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  1. Been awhile since my last post but here is my current swing. I feel as if im still struggling with my issue of clearing the hips. I cannot seem to get into my head any methods of over coming this. I also feel in the video my backswing looks a bit short but when im actually carrying this out it feels like thats my limit of movement. any thoughts?
  2. As it says in the title. For the past year now when I swing back and get to just past waist height and starting to hinge I then look back and follow the club. I feel like my shoulders block out the view of the ball and I'm restricted in movement if i do not do this. Has anyone ever come across this? As you can imagine this becomes a nice talking point during rounds and can be destructive.
  3. To be honest I never had any intention of getting Pings when I first went about buying some new irons. The best thing I did was book in for a fitting and went with the club that worked best for me as well as what I felt comfortable with.
  4. if they are anything like the old g400's you will hopefully enjoy. I found mine very forgiving especially when hitting shots out of the toe!
  5. Help is needed from the golf gods of the tech world! Later next month my society of 12 is playing another society of 12 in a 27 hole day of which we would like to point like the Ryder cup. I have recently used VPAR for 18 hole events but I don't think its capable of doing what I want this time round (unless I'm being stupid). We require the app to carry on scoring through 3 different formats of 9 foursomes, fourballs and singles. This would just keep the live scoring going throughout the day and not requiring players to wait till the end to count up points after each 9 hole event.
  6. I'm no expert but you seem very sat down in the address position. In the past when I have done this I have struggled with balance throughout the strike.
  7. Cheers I'll give this a go and see how it works out!
  8. Looking for some advice on how to clear my hips. I feel like on my downswing I get my weight onto my left hand side but clear my hips or stop them from thrusting towards the golf ball. Any tips, drills or swing thoughts would be appreciated.
  9. I've managed to work on these steps as you said but i still find myself struggle with a very horrific shank. I'm forever trying to get my balance correct? I'm not entirely sure where my weight should be on address,takeaway and impact?
  10. Any good drills or feels for this? i feel like when I want to shift forward normally I end up dragging 6 inches of turf before the ball.
  11. So are saying that I should be putting more hip rotation in?
  12. This is all I’ve got at the moment but within the week I’ll aim to get both
  13. I've been Playing Golf for: 2 years My current handicap index is: 22 My typical ball flight is: straight ball flight, if I’m hitting well can be right to left The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: try to reduce the heel shot and the shanks! I also get the occasional thin or fat shot. All of these can kill my round off before I’ve even really got started. I would also like to eliminate jumping up at impact. Also to note: in the past 6 months I have come back from a broken wrist in which I have some limitations regarding wrist hinging.
  14. help! I am struggling with the heel shot and the dreaded “shanks”. When I was playing good golf a few months back (coming back from a long lay off) I found that I was not falling into the shot at impact but that has come back. I don’t seem to know what my feet should be doing at set up and takeaway eg in the toes, balls or heels throughout. I want to be able to obviously hit centre but even out of the toe I would happily take and be able to work back from that. Any advice on how to achieve this?
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