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  1. I've also just noticed that you run the forum too so I'll definitely keep my opinions to my self. Once again, apologies.
  2. In that case I better stay out of the 'My swing'' part of the forum 👍
  3. Well I would square up the right foot first to discourage any sway onto the back foot in the backswing. I would widen the stance a touch by moving the left foot out which would in affect move the ball back in the stance and lastly I would try and encourage more hip turn through impact rather than a hip slide. So basically a wider base and more turn through impact. I feel that would help Matt get the ball first then the divot.
  4. Well I haven't read the whole thread so I don't know all the issues but it seems that poor contact is certainly one of the problems. I also didn't realise the thread was 89 pages long. I don't want to step on anyone's toes, so I'll keep quiet rather than adding new swing thoughts. Apologies
  5. I was asking if the OP was happy with the impact position because there are a few issues I would want to address. I guess we view the swing differently on my side of the pond.
  6. Are you happy with your impact position ?
  7. I'd say that's the reason for the slice. The swing will largely follow your shoulder alignment rather than your feet and you are cutting across the ball.
  8. Are your feet correct in the videos above? because your shoulders are pointing 30 yards left of your feet.
  9. I'd like to see a front view of your grip, it looks a touch strong to me
  10. Bob Mac

    Putting Tips

    Glad things are improving as I'm sure you know, confidence breeds confidence. When you focused on keeping your lower half still, did it feel different from how you normally putt?
  11. Bob Mac

    Putting Tips

    Is your lower half moving at all during your stroke? That's often a reason to miss it left and right
  12. Bob Mac

    Putting Tips

    What are you like on straight putts?
  13. There may be a different way of approaching your issues. Rather than focusing on keeping your head still, see if it's easier to maintain the angles you set at address. If you compare your address position and impact position below, I think it's clear to see you've jumped up out of your set up angles. Try and focus on keeping those angles through the swing, especially the pelvis/back angle. That should in turn keep the head more stable and improve your consistency. Hope this helps
  14. When you say wild variation, do you mean contact (duffs/thins) or direction?
  15. One thing at a time 😉
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