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  1. Sales rep for a Distributor of Spirits and wine.
  2. That's awesome man, good luck and ice and compression should be your friend!
  3. Man I had similar accident. For the last 4-5 years, I would say I played maybe 3 rounds a year. Just got busy with life(37 years old and married with 2 furry children) and didn't enjoy it, my game had slipped and it wasn't as fun anymore. Last New Years I was at a friend's house at Mexico Beach, FL and was skipping down the hill to the dock to look at his new Contender fishing boat. It was just before the sun was going down and the dew had fallen ahead of inclement weather approaching. Once I reached the dock off of the steep embankment, I was moving pretty fast. When my cowboy boots😂 Hit the slick wood on the dock, my feet shot out from under me and went towards the sky. I planted the base of my left palm down to break my fall and sprained/cracked my wrist. Some friends who were nurses and physicians assistant looked at it the following morning and said it was broke. i was hard headed and did not seek medical treatment, thinking that I could take it easy and it would heal instead of getting casted. I was wrong and I could not stop re aggravating it, in turn slowing down my recovery. I wasn't able to swing a club till early July. I was invited to play in a local tournament at a local historic small course. So I literally attempted 9 holes exactly one week before and the wrist felt good enough. I slowed my swing down considerably to not risk another injury. I went out and shot back to back 79's and ended up winning my flight! I've since played about 3 rounds and my iron game is better than ever. I hit Mizuno blades and they can be rough as you all know. But my strength since the wrist injury is 3-6 irons and I couldn't be happier. I've been hitting greens from 200-250 out with my long irons, and off the tee I have kept the driver in the bag more often. So here's to your recovery and hopefully it'll be shorter than mine, and enjoy the new approach to your game when you return! It could end up being a good thing, trust me.
  4. Hello all, I'm new as in 5 min ago 8/14/18. I am enthusiastic about the game, and love to gain knowledge from others. I've never taken formal instruction, but was always lucky enough to have friends, relatives, etc who were pros or highly skilled enough to pass on tips to help me. I don't play enough golf to be "really good" but I have talent enough to make most any shot. Consistency is my issue due to not enough repetition. I've never spent more than 20 minutes on a range, just always take dry reps(not sure on terminology). Or swinging in the yard basically, or just swinging without club at any time of the day. I found this to be my best practice on technique in baseball from high school through college. I started to get serious about golf in my early 20's although I had been hacking since I was young. I've been as low as a 6 but currently around 9-10 handicap. Took a hiatus from golf to the pint where I've averaged no more than 3 rounds a year since about 2013. That is all changing now though, as I have the "itch" again. Enough blabbering, I'm glad to be here and hope I can add value to the community.
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