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  1. I hate slow greens from recent rain. It drops my score by 10 at least.
  2. I am thinking of this happening in the Florida golf course building boom.
  3. buttputt40

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    77 with an eagle and a water landing (clubs of choice were Knight for shorter and Taylor for longer)
  4. The extra left to right Nike ball motion while I putt is like the ball hitting a mini pine straw .
  5. Yes my Nike balls curve away unless I hit it harder putting. It is like a baseball with a stitch or two missing. The top Flite get about an extra 15 yards off the tee. I guess the name is accurate !
  6. I like how my Top flite putts but Nike is better off the tee but really is break sensitive putting as we know so sometimes I sneak and change golf balls if I'm not caught
  7. Buying balls for me is getting expensive because i strike well.
  8. I want to look better for photography and the social status of the golf course. I am tired of droopy shoulders
  9. buttputt40

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    74 I played well. 16-18 fairways but poor putting as always.
  10. buttputt40

    Is pace of play (or slow play) a real problem?

    I am tired of slow play. In addition to speed, many golfers ask for an "occasional" tip which then leads to 15 minutes of unpaid tips.

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