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  1. I have been studying the golf course hole maps hoping to get a better feel for my game.
  2. No messes up my shot, even has caddie carry scorecard
  3. Yes compression is part of the reason why I do not tee on on 200 yards or less. It vibrates hard through my arms.
  4. I am thinking alligators in the water or birds walking on the course.
  5. Yes it's very sad as I can only play in a polo because the sleeves mess up my shot.
  6. Because my natural miss is long and I'm tired of the ball landing in the rough past the green.
  7. If the hole is under under 200 yds I do not use tee. If hole is over 200 yds I use tee.
  8. I prefer the 50 yard shot because while my ball is in the air it removes much needed putting length.
  9. buttputt40


  10. Is not a troll as the power and uplift of hitting from the rough may be better for many then putting on a slow green when a tap may just be as good as a hard hit.
  11. Sometimes out of rough you can get within 10 feet which would be 2 shots. It probably is a tie because the odds of a good strike out of rough is only half at best, especially with climate change making the grass grow higher.
  12. I feel so great landing on the green but then I realize its a 100 foot putt.
  13. I judge based on the flag position is this good?
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