard.
  15. Same here - since I often walk among riders I tend to go to my push cart, put putter / clubs away, and mark my score while watching anyone else putt out. My purpose is to be ready to go once everyone is done so I don't hold anyone up by being a walker, but I agree I wonder if others find it rude.
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