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  1. From my research on these shoes and various others, these are by far the most comfortable pair of shoes Ive ever worn. In response to the first post, I spoke to a store clerk and learned something interesting. apparently, you can call ecco's customer service and have the bottom rubber replaced. For how much I dont really recall. Supposedly, you send the shoes to Ecco and they replace the bottom rubber. I hope this help a little.
  2. problem with looking for shoes is also the width I want is always not available. I need an 11.5 W shoes. Im wearing a pair thats wide, but a 1/2 inch too small. But at the time, these were the most comfortable until my plantar fasciatis acted up. So wish me luck in looking for a pair in that size and width
  3. thanks for the awesome responses. Yes, I agree with no more cheap shoes and looking for comfort over technology. Has anyone here purchased the Ecco Street premiers? I tried them on at an ecco outlets and they are very comfortable just walking in the store but was curious how they are on the links? The adidas im starting to like due to the good review and price. but i wanna keep looking so please let me know what else is out there
  4. Spring is just around the corner and the biggest purchase for me this year is gonna be my shoes. Recently I'm starting to feel the affects of plantar fasciatis (imflammation of the plantar fascia) and my current shoes are not gonna cut it. I need some input on some good shoes that anyone on here has on that relieves this pain and has good arch support. Any input would be appreciated
  5. My favorite from a buddy before hitting his ball over the water "No sauce today baby, in the pot" As soon as he said that, he just nipped the top and moved the ball a few inches. So he reloaded and got it on the green. I still laugh about it today
  6. I didnt stop at my ball and then turn on the caddie. It's already on and it gives me immediate yardage. Because it was one of those days that I happen to hit 10/14 fairways, the buddy I was riding with were way ahead of the other two-some. If his ball was way out of reach from mine, he would request to be dropped off to his ball and he would want me to go to mine and hit. So technically, the only person that was slowing the play down was my buddy from not only bringing all the clubs that he needed, but also I would hear him whine and slam his clubs down if his shot was bad. I say suck it up, your not a pro, and its just a game. Like someone else said on here, he was whining alot. I dont know what else to say. Yes my handicap is not as low asd others, but so far this year, I only broke 90 at least 4 times and its hard to believe my story. I play with someone who really is a sore loser and cant accept the fact that someone actually beat him. Just another reason why i dont mind playing with him at all because of how upset he gets over the dumbest things.
  7. No, but everytime I play, I gotta try my best to play without rushing to get my shot in. I dont like being rushed, but I also dont like holding up others so I plan things ahead before i take my shot which speeds up the play more.
  8. Heres the thing fellas. The most i spend on the gps rangefinder is about 3 seconds. Maybe even less than that. My opinion is that someone like my who only played for 1 year actually beat a score that he has been trying to beat since he started playing 10 years ago. the closest he got was a 90 and thats it. So I think he was using my use of the gps as an excuse that slowed down his game eventhough every time we would go to his ball. He would ask for distance and whatever else it gives me. Before I had my skycaddie, I was alot slower because i took so long deciding on what club to use and guessing how far I was. Right before I get off the cart and as soon as we stop at my ball, I glanced for a few seconds ands thats it. I'm a "ready golf" player. If your ready to hit, go for it and just let me know.
  9. Well recently I went out with a few buddies for a round at a local semi private course. We ended up doing the front nine twice because of the major hold up in the back. I shot my personal best thanks to the help of my skycaddie. I used it for most of my shots including my approach especially inside 100yards. The next week, I found out that the one buddy of mine got annoyed that I took too long because I used my gps too much and it screwed up his game. This is coming from a guy who never broke 90 yet, played for 10 years and I ended up breaking 90 faster than he did. I feel that he is a bit jealous and using excuses to cover up the fact that I actually beat him in his own game.
  10. Had a damn good round today at Ocean Acres Country Club NJ. Here are the stats Score: 88 Fairways: 10 out of 14 fairways GIR: 8 Putts: 32 putts Longest Drive: 265 yards Best Putt for birdie: 2 ft after second shot on par 4
  11. My top 5 1) confidence 2) dignity 3) self esteem 4) pride 5) self respect because I tend to lose all of these before and after the round.
  12. During my round yesterday, I noticed that if I didnt overswing as well as slowing down my swing really improved my driving. I also noticed that my distance improved as well because i utilized my body throughout the swing instead of using my arms.
  13. Well from what I see, I come in inside too much but the results were still good except for one swing with the 6 iron where I shanked it. Please comment and any help would be appreciated. Driver DTL 6 Iron DTL
  14. I wear both as well but leaning towards my glasses alot more. Plus the transitions do help during sunny days. Contacts have been great but I tend to get dry quicker with contacts and it would start bothering me constantly. My glasses also have the tendency to get dirty from debris shooting up from bunker shots to large divots on the ground.
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