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  1. I think it goes without saying that participants on sites like this tend to be either more into golf than than most golfers or trying actively to improve (I know that I frequented sites much more heavily when I was in the "big improvement" mode). Active golfers tend to be better golfers, much in the same that studies show that golfers who walk tend to score lower - probably because golfers who walk tend to be better golfers, not that they play better from walking (although in my individual case I think I do play better when I walk). As to your foursome, if you are regular players meaning
  2. Not even close for me. My personal threshold is a real feel of around 45 or higher to play. Using that I usually play 8-12 times during January and February combined. Around here, the real feel is 100+ from late May through early September. I average about 15 rounds a month and usually walk up unless the real feel is close to 110.
  3. It would be close between LPGA and Euro Tour but I would lean for LPGA as I can relate to their distances much better and the tournaments generally play live at times I can watch. Don't like Korn Ferry Tour at all - they all seem to be birdie fest type of tournaments that I hate.
  4. I love putting and I'm generally considered to be a good putter, so a few things that might help: At the level you are trying to play, shooting 80, a median miss should be about 10% of distance (a tour pro is 5%). So from 40 feet you should be within 4 feet at least half the time, from 20 feet you should be within two half the time. So, and I'm making this up a little bit, if you are regularly more than 6-8 feet from 40 feet or more than 4 feet from 20 feet, you should work on your lag putting. As someone else said, make sure you're realistic. I spent a winter practicing 30 foot pu
  5. I'm trying to find the right scotch with the right blend of smooth and smoky. So far Laphroaig is my favorite but I would like just a tad more smokiness. The last bottle I bought was Ardbeg - too smoky for my tastes.
  6. I'm a highly unusual case in that I broke 80 with a really freakish round about three months after first breaking 90. But the reality is that once I broke 90, I was pretty much doing it all the time whereas it took me four years to improve enough to break 80 with any sort of regularity. My experience was that I broke 90 while focusing on my short game and thereafter saw several strokes of fast improvement. Somewhere in the mid-80's (score, not decade), it became harder to improve. Thereafter I would guess it became about 2/3's long game, 1/3 short game in terms of improvement. Today it's
  7. Even if you had your favorite wedge distance 18 times in a row, most of us would do well to hit 15-16 greens. I've hit 15 GIRs twice although the better round, which I consider to be my best ever even if not my best score, I feel like I hit 17 in a row. Missed the first green but after that hit 15 of 17. One hole I had to pitch back to the fairway (no GIR) but then hit a wedge to two feet to save par. The other miss was on a hole with a funky green. Shot landed squarely in the middle of the green but rolled off the back.
  8. Sort of how I approached the question. What would I expect? At my home course I would expect to two putt every time from 25 feet but in reality I would likely blow one. From 15-20 feet, I believe that I would either two putt every time or sink one birdie to counter the one three putt. I did this once for nine holes - hit nine GIR's and every birdie putt was 15-20 feet, all two putts. Not my best nine by any means but maybe my steadiest as I also only missed one fairway and that was by two feet.
  9. Listened to 20 minutes of the No Laying Up podcast while picking up lunch today. My takeaway is that this really impacts elite / tour pro players more than the average player. I guess the things being changed / looked benefit fast swingers much more than the typical golfer. If they can do that without bifurcation I think it's a good thing. Also as @iacassaid, seems to be more of a drawing of the line than a walking back.
  10. I'm sure I'm in the minority but I want to like Patrick Reed. I like his style of play, like his bravado, admire his short game, and appreciate that his body shape is closer to mine than most tour pros. I even like the fact that he's not afraid to make his own rulings - it pisses me off when the players call a RO for every little thing, most of which they should know how to handle themselves. All that said, he doesn't make it easy on himself does he? I don't think he cheated or intended to cheat, but in a trickier situation he just needs to call the RO or other players over earlier in the
  11. I think they have to move it at this point, or have a promise that he won't attend. If he's absent maybe some of the issue goes away. It's a shame It's an absolutely beautiful course in a beautiful setting. It would have been fun to watch the best play there. It was fun to watch the ladies play there a few years back.
  12. I hesitate to post anything to this forum, but below is from a NY Times newletter that I thought was good - sorry their isn't a link How to manage your virus risk The most effective public health messages don’t merely tell people what not to do. They also tell people what they can do with only a small amount of risk. This sometimes feels counterintuitive, because it gives people permission to take some risks, rather than urging maximum safety all the time. In the long run, though, a more realistic approach is actu
  13. To the contrary, on several of my "wheels come off" rounds this year I haven't lost a single ball. Penalty strokes yes, but lost balls no. When I'm that off I'm typically not hitting the ball bad enough to lose one. But I tend to agree with your post match approach - there's typically 5 strokes (if not more) that were unusually over the top bad and atypical, especially around the greens. And if you adjust for those the round wouldn't have been a disaster.
  14. I've played about 80 rounds this year and have played to a 5 or lower almost all year. I've had four rounds where the wheels have come totally off - think 90 range. The commonalities are: 1) usually an unfamiliar course 2) extremely windy days 3) short game collapse - usually even when my swing is off my short game is solid enough to keep things from getting out of hand. One interesting thing is this: I've always been a more consistent golfer than most. My index has improved 1-2 shots the last two years, but as my index has improved I feel like my consistency has gotten worse. I managed
  15. So curious after two months usage what do you think about it? Looks fabulous - want to make sure it's durable and functional as well.
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