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Golf the Game that Drives so Many of us Gentleman (& Ladie's.....Sorry) ABSOLUTELY Utterly Insane....      Yet we All LOVE THE GAME/SPORT/LIFE because Lets Be Honest you Live Your Life out in a Different Way After you Fall Madly in Love with the Game...Where you Buy So Many Drivers One Summer Your Wife Looks at you and says "It's Either ME or the DRIVER'S; Choose One and Choose Wisely" , and I Responded "Do you Need the Answer Now or Can I Sleep On It for a Night or Two....(Not that I have personally experienced Anything Like that I am Just Assuming 🤔) (FYI.....I Just Got a New Driver!!!!) Mizzy ST180....STRAIGHT SNIPER RIFLE!!!!! I am Just a Guy that Absolutely Lives, Breathes, and Eats All things Golf, because GOLF SAVED MY LIFE!!!!! I have Been on a Self Journey sometimes Spiritual often Times Just Maddening...lol.....Over the Past 18 months I have Changed My Career so that I can Get Ready to Attempt to Pass the PAT.....Long term I would love to Teach Golf! To give back to this Game when I experienced PERSONAL TRAGEDY when the WORST THING A PARENT COULD POSSIBLY EVER GO THRU AND ENDURE and GOLF WAS THERE FOR ME AND SAVED ME, So if I could Give Back to the Game then Nothing would be More Rewarding to Myself then when you See Someone finally Hit a Golf Ball "On the Screws" the Radiant Light that Shines from their Faces and Smiles just Warms Your Soul....So About Me I LOVE MAKING PEOPLE HAPPY, I LOVE MY KIDS, MY FIANCE: (whom hasn't hypothetically asked me too choose her or the DRIVER'S yet) lol WHOM HAS BEEN MY ROCK AND SUPPORTED ME ON MY JOURNEY, MY FAMILY, REAL COUNTRY MUSIC (NOT THAT BS ON THE RADIO THESE DAYS) MERLE HAGGARD IS ROLLING OVER IN HIS GRAVE HEARING NELLY ON A COUNTRY SONG 😠😠😠🤠🤠🤠💦 & YES OF COURSE .....OH & MY RIFE PUTTER because Without You My Love My HANDICAP WOULD BE SO MUCH HIGHER...LOL

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