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  1. The only place I can think of that has year round golf without heat is California which is not going to pass the affordability scale. I would like to retire to the Carolinas, either North or South, both of which have a variety of options from the mountains / foothills to the shores. Golf is pretty close to year round, it can be hot but bearable for me. Similar options could be found in VA, GA, TN would have similar options.
  2. I took a look today. There's 14 public golf courses of decent quality within 40 minutes of me. As of today 7 were open. 5 of 6 courses that have some sort of municipal or military connection are closed. The one that is open I think has a private management company. Therefore, 6 of 8 public but privately owned are open and seem to be quite busy. All are doing things somewhat differently due to Covid-19, but not all to the extent that you read about. There's at least one allowing the sharing of carts - I wish they wouldn't. Some cups raised some not. Any walking restrictions waived. Unfortunately at least two of the open courses are really tough to walk.
  3. I think that there are several courses still open in the area. Any with any civic / government ties have shut down. Honestly, I think some of this has to do with golf's elitist image - they are encouraging you to go for solo runs / walks for exercise, but are encouraging golf courses to close. With proper practices, not sure I see the difference.
  4. I'm going to go with Norman because he was the best player in the world (and in his mind maybe all time) and he had a huge lead, but Van de Velde is worthy as well.
  5. So what would be making the ball pop up? Any suggestions for set-up adjustment to make it go better?
  6. Correct - just trying to advance the ball due to the extreme shot position. No chance to make a real shot.
  7. This seems to happen a lot here, I'm guessing because there aren't really many hills but there tend to be big mounds, think backside of a bunker, in the middle of fairways, but I'll get a lie with the ball well above my feet. I'm not talking side hill lie. I'm talking ball around knee height or yesterday even higher. How would you play it? I'm not trying to do anything fancy, just advance the ball 100-150 yards forward. My tendency seems to be to pop the ball up. Maybe get 30-50 yards, but not advancing the ball like I would like to. Any suggestions?
  8. I would pick my buddies, mainly because I miss the three of them since I moved. On the other hand, two of them have no patience for slow golf and would pick the faster round.
  9. I've packed all kinds of stuff into mine without issue as long as I keep it under 50 pounds. Yes, TSA opens the bag a high percentage of the time. My guess is the TSA guys are golfers just being nosy. I always take a picture of my bag when I check it. One airline in particular had a long habit of mis-placing my golf clubs, and in one instance explained that they just got missed on the loading dock as clubs go on the plane last. They would ask me to describe what it looked like and I would pull out a picture and say, "it's big, yellow and black. How could you overlook it?"
  10. gbogey

    TopTracer Range

    This is not a fancy range at all. In fact shocked that they invested in the technology, so I really doubt if they adjust the system for the conditions. One day it was close to 70 at the end of the afternoon, the second day it was probably 50 after a cold overnight - definitely felt like the balls being cold could be contributing to the computer saying distances were shorter the second day. Not sure about range balls - I know they don't go as far, but based upon how the technology works by looking at the launch - not sure if range balls would impact distance.
  11. gbogey

    TopTracer Range

    Went to a range over the weekend that has Toptracer technology (like on the pro tour events on TV). I know it somehow uses multiple cameras to project ball flight. It must be relatively shortly after impact because I had one shot hit a utility wire but my shot on the screen kept going. Anyway, it's a fun way to practice and I particularly like an approach game that makes you hit different irons. Does anyone know how accurate the technology is? Also really curious is would range balls affect what the distance projection? And finally, I assume that certain conditions, like cold, would impact the ball and therefore the ball projection?
  12. If I'm honest, since golf is a singles sport and the Ryder Cup ends with a day of singles matches, then on that Sunday I'd probably prefer to play well since the victory may feel hollow if you play poorly. But for the next day and the next 40 years I'd rather be on the winning team.
  13. I must say that 6% I must say that 6% is higher than I thought it would be. I've basically decided that this is a total non-factor in my area - we get windy days but I think it would be extremely rare to have winds high enough to cause this to go into effect. Maybe we could have a real soaking rain and the courses play long the next day, but those tend to happen in early spring / late fall when there aren't as many people out playing. It almost seems like this is something that could come into play very often in a place like Florida, wet and windy, and almost never in other parts of the country.
  14. I thought that the "PCC" was going to be a positive aspect of the new system but if it's going to be this complicated I'm not sure that it's worth it. Or I could just do like a buddy of mine in NJ who just wouldn't play if the wind was supposed to be more than 15 mph (I'm guessing most of my PCC is wind related).
  15. So many people will spend +$400 dollars on getting fit for a driver that they use at most 14 times a round, but for the one piece of equipment that is used on every shot they will use any ball they find that looks like it's in decent shape. Just saying.
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