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  1. Can you please elaborate on this ? I am so literal that sometimes things escape me. My whole career I was told to get my head together. I tried to no avail. I honestly didn't know how or what to do. I just thought that if hit enough balls and putted enough it would vvome together. It never did. I've under performed, choked away leads, generally wasted my talent. I'm older now, and more mature so hoping I can learn something
  2. I apologize for asking this but, what exactly do you mean by "going back to -4 is just reverting to the mean".
  3. I'm a senior player who played the mini' s for many years in the late 80's to mid 90's . Then saw a young Mr Woods who made everything and I hadn't made anything since I was in the womb so I entered the real world. As fate would have it, I got some stupid idea to try again. This time I met with James Sieckmann and he fixed my putting. Now here's the question, I will shoot the exact same score no matter the toughness of the course. On a very hard course in a mini tour event, I shoot 69 to win by 4. On another course, a TPC course I shoot 70 the first day to trail by 1. Second day I knew I needed to go low and was 4 under after 9 then have 8 straight pars and don't get up and down on the last to win by 1. I usually hit a lot of greens and fairways. Have 165-167 mph ball speed have good ball control and don't have penalty shots. I miss it where I aim. I make putts when I need to. Wedge game around green is maybe a C but I am working hard on it. I can't seem to keep it going once I get under par. I was -6 through ten yesterday , and end up at -4. I've been told by everyone to " keep it going". But I've struggled doing that. There's nothing in the stats that show anything except proximity to hole seems To go up a little when I get under par. (+ 3-4 feet while fwy and gir % stays the same) It' s almost as if uncomfortable being too far under par. The putts just seem to stop going in. I don't think about It, or try not to.. Do you have any ideas for things to try? I thought about playing the ladies tees and constantly reminding myself that I'm way under par. I believe I can go low, just can't seem to do it.
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