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  1. So a question - I assume that one can still have the flag stick tended like before. If the flag is leaning towards you in a manner that you don't like, can you have the flag tended such that it is pulled straight up to allow the ball to fall in?
  2. gbogey

    Let's Talk about Grips

    I went from Dri-Tac to CP2 last year and really like the CP2. My question is this - with the Dri-Tac it is easy to know when the grips are worn, with CP2 less so. Any thought on how to tell with the CP2 or how often they should be changed?
  3. gbogey

    Tried Playing "Worse Shot" for the First Time Today

    Peter Kostis wrote a good article several years back about things like this to improve your game. He mentioned Worst Shot with two balls Best Shot with two balls - helps you understand your potential. Single ball - hit two shots whenever you have a shot game shot such as a chip, pitch, putt or sand. If the 2nd shot is routinely better than the first your short game needs work.
  4. gbogey

    Are you a mudder?

    I could have multiple answers here. If you start with normal conditions and then have a wet day or playing just after a rain, then I'm probably pretty good at offsetting the wetness and taking advantage of the situation. If you are talking about the severe winter mud that we have from December through February, then no, I can't overcome the 20-30 yards I'm losing off the tee right now. On the other hand, I refuse to move back a tee box despite the conditions - I need work on my mid-irons and hybrid approach shots and so playing normal tees gives me more practice. This leads to another question - my goal next year is to improve a stroke over this year's average. Since my off season started, I've maintained my average - given that their are 6 holes on my home course that are playing much much harder due to the conditions - am I kidding myself to believe that I'm achieving my goal right now? Trying to feel good but not complacent.
  5. One counter thought - I couldn't hit a 3W to my satisfaction off the deck so I eventually scrapped it completely and just carry a 5W now. It's adjustable so I almost have it at a 4W setting. Off the deck I can hit it just as far, much higher, and more consistently. I probably lose 5-10 yards off the tee, but that really hasn't been an issue.
  6. Unless you are in a real hurry, I would try as many irons as possible. When I went through the process, it was winter in NJ - no golf being played - I must have gone to one of the big golf stores 15 times and hit well over 10 different clubs before deciding which was best for me. All of the clubs you mentioned are going to be good clubs - I would make sure that you also try some GI clubs as I am a big fan of more over less forgiveness. When I went through the process I was about a 10 handicap and thought I wanted irons closer to players' irons (but not players irons) than GI, but the results of the GI were just too good to ignore. Just one person's experience.
  7. gbogey

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    I'm going to say Underrated. I thought about this a lot. I'm a huge walker and I do think I play better walking, but I struggled with the question. I think the real answer has to do with rhythm as suggested. When a course is busy, which is most non-winter Saturday and Sundays, I think walking puts you into a better rhythm and matches the flow of the course better. Whenever I ride during these times it seems like hurry up and wait. I also can't believe the aversion many people have to walking. In my area it's generally cart path only until Spring, but no matter how fit most of these guys are they won't think about walking. I know that I can easily keep up with two guys in a cart when it's cart path only - and I never leave the right club in the cart.
  8. Its long way to the TN/MO border from my house, but if it's yellow, it could be fine - I hit a couple of really bad shots on Sunday.
  9. So I lost my last Titleist AVX on Sunday so instead of switching between two balls I'm going to solely play Bridgestones going forward. Not sure my scores are better with one versus the other but I feel like I know what the Bridgestones are going to do around the green a little better.
  10. gbogey

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    Working out for stamina and flexibility underrated, especially for walkers. Golf is an athletic sport after all. Weightlifting overrated.
  11. You're basically trying to force yourself to rock your shoulders without using your hands - hope it works for you. I've tried it but it's just not a natural feeling for me. I've always thought that the Kuchar putting stroke with the shaft against the forearm would be another good method for removing the hands from the stroke. If you want another twist on the rocking the baby technique, that's basically what Michelle Wie was doing when she was bending way over. I've tried it and it's a sound technique. But very hard on a middle aged man's back and most of us don't have butts we want to stick up in the air.
  12. gbogey

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    I'll bite - Overrated, at least as it relates to measuring club distance. There are too many variables that impact your distance such as wind, lie, what you had for breakfast, and seriously your typical roll out. You should be aware of whether you are typically long or short on your normal approaches and can accomplish this with a little brain matter, no need for one of these devices. I have a Cobra driver that came with an Arrcos device - I used for about 5-10 rounds and haven't since - pretty much confirmed that my estimates on how far my drives were going were typically within 10 yards. I do think that statistical analysis is Underrated if you are getting good data from these systems. The problem from the examples that I have seen is that they compare everyone to a scratch golfer. Not sure that really helps most of us. I use a less sophisticated program but is compares my game to my handicap goal - I find that much more useful. Is that available on these systems?
  13. I know what the science says but on short putts, let's say under 5 or 7 feet, I find it very distracting to have the flag in so in my case it likely comes out. That, and the fact that my current home course regularly has the most crooked flags I've ever seen - a friend pointed in out to me the day before the rule became final. It's weird - never seen it at any other course. Agree that this is the worst rule change and I half expect the USGA/R&A to reverse course mid-year.
  14. gbogey

    Did You Have a Eureka Moment?

    This brings back Eureka moment. I was a range rat when I first started playing. I had a cycle which went like this: Through several range sessions show great improvement in ball striking Incorporate a "tip" to increase distance, usually from a magazine. Hit the ball crappy Start over trying to improve ball striking I finally started focusing on ball striking and fitness/flexibility with no attention to improving distance. Quality of swing has been much better since then. I still glance through the tips but not the ones that are focused on increasing distance.
  15. gbogey

    Did You Have a Eureka Moment?

    Yes but not exactly - if the question is "did the swing come together one day and stay?" - then no, the golf swing is too inconsistent. But a few things that have happened to me in my 10 years playing that might qualify: One Spring I started hitting the ball about 10 yards further. Maybe my ball had a new version that was longer or maybe I was improving at the range over the winter and didn't realize it, but I suddenly picked up some distance and it stayed. There have been several "aha" moments, particularly when I was still taking lessons, where I have realized that I understood my golf swing and what I was trying to do. Since then I've developed a pretty good idea of what's going to happen to the ball before I look up. Unfortunately, this is an after the fact "what went wrong" more than a before the fact "do this" awareness. Still it helps when you are having an off day. There were two time periods where I became frustrated because I knew that my game had improved in many facets but my scores weren't getting better. Then suddenly I had a really good round and my handicap improved 2-3 strokes over a 10-15 round period. Unfortunately, not sure what happened but suddenly my scoring got better and my improvements showed up on the course. Unfortunately the last improvement was 4 years ago and I now feel like I'm better than before, so I'm hoping that another 2-3 strokes are coming my way.

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