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  1. One of my favorite quotes and yes this is normal. I went to my instructor once when I was in a funk and he instantly moved my ball position back in the stance 1.5"-2". The next time I was in such a funk that I went to him I had the ball another 1.5"-2" back so he moved it forward.
  2. 100: About 10 months although several of those were over a winter where playing wasn't an option but practicing at the range was. 90: About a year after 100. Shot 90 7 times including one incredible choke. Finally broke through with an +13 over par 84 after starting triple bogey and double bogey first two holes. 80: 3 months after the 84 which broke 90 the first time I shot a second 84, then shot a 76 the next day. I had an unofficial 16 handicap at the time so it was a net 60. Obviously still my best net score. 70: Still waiting. Shot even par twice.
  3. I agree with this thought - I dumped my 3W several years ago and use a 5W instead that is essentially set to a 4W setting - much easier to hit off the deck. That said, there's nothing wrong with being all hybrids and I did that for a while as well. You will probably find that the lowest hybrid is similar to a 5W in carry distance with less roll out. So it really comes down to your preference and what you feel most comfortable with.
  4. I've used other methods to scope out courses, both those I'm new to and others that I want to improve upon, but I haven't used this site before. Good find, I've already downloaded the ap and will use this weekend. What the experts say is one should play the hole backwards - start at the green and look back to the fairway as to where you want to approach from and from there how to hit your tee shot. Since my biggest struggles are off the tee I mainly focus on how to hit a safe tee shot (and whether non driver is an alternative) and then let my strengths take over from there. Maybe that's why I don't get better.
  5. I would generally say overrated. I did some looking into the "tee less driver" as I had a buddy who loved to try to hit driver off the deck - great shot about 25% of the time and disaster the other 75% - thought it would be good gag gift but too expensive. Anyway, from the specs it seems to me to really me a 3W with a larger than normal 3W head. Since some people hit 3W better than driver, the design kind of made sense. That said, I did pair up one round with someone who swore by his GX metal wood. Question - is there anything out there about what the plastic insert on the Square Strike is supposed to do?
  6. Sounds like you need an extended vacation in the U.S. - we have too many golf courses that need players. I found some internet videos/teachings helpful when I was learning if I was trying to address specific problems, like how to fix a pull. But you have to fix these things, as Hogan said, by digging out of the dirt.
  7. If you are like I was and you've gone to the range several times, hitting an occasional good shot and some bad shots and you just can't stand not knowing how it translates to a course, then you're ready to give it a try. Read up on course etiquette before you go so you don't feel out of place. Try to go when the course isn't very busy - in the U.S. that means NOT Saturday and Sunday before noon (and sometimes not Saturday or Sunday at all), don't know about where you are. Even better would be finding an experienced player to play with (but keep group small). Whatever you do, don't slow down others. Pick up if you get to double par, or if you are at 3,5, or 7 (depending on par 3, 4, or 5) and not on the green, pick up and drop your ball on the green so that you get a putt of two. After you play, be sure to have a mix of range time and playing time - it's hard to get past beginner without a mix of both. Have fun, remember at some point everyone was a beginner.
  8. I am one of the very few who took up golf during the 2009 recession. I actually took "Intro to Golf" as a PE class in college. I made an "A". I played that summer and then didn't touch a club for 23 years. In 2009 a friend insisted on taking me out on the course. I don't know if he thought I would like it, thought I was stressed from the economy, or what but he really insisted. I had a good but not great time. A few weeks later there was a corporate event that I would normally have passed on, but because I had just played I gave it a 2nd try. Again a good but not great time. But a few of us that played started talking. Due to the recession, our company had just announced that everyone need to take a week of unpaid vacation. We decided that since we weren't going to be paid, we were going to take a vacation day and play golf. On the back 9 I hit a couple of good shots and decided that I was going to learn how to play and that I was going to work at it until I was at least average. Happy to say I did better than expected.
  9. That's what I keep thinking about. I'm one who thinks in some cases the pro should have their own rules - the recent local option about OB being an example - but realistically which ones are they unhappy with? The Tour could implement a local rule every week if they wanted to, but do they really want to? Can you imagine the fun Johnny Miller would have had saying, "Justin is using his caddie to line up there. You at home aren't allowed to do that, but these are the best players in the world and they are playing for $1 million, so they are allowed," or "Rickie is taking his time reviewing his enhanced green book. Amateurs aren't allowed to use those, but even though these are the best players in the world they need that book to take this putt." It's ridiculous which is why the commissioner sent out his letter.
  10. In my experience a 2H is going to be very similar to your 5W. Not sure you will gain much. And yes, you do need a 14th club. And a 15th, 16th, and 17th in order to change things up. 😀
  11. Actually was thinking the same thing - if there are no gaps between 5W and 56, then the choices would seem to be: 60 degree wedge 3W - either to learn to hit or as a driver alternative Play with 13 clubs Something weird, like carry two putters or two drivers or even two 56 degrees with low and high bounce Sorry, it was fun to be creative for a second
  12. I don't think the lofts are as much of a concern as the club lengths. Most iron sets are .5" longer than my 5 year old irons. Probably doesn't make a ton of difference until you get to 5i or 6i, but those will definitely be harder to hit with extra length.
  13. You have a set up similar to mine with the difference being that my wedges line up 50, 54, 58. I can't hit a 3W off the deck and I have a 5W that I hit much better (although I give up a little as a driver alternative). My 14th club compared to you is a 3H and it fits nicely between my 4H and 5W so that would be another option depending on your gaps.
  14. Having golfed for almost 9 years in the Northeast and now almost a year in TN, I find in both locations I mark the coming and going with the changing of the clocks. After the 2nd week in November, even if conditions are favorable, golf is limited by the amount of daylight hours, without even considering the number of warm daylight hours. To me golf starts next Sunday - going to play 9 or to the range after work will be possible. No longer trying to fit a round in between 11-4. I love daylight savings time.
  15. Funny but the tour players seem to really have a beef with two rule changes. 1: the new drop, which may feel weird but quite frankly really isn't a big deal; 2: Caddie alignment which is really a pro only issue but clearly needed to be addressed due to LPGA issues. Maybe that rule could be written better, but I don't know how and you would think if you were playing for big stakes you would be careful not to run foul of the rule. They are careful in other circumstances, why not this one.
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