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  1. 1 lucky day probably...will be back to 240 in no time...this is my first 460cc driver...so sweet
  2. I bought it and I can bomb it 270 consistently...Thats fine for me on any course lol. I emailed Callaway anyways with the code just to be sure. Thanks to all with legitimate replies!
  3. Let me think...waste my time going around town to buy a club that disintegrates after a few rips when I could have put a meal on the table for my family or had a few pints on monday night football with some friends...Sorry we cannot all burn currency like its the holocaust...fool Actually I had enough of this forum...over-saturated with grumpy folks...no class. This will be my last post.
  4. Was looking at purchasing a 460cc clubs and found this one for $20...I just read that these models do have fakes and if anyone with an expert eye could help me I would greatly appreciate it thanks
  5. I have a Cobra Steel Baffler shallow driver with a matching 3 and 5 wood in the early licon shafts...They are very hard to hit lol
  6. Now what should I do with this discovery? Just slap on a new grip or get a new shaft as well...These older putters are glorified mini-golf models compared to todays technology. I didnt get swindled or anything either. I got this in a horde of clubs for rather cheap. Thanks again to all of you who commented and witnessed this kitchen sink approach to club repair!
  7. I recently went to regrip a putter of mine and found that underneath the grip had been augmented to either add length or fill the shaft in. There is probably abour 4-5 inches of wood spindle sticking up out of the steel shaft...Anyone know why this would be the case?
  8. I would say the top level is about 15 feet up...The range numbers seem to be the same in the field regardless of where you're hitting. I was more working up there getting the ball up and straight and I can really smash the irons now. Driver is still erratic to say the least although I am using late 90s equipment lol. Thanks guys.
  9. What is an accurate distance differential from the ground level. I am just a beginner and usually take the empty top level to have some more space to myself...I can hit my irons true but how much distance am I gaining up here? Thank you all!
  10. Recently, through some craigslist hustle I have procured both of these iron sets (4-SW + 3-PW) in fantastic condition. I have read that blades are unforgiving to the unreliable swinger but these Cobras look very cool in all black shafts + grips. If anyone has an extensive knowledge on this era of clubs I would love some information as these will be my first sets to play with. I can par the local pitch n putt and do get a few birdies around the 18 holes but now would like to start paying some real green fees and testing my mettle. Retro set so far: Woods: GBB Warbird Ruger Titanium 10* // Taylormade Titanium Bubble 10.5* Taylormade Titanium Bubble 3 wood Taylormade Titanium Raylor 21 Irons: (above stated) Putter: Ping Zing 2 // Odyssey White Hot #5 Thank you to all with any information or your personal opinions/experiences with any of these retro clubs!!!
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