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  1. Short wedge over a green side bunker and it drops in the bunker.
  2. Just for grins, if you could only buy golf infomercial "as seen on TV" golf clubs, what would your bag set up look like?
  3. Just wondering, what has been your worst golf club purchase off of eBay or online?
  4. I don't. I'm still playing a TM Burner Superfast 15* 3 wood off the tee with respectable results for me (180-200). Sometimes even my Cobra 5 wood. Last driver I really enjoyed was a Callaway BB Steelhead Plus with a steel shaft. Fun club and the head was actually smaller than my Burner 3 wood. I do have a TM R7 425 w/MWT that was gifted to me by my late FIL. Considering butt trimming it to a 3 wood length for grins. I just can't get the hang of the new big head drivers. I'm a hacker, so I can't (read: "my wife won't let me) spend the $$$ on a fitting and a new driver. 😜
  5. tluke282


  6. Is there a thing as a "dead headed" driver? About a year ago I bought a new C***a Max offset driver 11.5* senior shaft off a widely used buy/sell website figuring that with all the glowing reviews it would be a miracle cure for my slice and provide more distance off the tee @ 64 years old. Sorely disappointed in the club. Maybe 150 yards if I'm lucky with no better slice correction. The club head is unresponsive and feels like a chunk of rubber on hits. I checked the serial number on the shaft on the clubmaker's website and it says it is a legit club. Just wondering if there could be a
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