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  2. Is there a thing as a "dead headed" driver? About a year ago I bought a new C***a Max offset driver 11.5* senior shaft off a widely used buy/sell website figuring that with all the glowing reviews it would be a miracle cure for my slice and provide more distance off the tee @ 64 years old. Sorely disappointed in the club. Maybe 150 yards if I'm lucky with no better slice correction. The club head is unresponsive and feels like a chunk of rubber on hits. I checked the serial number on the shaft on the clubmaker's website and it says it is a legit club. Just wondering if there could be a defect in the club head, a counterfeit, wrong shaft, or operator error. My SS is in the high 70s/low 80s. I'm fairly consistent at ~200 yards straight with my old TM Burner Superfast 15* 3 wood with the M shaft. I guess the driver will go back in the basement. Any driver suggestions or just play my 3 wood/7 iron/PW game?
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